The ‘Oh no! Our posters are gone!’ story

Recently, as a reaction to a breach of Union fire regulations, the station has had to strip its walls of its numerous posters. For the uninitiated or those who have not experienced the glory of the XYC posters, you must know that these supposedly wildly flammable artifacts were a big part of the aesthetic and the culture of being a DJ here. From personal experience, I melted when I first came saw the station during an open house event. There was so much musical paraphernalia, many marked with the thoughts and memories of DJs long passed. It not only gave a sense of historical perspective, but also an inviting sense of belonging.

I froze when I first came in and saw the station after being away for the summer. The warm, busy, claustrophobic walls were now barren and blindingly white. If college radio were a hallmark institution of culture and expression, you’d hardly know it upon stepping into our halls. Instead the station now seems more like an abandoned, antiseptic office space with the control room (admittedly still decked out with loads of shit not touched since Polvo took Athens by storm, evidenced by the dust collected on the corresponding poster) as its sole cubical.

Upon further inspection, not everything was taken down (our way of sticking it to the man?). The posters in the management offices and production room are all still there and the most diligent stickers, many of which are on management doors (how else are we to identify the rank of the head honchos?), are still holding on for dear life.

If you now happen to be concerned for the well-being of the posters that were taken down, worry not! They are being preserved, and there are certainly plans to keep them visibly prominent here at the station…sometime in the future.



The following are before/after pictures. The befores (on the left) were taken and kindly donated by Elizabeth Shelton.


                                                                              towards the entrance:


                                                 above the jazz CDs, the Osmonds were keeping us company:


                                                  around the corner of the affectionately named torture closet:


                                                    Next to the jazz CDs were wise words from Bill Clinton*:


                                                                      next to the hip-hop/electronic CDs


                              from the entrance. See that banner? That was a true work of spirited art from one of our own:



(A personal aside) When I first became a DJ, I took pleasure in the Cocteau Twin's Blue Bell Knoll poster hiding behind the rock CDs. I am relieved to say that this poster is still persistently peeking out. Score!




The people demand a final word:


Really, our collection of records and their sleeves should completely nullify the attempts to fireproof our station. If a fire wanted to engulf our little nook of the Student Union, it would find little resistance aside from the tears of some of our devoted DJs.

I suppose we can take away the lesson that health, sanitation, and safety really do have a way of taking the fun and flavor out of things. So, kids, remember to live life on the edge. You may die in a horrible fire, but you'll at least look cool before and during the process.












* I may be legally obligated to say that Bill Clinton has never said such a thing. Bill Clinton has never said such a thing.

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