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This Week on TNF
Wednesday, February 14, 2018

In the early 80's, Greg Ginn started the DIY record label SST, as well as the iconic punk band Black Flag. In the decades since, DIY Punk - anarcho-punk, hardcore, peace punk, pop - has flourished in the states and internationally. This week's TNF welcomes UNC creative writing professor, Matt O'Wain who was a touring musician from ages 16 to 31 and in that time picked up hundred of 7 inches and LPs, some of which are one of perhaps 500 copies pressed. Join Matt as he plays and discusses records from regional DIY scenes from the Deep South and Pacific Northwest as well as Chicago. He'll also play records from Japan, France, Spain, Mexico and other international scenes. 
You can hear this show live this Thursday, February 15, from 9-midnight on WXYC 89.3 fm or from TNF's new mixcloud archive which you can find here.

This Week on TNF
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

WXYC is delighted to welcome Kamara Thomas, a Durham based songrwriter and storyteller. Formerly of the Ghost Gamblers and the bassist and vocalist for NYC power trio, Earl Greyhound, she is currently at work on her first full length album, Tularosa: An American Dreamtime, which is less of a "debut" than a culmination of her career to date. In anticipation of her show at the Pinhook on this Saturday, February 10, with HC McEntire (of Mount Moriah) and Phil Cook (Loamlands et al), we'll listen to and discuss some of the music Kamara has made and is making, as well as some of her current and all-time faves. 
You can listen to our conversation with Kamara Thomas live this Thursday, Febraury 8, from 9pm to midnight. This and other past shows will be available on Thursday Night Feature's mixcloud archive which you can find here. Check back regularly for more updates of previous shows you may have missed.