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Friday, April 8, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hey everybody,
There’s a ton of stuff to look forward to on WXYC this week! Check it out:
Tonight on the Inside Track at 9pm, tune in for Trotro, the most recent release from DJ Katapila on Awesome Tapes From Africa. DJ Katapila (Ishmael Abbey) is a DJ from Accra, Ghana and this is a recent issue of his 2009 tape release. Named for the popular minibus taxis of Ghana, this album forms up-tempo, driving beats in the Ga traditional dance style. There is a noticeable influence from American dance music from the 80’s and 90’s, including Detroit techno and Chicago acid house. Beeps, boops, and 808 goodness. Katapila often yells and raps over his beats adding a feeling of genuine fun and spontaneity to the mix.
On tonight's New Science Experience we will be continuing our NSE Technician Showcase. The Technician Showcase is the culmination of our newly minted NSE Technician Training program led by NSE coordinators earlier last month. We worked with 15 WXYC DJs to show them how to use our fancy industry-standard club DJing equipment. They'll be taking over the NSE airwaves through the end of the month demonstrating their new skills.Tonight we'll hear sets from Wesley D, Marc T, Bridget W. Check it out from 10pm to midnight!
Tune into this Sunday's Hell or High Water at 1pm for a groovy special close to home when we feature songs from Tobacco-A-Go-Go, a Durham, NC release off of Blue Mold Records. This 3-volume compilation features 1960s rock n roll, psychedelia, and more—all from the great state of North Carolina. Compiled by WXYC alum and goes-without-saying music freak Ken Friedman, this is a show you don't want to miss, y'all.
Monday’s Outside Track at 9pm will feature Relucent, a new release from longtime Chicago-based percussionist Tim Daisy. While Daisy has been involved with some of the city's leading avant-garde jazz efforts (the Vandermark Five and the NRG Ensemble to name two) as well as lots of excellent collaborations (with, among others, Jeb Bishop, Jeff Parker and the late Fred Anderson), Relucent marks his first full-length foray into the world of multitracked solo improvisations. Utilizing a whole battery of percussive tools (marimba, cowbell, hi-hat, bongo to name a few) as well as electronic manipulations of turntables, Daisy offers up an engaging set of tracks that are chock-full of thumps, rattles, gurgles and hisses.
And join host Michael P on this week’s Thursday Night Feature for a tour through the catalog of Paradise of Bachelors alongside the label's main married man Brendan Greaves. Since Twenty-aught Ten, over a score and five records, PoB has remained deeply rooted amidst worldwide acclaim. PoB reissues are celebrated for their resonance with contemporary politics as well as popular culture, and we'll put em in sonic and historical dialogue with PoB's releases of new music across a widening array of vernacular american genres. Let's hear some of Brendan's favorites, along with a story or two about them - and hear about their upcoming release of two classic Terry Allen albums! Catch the show Thursday from 9pm to midnight.

Friday, April 1, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hey everybody,
Hope your Friday is going well. If it’s not, good news: WXYC’s bringing lots of cool stuff your way this week. Check it out:
Tonight on the Inside Track, tune in for Once Upon a Time in Japan, a compilation of 15 hot cuts of Japanese house from the early to mid 90’s, compiled by French DJs Brawther & Alixkun. Expect lots of lush synthesizers and soulful vocals. Some tracks show producers taking a basic house template and mixing it with more traditional Japanese sounds, others wouldn’t sound out of place on a comp of American house from the same time. An interesting comp with plenty of different moods and sounds to explore!
On tonight's New Science Experience we will be continuing our NSE Technician Showcase. The Technician Showcase is the culmination of the NSE Technician Training program led by NSE coordinators earlier last month. We worked with 15 WXYC DJs to show them how to use our fancy industry-standard club DJing equipment and asked them to prepare a set to play during the NSE. Tonight we'll hear sets from Trent, Kyle and Julia. Tune in from 10pm to midnight!
This Sunday, from 1 to 2pm, join us in exploring the traditions of the American South on Hell or High Water! The hour will feature music from the shelves of UNC's renowned Southern Folklife Collection, one of the nation's most illustrious archival resources for American folk music and culture. A WXYC DJ will put everything in its context throughout the show, letting you know where we are, where we've been, and who's been there.
Sunday afternoon, Broken Music will feature works by experimental ensemble Common Objects. The group pulls its members from the worlds of improvised music and sound art, calling on saxophonist John Butcher, Rhodri Davies on amplified harp, violinist Angharad Davies, and the amplified objects of Lee Patterson. Together, they explore the timbrel options of their instruments with great patience, crafting spacious works that cast a spotlight on an unusual juxtaposition of textures. Their recordings capture the group in a variety of modes, some completely improvised and others responding to Rhodri Davies' graphic scores. The show begins at 2pm.
And Monday’s Outside Track at 9pm will feature MI WO, a new release from Japanese artist Ytamo. Conceived as an accompaniment to an exhibition by the Argentine plush sculptor Natali Katz, it somehow sounds just like that. Ytamo kneads a swath of synths, horns, bells, clicks, plucks, snaps, and other electric detritus into sticky groovers that tighten up over the course of the album - hard to describe, but easy to enjoy.

Saturday, March 26, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hey everyone,
We have some awesome shows planned for this upcoming week. Check it out:
This week, WXYC Reports will be hosting a directors' choice episode. Coordinators Sarah S and Joseph A will go through the archive and play segments from some their favorite moments of the past year and a half! You may ask: Why are they doing this? The answer... to celebrate the release of their SoundCloud Page, which now has an open archive to all of their episodes! Check it out: Let them know what you think, or if there are pieces you would like to hear aired on the show this Sunday from 5-6pm. As always, you can reach the coordinators @
Monday’s Outside Track at 9pm will feature The Piano's Playing The Devil's Tune by Australian born, Berlin-based Phoebe Killdeer & The Shift with Portuguese singer, Maria de Medeiros. Tune in to hear some dark moods and remnants of trip hop with this sultry, creeping film-noir-esque collab.
And join DJ Webb H on this week’s Thursday Night Feature for a primer on Japanese label Maltine (pronounced Mal-i-tin-e), which embodies a new philosophy of music distribution: music for everybody, anywhere, and anytime. Maltine's 150 free releases include hip-hop, dub step, j-pop, glitch and many other styles of electronic music. All of these releases speak to experiences of youth within an increasingly digital world. Short attention spans, maximum saturation, unbridled self-expression -- Maltine embraces and facilitates all of this and more, and in the process has put out music of an incredibly high creative caliber. Bo en, みみみ, and LovelySummerChan are just some of the artists that will be featured. Tune in this Thursday from 9pm to midnight! 

Friday, March 11, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hey everyone,
There’s tons of radio goodness coming your way this week! Check out some of the upcoming shows we have planned:
Tonight on the Inside Track, at 9pm, we've got a new release of sometimes shimmering and warm and other times cold and distant electronic music from Chapel Hill techno-er Alene Marie aka Liquid Asset. Get ready to crash-land on a glittery, shape-shifting planet inhabited by electronic moths, and let the music take over your body as we embrace our bug overlords in a feel-good dance party.
Tune in to Broken Music this Sunday to hear a set of new compositions from the young Italian composer Clara Iannotta. These recordings, penned while Iannotta was an artist-in-residence at the DAAD Artists-In-Berlin Programme in 2013, have been compiled this month on the prolific German avant-garde label Edition RZ. While challenging, these ensemble pieces elaborately illustrate Iannotta's fascination with both audio theatrics as well as purposeful silence.
On tonight's very special New Science Experience, we’re teaming up with Durham's Moogfest to premiere a a guest mix by UK ambient legends The Orb (!!!!), playing a synth heavy mix in honor of the late Bob Moog. NSE's very own Tommy M will close out the show by mixing tracks from other artists who will be at Moogfest, including Lotic, Rabit, Jlin, Laurel Halo, Actress, Black Madonna, Earthly, etc. Tune in from 10pm to midnight, it's gonna be tight!!
And tune in to Monday’s Outside Track at 9pm to catch a new release from Anna Homler titled The Breadwoman and Other Tales. Borne from a series of performance pieces featuring a woman dressed in rags, wielding bread, and chanting in an invented language, these tracks feature minimal electronics, drum machines, inviting synthesizers, and the occasional woodwind, along with Homler’s powerful, sometimes bluesy chanting.

Friday, March 4, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hey everybody,
It’s Friday yet again, which means it’s time for your weekly WXYC programming update! Check out some of the sweet stuff we have planned for this week:
Catch tonight’s Inside Track to hear Untitled Arpeggios and Pulses, a piece that Christian Wallumrød, a Norwegian jazz musician, was asked to compose for the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Kongsberg Jazz Festival. An ensemble chock-full of musicians creates a four-part piece that is really diverse in style. The title of this piece is a pretty apt guide to its sound world.
Tonight's New Science Experience will feature live mixes by WXYC's own Primordial Puss and Beto Terwilliger. Expect evil techno bangers and dancefloor oddities from 10pm to midnight!
Tune in to Hell or High Water Sunday from 1 to 2pm to hear this week’s feature from UNC's esteemed Southern Folklife Collection. This week, we're proud to present the music of Curtis Mayfield, one of the pioneers in soul-filled, politically-conscious African American music from the Civil Rights Era up until his death in 1999. Perhaps you've heard of The Impressions, or his epithet "The Gentle Genius." Either way, WXYC DJ Sam S will be providing the history and context of a most formative musician.
Sunday afternoon, Broken Music will delve into the recorded artifacts of the Once Festival of New Music, a multi-disciplinary symposium spanning five years of musical innovation. Five composers based out of the University of Michigan School of Music--Robert Ashley, George Cacioppo, Gordon Mumma, Roger Reynolds, and Donald Scarvarda, referring to themselves as the Once Group--spearheaded the Ann Arbor-based festival, inviting fellow musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, and choreographers from across the country to present original works.Over the hour we will cover a mere sampling of the diverse works produced for the event. Tune in at 2pm!
Monday’s Outside Track will feature Let Them Grow, the fifteenth release from Slovenia-born, Austria-based composer, who composes for a variety of mediums, in a wide variety of genres, while utilizing her voice, field recordings, lo-fi devices, and found objects, among others. This record explores the dynamics of relationships, while utilizing Osojnik’s eclectic compositional style.
And on this week’s Thursday Night Feature, DJ Katie H will present a preview of the Big Ears Festival in Nashville! Tune in on Thursday from 9pm to midnight 

Friday, February 19, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hi all,
Hope you’re having a excellent sunny Friday so far. To make things even better, WXYC has some awesome shows coming your way this week:
Tonight’s Inside Track, at 9pm, will feature a Best Of compilation of music from Khwanta Fasawang, a leader in the Lam Phaen style of Thai music in the 1980s.
After that, on the New Science Experience, NSE bosses Alex B and Beto T will be spinning an eclectic mix of house, R&B, and techno. It’ll be all over the place - check it out from 10pm to midnight!
Join DJ Cooper M at 1pm on Sunday for Hell or High Water as he explores the catalog of the Southern Folklife Collection at UNC's Wilson Library. This week, the show will feature the 2006 Trikont release In Prison: Afroamerican Prison Music from Blues to Hip Hop. In a nation that imprisons more of its citizens than any other, the system of mass-incarceration heavily impacts the African American community; nearly half the overall prison population is black, and one out of eight African American men between 20 and 35 is in jail. The prison experience has far-reaching repercussive effects on African American culture and society, its music included. This compilation piece "brings together work songs of the chain gangs, imprisoned bluesmen like Robert Pete Williams, the prison-soul of the Escorts, the enraged hip hop accusations of Tupac Shakur, Brand Nubian and K-Solo as well as prison songs by Bobby Womack, Curtis Mayfield, the Last Poets, Nina Simone, the Temptations, and more."
Check out the Backyard BBQ this Sunday from 8 to 9pm for the usual hour of sick local tunes.
Tune in to Monday’s Outside Track at 9pm to hear the latest album from 68 year-old pianist Lubomyr Melnyk, the originator of ‘continuous music,’ a piano technique “based on extremely rapid notes and complex note series usually with the sustain pedal held down to generate overtones and sympathetic responses.” Rivers and Streams is his take on water and the way it moves in large and small bodies. A really beautiful release!
And for this week's Thursday Night Feature, 9pm to midnight, we'll be looking at the music of David Wise, who worked for British video game developers for 24 years. He is perhaps best known for his work on the Donkey Kong Country series for Super Nintendo and the Battletoads series. Wise's music features diverse instrumentation, natural sounds and catchy melodies.

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