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This Week on TNF
Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Join us this Thursday to celebrate the music of influential and innovative hip-hop producer James Yancey, otherwise known as J Dilla or Jay Dee. Raised in Detroit J Dilla had by the 2000’s perfected his style of laid back beats and abstract samples and was in demand everywhere from Erykah Badu to De La Soul. He also created amazing music through his Slum Village group and with collaborations with Madlib as the band Jaylib. Although he died at 32 in 2006, he managed to leave us a treasure trove of beats and bass lines which we will explore and celebrate for you on the radio. 

This show will be live on Thursday April 19 from 9pm-midnight and can be found after it airs on TNF's archive.

This Week on TNF
Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Thursday Night Feature pays respects to the recently departed Cecil Taylor. A conservatory-trained free jazz pioneer, Taylor refused jazz and classical orthodoxies, and expanded the piano's possibilities with a unique style both confrontational and delicate.
He was for decades reviled as well as revered for his unholy marriage of european and african-american aesthetics, before ultimately accumulating accolades like a MacArthur grant and a solo show at the Whitney Museum devoted to his art, poetry and dance as well as his music. 
This week's tribute show will unfold in three hour-long movements: First, a sample of some of Taylor's most celebrated recordings; next, a showcase of Taylor's poetry and the interplay between his music and words; and then, TNF coordinator tall mountain will showcase some of taylor's many collaborations. Requests and appreciations welcome.
This show will be live Thursday April 12 from 9pm-midnight and can be found after it airs on the TNF archive.