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Monday, November 28, 2016
Interview with Radio Cacophony author, Michelle Dove

Tune in at 9pm tonight to hear an interview with Michelle Dove, a Virginia-born, Durham-based author who has recently published her first book, Radio Cacophony.
In 120 vignettes, Dove’s pseudo-memoir captures glimpses into the subculture of being a college radio DJ - the anxiety of talking on-air for the first time, the beer-hazed memories of house shows, the naive over-glorification of veteran DJs, the banality of the late night discussions on the importance of whatever genre or whatever band, the fear of losing funding, etc. With a brutally honest, quick-witted self-awareness, Dove shares the endearingly painful experience of finding herself as a young woman in the niche community of college radio DJs.
Copies of Radio Cacophony are available for order through Big Lucks Books or at  

Friday, November 25, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hi all,
Here's what we have going on this week, take a peek:
On tonight's Inside Track we've got a treat, Les Gracies' Low Doses, the new cosmic journey from Eric Douglass Porter (Afrikan Sciences) and Gael Segalen. Together they make out-minded dance music that combines jazzy electronics with manipulated field recordings. The record runs the gamut from free form jams to dense soundscapes and is a trip through and through.
Monday's Outside Track is the latest, self titled album from guitar wizard and WXYC favorite, Daniel Bachman. Combining gorgeous, contemplative acoustic guitar with touches of steely drone, this record is both a great entry in Bachman's discography and the perfect way to come down after Thanksgiving break. Relax with us on Monday night before pre-finals dread start sinking in.

Friday, November 11, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone! Here's what we have going on this week:
On Tonight's Inside Track, get ready for the polyrhythmic Miami sounds of Alpha 606's (aka Armando Martinez) Afro-Cuban Electronics. Melding live percussion with futuristic, dense electronics they produce what Martinez deems Electronica Afro-Cubano. The result is cohesive with the hand drumming blending seamlessly with the synthetic 808 sounds. It's a release saturated with triumphant political commentary, especially critical of foreign involvement in Cuba's capital city. Overall, these tracks are smooth, energizing, and a reminder of the deep history that modern electro has in Latin music.

Monday's Outside Track will feature the music of Cretan folk musician George Xylorius and rock drummer Jim White. Together they're Xylorius White and Black Peak, their new album on Bella Union, is massive cross-cultural genre fusion. Xylorius brings a deep lineage of Cretan folk music to the table, and is one of the most esteemed modern lute players in Greece. Black Peak features both his stellar lute playing and his powerful baritone voice. White's drumming, meanwhile, helps this album to pack a real punch, filling the album with inventive poly-rhythmic, post-rock drum riffs.

Friday, November 4, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hi all,
This is what's going on at WXYC this week:
Tonight on the Inside Track, tune in for some minimal, dancehall bangers with Bird Sound Power--the debut album from Jamacan duo Equiknoxx. On Bird Sound Power they create nasty, off-kilter beats with otherwise minimal production. Look out for bird calls--that's their signature move.
On Monday's Outside Track, we'll here the alt-country epic Lubbock (on Everything) by Terry Allen. You'll hear stories of petty criminals, lawless drifters, and desperate lonely people, along with commentary on everything from high society art to how bad Nashville country is. Although the backbone is the strong vocal performance from Allen, he's joined with a slew of musicians, everyone from finger pickin' guitar players to high school marching bands. Get warmed up for Thursday's Outlaw Country TNF.

Friday, October 28, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone! Here’s what we have going on this week:

Tonight's Inside Track will feature Bes, the debut LP from Cairo-based trio The Dwarfs of East Agouza. Consisting of Maurice Louca, Sam Shalabi, and Alan Bishop--musicians who have put out a number of stellar albums under their own names or as parts of groups like Land of Kush and Sun City Girls--the Dwarfs met when they discovered they were all living in the same apartment in Cairo's Agouza district. Bes consists of lengthy jams inspired by electro shaabi, a popular variation on a traditional egyptian dance form, which gives many of these tracks a hypnotic, propulsive force.
This Sunday WXYC Reports explores coffee on campus. Recent changes in on-campus coffee venders and the various purposes those physical shop spaces serve for students will be explored from multiple perspectives.
Monday's Outside Track will be taking care of your weekly dose of black metal with Rheia, the latest release from Oathbreaker. Working with a blend of American black metal, hardcore, and post-hardcore that a lot of people are calling "black-gaze" or "bands that sound like Deafheaven," Oathbreaker differentiate themselves from the pack with their dynamic structure and singer Cora Tanghe's powerful voice. 

Friday, September 23, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hey all,
This is what's happening this week at XYC, take a peek:
On Tonight's Inside Track, NC label New Body Tapes brings us Our Shadows Will Walk the latest release from Belgian dark techno producer Damaskin. Get ready for classic, trance-like repetitive bangers followed by longform dark ambiance.
Tune in to NSE this Friday for a carniverous night of bangin’ ballroom, footwork, and outsider house from the plush and very cute DJ Webkinz of Baltimore, MD. You’ll hear from the likes of Le1f’s producer LSDXOXO, morsels from 1080p’s roster including Body-San, J Albert, and Mongo Skato as well as some footwork up-and-comers (DJ Earl, Kush Jones, DJ Manny, Cakedog and DJ Chap), and some DJ Rashad (R.I.P) deep cuts. 
This fall on Hell or High Water, we are taking a close look at artists and bands who either had a connection to or a strong influence on North Carolina's (both historical and modern) music industry and culture, highlighting both our state's well known personalities and hidden gems. Tune in this Sunday for the sweet blues from the famous guitarist, singer and North Carolina native, Etta Baker.
On Monday's Outside Track we'll be playing the recently issued recording of Julius Eastman's Femenine. Facing prejudice as a black gay man and for the confrontational nature of his performances, he was largely forgotten at the time of his death. Fortunately, there has been a recent growing interest in his work and with that comes this recently discovered performance from 1974. Femenine is a triumph of minimalism, featuring a repeated motif of mallet percussion and bells that extend through the entire piece and slowly shifting, improvisational lines from piano, woodwinds, and synthesizer.  

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