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Friday, November 20, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hope everyone’s been having a great Friday and is getting pumped for tonight’s 2000s Dance, hosted by WXYC at the Underground in Chapel Hill! In addition to that, here are some other exciting things WXYC will be sending your way this weekend and beyond:
Tune in to the Inside Track tonight at 9pm to hear the haunting new album from Hyperdub boss and dubstep/grime frontrunner, Kode9. Nothing is a rewarding listen for fans of the Hyperdub label.
Tonight’s New Science Experience will feature two hours of deep and dark ambient techno weirdness from Beto Terwilliger. Tune in from 10pm to midnight for sounds to soothe your soul.
Tune in to this weekend’s Orange County Special, Sunday 11am to 1pm, for the usual eclectic mix of folk music!
This week on Hell or High Water, we'll be featuring performances from the Newport Folk Festival in 1964, the year before Bob Dylan went electric. The show will feature both popular folk artists of the time as well as lesser-known musicians. We'll discuss Pete Seeger's vision and goals in orchestrating the festival, as well. Tune in from 1 to 2pm on Sunday!
This week on Sports Rap, Diego and Femi will talk the firing of Kevin McHale. Also, are the Kings about to employ the first female coach in league history? Who’s gonna beat the Warriors? You can catch discussion of these questions and much, much more, this Sunday from 9 to 10pm.
And Monday at 9pm, the Outside Track will feature the album Frailty from Boston noise/dark ambient/power electronics artist Lex Russo aka Vehement Caress. Moving away from the more restrained nature of his previous works, this release features harsh but meditative modular synth pieces. Lex's approach to noise seems to be coming from a metal background, and you get a sense of that here. 

Friday, November 13, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone,
Happy Friday! I dunno about you, but I’m looking forward to a chill weekend. And good news: there’s lots of cool programming coming up on WXYC this week to help kick back and relax…..
Tonight at 9pm on the Inside Track, tune in to hear Testimony by Letta, the LA grime producer's debut album. True to the general tenets of grime, this album features loosely structured beats over lurching bass and ambiance. Clicks, disembodied vocal samples, and reversed drum sounds abound.
On tonight's New Science Experience, WXYC alum and Nightlight staple Karina S will be gracing our decks for two hours of house and disco classics. Tune in from 10pm to midnight to get your Friday night groove thing going!
This Sunday on Orange County Special, 11am to 1pm, we’ll be listening to music by Native American artists. We’ll start off with some field recordings and then move into some more contemporary Native American folk and folk rock to explore this oft overlooked genre of American folk.
Because of New Orleans musician Allen Toussaint's death this past Tuesday, November 10th, we'll be featuring his 1975 album Southern Nights on Hell or High Water, Sunday from 1 to 2pm, as well as discussing his contributions to R&B, funk, blues, jazz, and more. RIP 1938-2015.
Tune in to Broken Music this Sunday at 2pm to hear an hour-long homage to the experimental electronic recordings of the late Swedish composer Sven-Erik Back. Known primarily for his more mainstream compositions for orchestra and film, Back was one of the most prominent Scandinavian composers of his generation to dabble with avant-garde electronic compositions, recordings that ranged from minimalist sonic landscapes to more abrasive and noisier efforts. 
This week on Sports Rap, Sunday from 9 to 10pm, Diego and Femi will undergo an in-depth analysis in hopes of discovering whether Stephen Curry is human or not. The boys will also cover the implications of Marcus Paige’s injury and talk about the University of Missouri football team strike.
And tune in to the Outside Track on Monday at 9pm to hear We Are Not The First by Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl. A collaboration between left-field abstract techno producer Hieroglyphic Being (aka Jamal Moss), Greg Fox (of Liturgy, Zs, Guardian Alien), Daniel Carter (NY sax player), Shelly Hirsch, and many more experimental jazz musicians. Although Moss has been in the techno scene for decades, this is his first attempt at directing a larger ensemble. As a group full of vets in their respective genres, each artist brings different influences to the table for an album full of satisfying interplay and juxtaposition. 

Friday, November 6, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hi all,
Take a look at all the sweet stuff coming up on WXYC this week:
Tune in to tonight’s Inside Track at 9pm to hear a sampler of Atlanta house stud and owner of the NDATL music label, Kai Alcé. Even though the label only started in 2008, Alcé has been in the game for many years, working with big house names in both Detroit and New York City. Unlike some of his peers, Alcé's tracks are totally lush, very clean and almost always feature vocals. HOT TIP: He'll be DJing at the Nightlight on Rosemary St. THIS SATURDAY! Come out and get down!
Tonight's New Science Experience, 10pm to midnight, will feature a warm mix of techno and house from local DJ and WXYC alum MISHA. Tonight's set will serve as a warm-up mix for tomorrow’s Kai Alcé show.
This Sunday, you can catch an eclectic mix of traditional and folk music on the Orange County Special, 11am-1pm.
On this week’s Hell or High Water, Sunday from 1 to 2pm, we'll be mixing things up a little bit: while you'll hear some blues music, the main meat of the show will consist of a reading of William Faulkner's 1931 short story "That Evening Sun." The story is named after a blues' track, “St. Louis Blues”, and we'll play several variations on the show. The story itself contains many references to blues, as the author and the genre are inexplicably tied, and we'll discuss how, in many ways, the story is a blues song in and of itself! Tune in!
This week on Sports Rap: Diego returns to talk hoops and NBA drama! Is Kobe washed up? Is Stephen Curry a demigod, or something more? Is Kristaps (Dirk 2.0) Porzingis the real deal? Catch answers to these questions and much more, from 9 to 10pm this Sunday.
And don’t miss this week's Outside Track, Monday from 9 to 10pm, to hear Nylon, Greek musician Michalis Moschoutis’ debut album, with which he radically explores the sonic capabilities of the classical guitar. Through eight different improvisations, he switches between plucking, strumming, and sustained bowing in such a forceful way that the usually undesirable noises that reveal the instrument’s constructive features are prominent.  

Friday, October 30, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hey everyone,

Happy Halloween weekend! WXYC has lots in store for you this coming week to help keep things ~spooky~. Check it out:

Tune in to the Inside Track, tonight at 9pm, to hear a new mixtape from Malian DJ Sandji. This release features cut-up Malian pop music, Coupé Décalé, Hip Hop, Kuduro, and Naija Pop - common music for Balani Show, an informal street/block party controlled by an MC and DJ with kids’ games, dance contests, and acrobatic dance troupes. Getting up to 170 bpm at times, this will be pretty darn hype!

This week’s New Science Experience, tonight from 10pm to midnight, will be a special **Halloween Edition** and will feature some abrasive and terrifying music from several different genres (hip hop, house, footwork, acid, and more). Tune in to get scared!

“Is that folk?” That’s what you’ll be asking when you tune in to this week’s Orange County Special. You’ll here some rare music you’ve never heard before as well as some music you might not know what to think about right away. We’ll skirt around the very fringes of what’s considered folk, taking forays into folk-inspired jazz, classical, electronic, and avant-garde music. Tune in this Sunday from 11am to 1pm to hear it all!

Since this Saturday is Halloween and this Sunday is El Día de Los Muertos, this weekend's episode of Hell or High Water is dedicated to the poltergeists among us. Tune in this Sunday at 1pm to hear Wilson Library's Southern Folklife Collection's Mondo Zombie Boogaloo, a Yep Roc Records compilation featuring The Fleshtones, Southern Culture on the Skids, and Los Straitjackets. To further bait you into listening, song titles include "Ghoulman Confidential" and "Haunted Hipster."

And Monday at 9pm, on the Outside Track, we’ll delve into the fifth LP from drone project Infinite Body aka Kyle Parker. Avolition is shimmering drone sourced primarily from organ music and cut-up and collaged vocal samples.

Friday, October 23, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone,
It’s that time again - time for me to let you know about the exciting programming WXYC has coming up in the near future. Here’s what to expect on the airwaves this week:
Tonight at 9pm on the Inside Track, tune in to hear f(x) by Carter Tutti Void! British industrial/darkwave couple Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti (of Throbbing Gristle, Chris & Cosey, and Carter Tutti) are joined here by Nik Colk Void (Factory Floor). The release is propulsive, industrial, and full of whispers, various dungeon moans, and decay.
After that, tonight's New Science Experience will be the first installment of '*"NSE and Friends"*', in which we train a group of first time DJs and have them mix on air together during the broadcast! We'll hear an eclectic mix of dance music concepts - it should be a good time. Tune in from 10pm to midnight!
Tune in to the Orange County Special this Sunday, 11am to 1pm, for traditional and contemporary folk music from the South and beyond. As patron saint of American folk, Woodie Guthrie, once said: “Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.”
This Sunday on Hell or High Water, from 1 to 2 pm, Cooper M will be serving up some classic folk tunes from legend and king of Greenwich Village, Dave Van Ronk. Tune in to hear some blues, jazz, and gospel inspired folk from the man who served as an inspiration to likes of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.
This week on Sports Rap, Sunday from 9 to 10pm, will be NBA Season Preview Bonanza! (FLEX BOMB). The Sports Rap Boys will be talking NBA, NBA, and more NBA (shoutout Michael Jordan).
And catch the Outside Track, Monday from 9 to 10pm, to hear Insomni by Simon Scott, a British sound artist who has been active in creating installation art and soundtracks since 1990. Insomni showcases a variety of techniques that Scott has experimented with throughout his career. Tune in for field recordings, blasts of feedback, soft ambient synths, synth noise, glitch, acoustic guitar work, wind instruments, and voices interwoven throughout. 

Friday, October 9, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone,
Check out all this exciting stuff we have coming up on WXYC this week:
Tonight at 9pm: tune in to the Inside Track to hear the debut release from UK-based producer Luke Meads (aka EVM128). Expect to hear some great dance tracks influenced by the broken-beat movement that hit UK dance clubs in the early 1990s.
This week’s New Science Experience, tonight from 10pm to midnight, will feature WXYC's very own Anjan S and Ryan J. They'll be spinning some Hip Hop selections from Memphis, Chicago, and Atlanta. It should be a good time!
This Sunday on the Orange County Special, 11am to 1pm, we’ll survey contemporary American folk, including 2015 releases from the likes of Boduf Songs, Duke Garwood, Jessica Pratt, and more.
During this Sunday’s Sports Rap, 9 to 10pm, Diego M and Femi Z will be talking NBA off-season drama. That's right: we're talking Matt Barnes, Derek Fisher, and much, much more. Diego and Femi will also cover this Sunday’s football action.
And on Monday’s Outside Track, 9 to 10pm, check out the shimmering black metal sounds of Locrian on their latest record, Infinite Dissolution. Out of a cinematic and sweeping soundscape the group carves apocalyptic shadows and ghostly dirges, and we're all for it.

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