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This Week on WXYC
Thursday, October 18, 2018

Tune in this week to hear the following:

Free Samples (10/18/18):
DJ Civ and will be joined by a Lyndon Brown, a Senior at North Carolina Central. Lyndon has his own hip-hop based radio show and, on Thursday, the two will collaborate and discuss the effect of hip-hop in and on the black culture and experience. And there will obviously be some dope music, so listen in!!

Thursday Night Feature (10/18/18):
Best Jamaican Riddims of all time
The “Riddim”, Jamaican Patois for rhythm, refers to the instrumental part of a reggae song. The most popular riddims from Jamaica have been re-used hundreds of times through the years in covers, live performances, and sampled by electronica and hip hop artists. Join Will Vizuete as and celebrate six Jamaican riddims that rocked the world. We’ll listen to the original recordings, Will's favorite covers, and plenty of samples. 

This Week on WXYC
Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tune in this week to hear the following shows:
Wednesday Night Live (10/3/18):
Wednesday Night Live is a variety show with weekly themes. The musical theme this week is What the Folk, so we will be playing folk music from around the world and from different time periods. There will also be live storytelling, movie reviews, a weather report, and a guided meditation.
Starlight Observers (10/3/18):
Tune in Wednesday night at 9 PM for your weekly
visit to the aether with Starlight Observers. This show is dedicated to the deep listening sounds of sonic therapy, new-age spirituality and meditation. We'll be using this hour to primarily explore the explosive new age cassette phenomenon of the late 70s to mid 90s, as well as enjoying a variety of quiet musics from a plethora of traditions and locales. Turn down the lights, close your eyes and sink into everything.
Thursday Night Feature (10/4/18):
tnf :: sea shanties
The release of the film Moana two years ago had every kid singing the navigation songs created for Disney by various modern composers, but the history of sea shanties and songs goes as deep and wide as the Seven Seas themselves. From the islands of the Caribbean to the coasts of Germany and Poland, sea shanties have established themselves as a way for sea-farers to build rhythm into hard labor and stave off the harsher aspects of life on the water. This week's tnf will travel through time and space to explore the world's wide range of shanty traditions. Hosted by dj k-fin.

Virtual Pet Sounds (10/7/18):
This week will mark the first episode of WXYC’s new video game music show, Virtual Pet Sounds! (VPS) The first hour-long show, hosted by Ike Crickmore (DJ Daddy Rock) this upcoming Sunday from 4-5pm, will be focused on examining the work of producer Soichi Terada for Sony Computer Entertainment’s Ape Escape video game series, with tracks from the original Ape Escape as well as Ape Escape 3.