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This Week on WXYC
Friday, December 2, 2016

Hi everyone,
Here's what we have going on this week:
On tonight's Inside Track, we'll hear from Dylan Scheer with her new album as Via App, Sixth Stich. Her latest work, as she puts it, is "a series of uncanny disturbances stitched together towards an encrypted noir." In other words this is is a disparate collection of noises, beats, and sounds that go from dance-floor bangers to ambient soundscapes. If you dug Scheer's set live on WXYC a few months ago, you'll be sure to dig this.
Monday's Outside Track will feature All Over There, an archival recording of illbient hip-hop from Aquadab and MC A. Recorded in 2005 but shelved until now, MC A delivers a series of rapid-fire impressionistic lines over Aquadab's sparse, moody, and dubby instrumentals. The duo allegedly recorded these tracks in just a few hours each, and it definitely captures a spontaneous, lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry between the two musicians.

Interview with Radio Cacophony author, Michelle Dove
Monday, November 28, 2016

Tune in at 9pm tonight to hear an interview with Michelle Dove, a Virginia-born, Durham-based author who has recently published her first book, Radio Cacophony.
In 120 vignettes, Dove’s pseudo-memoir captures glimpses into the subculture of being a college radio DJ - the anxiety of talking on-air for the first time, the beer-hazed memories of house shows, the naive over-glorification of veteran DJs, the banality of the late night discussions on the importance of whatever genre or whatever band, the fear of losing funding, etc. With a brutally honest, quick-witted self-awareness, Dove shares the endearingly painful experience of finding herself as a young woman in the niche community of college radio DJs.
Copies of Radio Cacophony are available for order through Big Lucks Books or at http://biglucks.bigcartel.com/product/radio-cacophony-by-michelle-dove.