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This Week on TNF
Thursday, May 31, 2018

On this week's Thursday night feature, come along with Betty Belch (aka Ariane from Carolina Soul), as she charts a course across genres, eras, and continents. our points of departure will be early rock-n-roll and garage bands from south america and Iberia; from there, we'll follow the music as it morphs into new formations, including psych rock in the middle east, loungy instrumentals in south and east asia, and west african funk and soul. No music is an island!

This show will be live tonight Thursday May 31 from 9pm to midnight.

This Week on TNF
Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hometown Hideaway Vol. 1 


Most bands are short lived and fade away into local folklore and unknown obscurity.  Today these bands can release a cassette, cd, or 7 inch single, but rarely are they able to afford releasing an entire LP.  Back in the day, local bands more often did release full length albums, often released on small private labels that were pressed in small batches of 500-1,000 copies.  The records were passed along to family members, sold at local concerts, and occasionally at local record stores, often ending up in thrift stores and yard sales.  These records are now sought out by collectors and historians who want to hear what these bands/times sounded like.  Join guest host Jack Bonney of Carolina Soul  to hear a wide variety of private press releases from the 70's and 80's.  Highlights will include local NC private press releases by Xian Psych stalwarts The Bridge out of Greensboro, new wave/power pop groups on Chapel Hill based Moonlight Records, along with a smattering of rare/random releases by groups that represented their hometowns for a brief shining moment.  


Tune into this show live on Thursday Mary 24 from 9pm-midnight or later on Thursday Night Feature's archive.