• Can you tell me what song I heard two days ago at 3:36am?

    Sure — we keep logs of every song played during almost all of our programs.

    • Can you tell me what song I heard two days ago at 3:36am?

      Sure — we keep logs of every song played during almost all of our programs. Just email with the date and time that you heard the song (be sure to specify am or pm). It also helps if you can describe what the song sounded like (genre, lyrics, or other details) or what kinds of songs were played immediately before and after. We’ll do our best to identify the song and get back to you as soon as we can.


      • How can I get my music played on your station? Do you play unsigned bands? Local bands? X kind of music

        We play all genres of music by both signed and unsigned artists. We also pay special attention to local releases. Essentially, if we like your music we’ll play it, no matter how small-time you might be. All you have to do is send your CD or LP, along with any informational/promotional materials, to our music department at:

        WXYC Music Department
        CB# 5210, Carolina Union
        Chapel Hill, NC 27599

        Triangle-area and North Carolina artists should direct submissions to the attention of the Backyard BBQ, our local music show (Sundays 8-9pm). We do not currently accept digital submissions, so if you want us to play your music, you’ll have to mail it.

        The music department staff reviews all submissions and considers them for regular rotation. Even if they aren’t chosen for rotation, they will still be placed in our new music box where DJs can play them. Keep in mind, however, that it can take several weeks for a release to be reviewed and put into rotation. If you’d like to follow up on the status of your release, please contact our music director by email () or by phone: 919-962-7768, Mondays 5:30pm to 7:30pm.


      • Do you accept advertising

        WXYC is a non-commercial station, and as such we do not accept advertising. Public service announcements are the only form of promotion we offer for non-music-related organizations (see public service announcement FAQ below for more information).


      • How do I submit public service announcements? How often will my announcement be read

        Just send the details of your event or service to (we do not accept pre-recorded PSAs). Announcements should provide information that is of service to our Triangle-area listeners. Be sure to include contact information for your organization. Three PSAs are read each hour on a rotating basis, and each PSA is kept in rotation until the date of the event has passed or the information is no longer relevant. PSA’s should be submitted at least two weeks in advance.


      • Will you announce my band’s show on the air? Will you give away tickets to our show

        Sure, but we were going to anyway. We announce shows at Cat’s Cradle (and all events they sponsor — at the Brewery, the ArtsCenter, etc), Nightlight, and Duke Coffeehouse every night between 5 and 9pm, when we give away tickets to those venues. If your band is playing at a venue we don’t already give away tickets for and you’d like us to do a giveaway for your show, email .


      • I want to work at WXYC. What do I do

        First, you must be a current student at UNC-Chapel Hill — undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, continuing studies and summer school students are all eligible. General interest meetings and interviews are held the beginning of the fall, spring and summer semesters — keep an eye on the Web site for dates and times. If you want to work with us but can’t make it to the interest meeting, email to schedule an interview.

        WXYC hires students for volunteer DJ shifts only, not for administrative or technical positions. First-semester DJs have weekly on-air shifts from 3-6am or 6-8am (6-9am in the summertime) We’re looking for people who are enthusiastic about working with the station and interested in a wide range of music. Detailed knowledge isn’t as important as a willingness to learn and share with our listeners. For more information about our format and structure, see the About page.


      • How can my band book a show at UNC-Chapel Hill

        WXYC isn’t directly involved with booking campus shows, although we do sometimes co-sponsor them. The organization that schedules performances at UNC is the Carolina Union Activities Board — contact them at .