They Sold The Farm

The Feedback Farmers sell out! OK, probably not news to anyone who's been paying attention, but they made it official on the last programme.

Poor Steph traveled all the way to Austin, Texas, to attend the South by Southwest music festival (aka "South By"), and while there she conducted interviews and prepared a special report for WXYC. But when she tried to broadcast her recordings, the boys thwarted her at every opportunity.

Apparently, while Steph was out of town, her testosterone-fueled fellow Farmers were lining up advertisers to pad their pockets, and the show was continually interrupted by commercials. Commercials are annoying in their own right, but beyond that you had to feel bad for Steph whose hard work didn't receive the respect it deserved.

Why she puts up with them is another mystery not to be solved.

If, for some strange reason, you actually want to listen to this advertisement-laden episode (perhaps you're in the market for...everything?), you can download it here (27MB MP3).


I was hoping to get this posted last night, but who could have predicted that the Syracuse vs UConn game would go into SIX overtime periods? And, after that wrapped up, who could have predicted that the building across the street from me would catch on fire, both further distracting me from blogging and keeping me up into the wee hours?

Well, probably a person who's into astrology could have predicted it, that's who! Since I'm not such a person, I defer to the Feedback Farmers to expound on the topic.

Which they did in stellar fashion on Wednesday night. Steph explained what astrology is all about and successfully volleyed the naysaying of Andrew B, PJ, and Kevin. (Andy K and Bryson couldn't be bothered to show up.) Local opinions on the topic were mixed, though most people seemed to think astrology is more fun diversion than science. You can relive the otherworldly programme in all its heavenly glory and decide for yourself about astrology by clicking here (30MB MP3).

Sound Opinions on WXYC

A week or two ago, hosts of rock music talk show Sound Opinions Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot stopped by Chapel Hill and gave a talk on the Future of Music: how the internet is disrupting the entrenched system of Commercial Music, what everyone's going to do about it, what the audience thinks, etc. Attendees were frequently overheard saying how it went well, though there were some accounts of a mysterious heckler bumming people out towards the end. If you weren't there, it's a good thing that Jim and Greg were nice enough to stop by the station for this interview with Andy K and Andrew B earlier that day, which addresses most of the same issues as the talk.

Sound Opinions Interview

A week or two ago, hosts of rock music talk show Sound Opinions Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot stopped by Chapel Hill and gave a talk on the Future of Music: how the internet is disrupting the entrenched system of Commercial Music, what everyone's going to do about it, and other topics. Attendees were frequently overheard saying how it went well and commenting on the interesting subject matter, though there are some accounts of a mysterious heckler

Feast Or Farmin'

It's unprecedented (and hopefully it will never be repeated) that I've fallen so far behind in posting past Feedback Farm episodes, but it's been 4 weeks since a new programme hit this blog. In an effort to catch up on my homework in the most efficient way possible, I present here not 1, not 2, but 3, yes 3 Feedback Farm shows--all in 1 blog post!

From way back on January 28th we have the episode in which the Feedback Farmers gave you the Best of 2008 as they saw it. Being intensely myopic, they saw no further than their own show and thus counted down, sort of, the 10 best Feedback Farm episodes of last year. Imagine the level of chaos present during a normal episode, multiply that by 10, and that's what you've got here. Click this link to hear for yourself (27MB MP3).

Two weeks later the Farmers took to the airwaves and web once more with a show about sports. This was appropriate as the programme took place during the UNC vs Dook men's basketball game (Carolina victory, 101-87, hell yeah), but because of this coincidence the show was heard by absolutely no one. Here's your chance to listen to this "lost episode." Click here to download (30MB MP3).

Hoy Hoy! Finally, last night the Farmers talked on and about Alexander Graham Bell's world-altering invention, the telephone. 6 hours of phone calls in 60 minutes; just about par for the show. Download the programme here (30MB MP3).

Enjoy the shows. They should keep you busy for two weeks when the Feedback Farmers return for another befuddling episode.

Today's poetry spiking in your arm

Do you hear any voices?

“All the time doc”

Tell me about these voices.

“Some are quiet, some are deep, some are loud, you know”

Can you give an example?

“Yours isn’t being employed correctly”

Have you ever touched anyone?

“All the time”


“Too many to mention”

What is it like when you touch someone?

“Would you really like to know?”


“Give me your arm.”









Like I will say that like how I like speak doesn’t like affect whether I’m like articulate

Like cause like my ethereal like qualities will strike you like a particulate

Under the impression I am like that you like think I’m like wrong

I’ll prove like I’m like write, I am like rhyming I can sing you a song.

Hard to like read? Like jeez, I say curse words it fucking like makes me sound so fucking old

I’m like so fucking beautiful and and like never misunderstood, or so I’m told.

I like liked you before but like the way I like act

This law I like lay down I need like not enact.

I’m not like creative like I give credit where it is due.

So when like someone thinks of me they like think positive, phew!

Like speaking like I do isn’t like annoying like is it?

I swear like that I am like smart, like I swear I’m exquisite.

Like you perceive I’m like great at like voicing my estimation

Isn’t at all like like I’m like removed from like civilization.

Like my true nature like I like have like no like trouble to unfurl

Like I’m way more like articulate like than like a valley sorority girl!

WXYC Featured in Blue&White This Month!

Blue & White wrote about WXYC in its February issue. I personally apologize for any stupid things said during this interview. It was 6 in the morning, sorry!

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