WXYC is a free-format radio station, which means that in an hour you’ll hear a decisively non-block mix of any and all types of 20th and 21st century music. We don’t separate our programs by genre — almost all shows on WXYC are a wide-ranging mix of styles and eras, although we tend to favor music that doesn’t get much airplay elsewhere in the Triangle area.
We’re on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We don’t allow a computer to program music for us; each set is put together by a DJ who selects music from our library of tens of thousands of CDs and LPs. Check out our current DJ schedule.
On weeknights and Sundays we feature specialty programs from artist features to talk shows. Click here for descriptions of these shows and a schedule of what’s being featured on our specialty programs this week.
We have a new release playbox from which DJs must play five to six cuts per hour. The contents of the playbox are updated weekly with releases chosen by our music director and the music department staff. We try to create a playbox that is representative of diverse genres, including local artists, singles and reissues. To send new music to us, please address your envelope to the following address
WXYC Music Department
CB# 5210, Carolina Union
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
For more information about WXYC, please see our FAQ.