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Friday, September 25, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hey all,
Check out what we’ve got coming up on WXYC this week:
Tonight on the Inside Track, 9 to 10pm, be sure to catch DJ Richard's exploration of “the border between civilization and the ocean” in his latest release Grind. Not something you’d expect to hear on a hype dance floor, yet undoubtedly birthed from the same place, Grind sees DJ Richard exploring something close to home by using house music as his canvas.
On tonight's New Science Experience, Jay Cole Slaw will be killing the decks with an extra deep set of house and techno jams. Tune in from 10pm to midnight!
This week on Hell or High Water, Sunday from 1 to 2pm, DJ Davis G is going to be featuring the music of Kentucky folk artist Jean Ritchie, specifically the release Ballads from Her Appalachian Family Tradition. Get ready to learn about the wildly undervalued area of Appalachia through songs about the folks that live there!
This Sunday's Broken Music, from 2 to 3pm, will feature the Dutch mixed media/acoustic sound artist Raymond Dijkstra. The show will focus on solo recording but may also cover his work in groups such as Nivritti Marga, Asra, bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH, and others.
Turn your lights down and your volume up; from identity to experience to social function, this month WXYC Reports is giving you an hour of sex on the radio. You can catch the show on Sunday from 5 to 6pm.
And on Monday’s Outside Track, 9 to 10pm, you can hear more eerie yet gorgeous, ambient sound art from LA-based artist Richard Chartier on his latest release under the moniker Pinkcourtesyphone.

Friday, September 18, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hey everyone,
It's been awhile! This blog's been collecting dust because of some technical difficulties, but everything's been sorted out and now we're back in business!
Take a look at all this sweet new stuff we have coming up on WXYC this week:
Tonight at 9pm on the Inside Track, be sure to catch the deep, moody, minimal ambient techno from Body Boys with their new Opal Tapes release, No Face. Expect, big, pulsating, driving beats on top of tense ambience. These are excellent Fall lite bangers for sure.
Tonight's New Science Experience, 10pm to midnight, will be broadcasting live from the Wild at Night party at the Carrboro ArtsCenter. Tune in to hear excerpts of live experimental electronic sets from Glacial and C/\L/\PSE. Check out this facebook event page for more information:
Tune in to our folk speciality show Orange County Special this Sunday from 11am to 1pm for folk tunes from North Carolina and beyond.
On this Sunday’s Hell or High Water, airing from 1 to 2pm, DJ and resident bad man Cooper Bucket M will be taking y'all on a Southern Journey with the Southern Folklife Collection's "Southern Journey Vol. 5: Bad Man Ballads." Get ready to play those heart strings, y'all!
You can catch Broken Music right after that, this Sunday from 2-3pm, to listen to excerpts from two recent recordings from the prolific and talented Icelandic electronics experimenter Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson. Sigmarsson has been recording and performing as part of the longtime Reykjavik experimental music outfit Stilluppsteypa for over 20 years but recently has focused on creating abstract and challenging solos pieces on labels like Chocolate Monk, Bottrop Boy, Helen Scarsdale Agency, Ultra Eczema, Hanson, Bennifer Editions, Korm Plastics and Trente Oiseaux. We will listen to exciting new excerpts from both a solo CD on Helen Scarsdale from earlier this spring and a brand new collaborative LP with the Swedish field recording manipulator BJ Nilsen.
Tune in to the Backyard BBQ this week for an hour long block of local tunes. Sunday from 8 to 9pm.
This week on Sports Rap, co-hosts Femi and Diego will tackle a plethora of sports and sports-adjacent news. Have we seen the best of Peyton Manning? What's the greatest basketball movie of all time? How bout them heels? No really, how are they doing? Check it out on Sunday from 9 to 10pm.
On the Outside Track, Monday at 9pm, explore the dream-like underbelly of ambient pop with F Inger's new release, Hide Before Dinner. Deep synthesizer, gentle guitars and plenty of wtf noises set a sub-aquatic aural landscape in this release of structureless sound experiments. Sure to be a hit amongst fans of Grouper and the like!
And on this week’s Thursday Night Special, Thursday from 9pm to midnight, you can catch music from Greece, which has seen a growing scene of quality sludge and desert rock. What started as a couple of low-key sessions bands around 2008 has turned into a distinct and thriving community, all against the background of political and economic turmoil.

Friday, July 17, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone,
WXYC has lots in store for you this coming week. Here are just a few things you have to look forward to:
Tonight from 9 to 10pm, tune in to the Inside Track to hear RP Boo’s new release Fingers, Bank Pads, & Shoe Prints, out on Planet Mu. RP Boo is Kavain Space, who is widely recognized as the father of footwork.
On tonight's New Science Experience, resident DJ Beto Terwilliger will be spinning some diva house jams and eventually devolving into dark and broken techno. Check it out from 10pm to midnight!
On Sunday afternoon, from 2 to 3pm, Broken Music will review the recordings of Japanese percussionist and electro-acoustic composer Seijiro Murayama. Murayama began playing improvised music in the early 1970s and later toured the US as the drummer to Keiji Haino's Fushitsusha and KK Null's Absolut Null Punkt. He began exploring a less idiomatic approach to percussion after a move to Paris in 1999, exploring the drum as a resonant surface and experimenting heavily with amplification and feedback as a means of sounding his drums. Over the hour we'll hear solo works as well as collaborations with Eric La Casa, Toshiya Tsunoda, Lionel Marchetti, and a slew of other.
This week’s Backyard BBQ, airing Sunday from 8 to 9pm, will feature a phone interview with Future Islands in preparation for their 1000th show on July 26th!
Tune in to Sports Rap right after that, Sunday 9-10pm, to get the scoop on all things athletic.
And Monday’s Outside Track, from 9 to 10pm, will be AAAA’s Shiva Watts, a 2014 album which has just been reissued by Antime Records. You can expect to hear some analogue synthesizer jams that feature tinny, high-frequency beats and emotional, lush buildups.

Friday, July 10, 2015
This Week on WXYC

It’s Friday…..FRIDAY! We ARE making the weekends longer than the weeks and we’ll do it again because it’s FRIIIIDAAAYYY!!
That means it’s time for me to tell you about exciting things we have coming up on WXYC this week:
On tonight’s Inside Track, 9-10pm, don’t miss a new 15th anniversary compilation from Dial Records. Alongside founders Carsten Jost, Lawrence, and Pawel, the album features Dial regulars Pantha Du Prince, Efdemin, and many more, plus the first label appearance of DJ Richard who is going to release an album on Dial Records this coming September.
Right after that, on tonight’s New Science Experience, resident DJ Beto Terwilliger will be spinning some low key jams for you to drink beer to. Tune in from 10pm to midnight!
On this Sunday’s Hell or High Water, 1-2pm, we’ll be listening to American honky-tonk singer-songwriter Jean Shepard, who was a pioneer for women in country music.
Sunday’s Broken Music, 2-3pm, will delve into two recent archival collections of American composer Arnold Dreyblatt. Writing largely for modified instruments of his own design, Dreyblatt has ventured on a career-long exploration of harmonics and overtones. Although he has ties to minimalism, having studied with Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, and La Monte Young, Dreyblatt's approach to rhythm, particularly with his Orchestra of Excited Strings, has more in common with rock music.
Thought the 4th of July was enough BBQ for one summer? Think again, fool. When you’re done thinking, check out the Backyard BBQ on Sunday from 8-9pm. (You’re not actually a fool).
This week on Sports Rap we'll be talking about this year's crazy NBA free agency, Mark Cuban driving around searching for DeAndre Jordan, two NFL Players who blew their fingers off on July 4th, and the U.S.'s third win in the Women's World Cup.
And Monday’s Outside Track, 9-10pm, will feature harsh industrial soundscapes from British Krautrockers Gnod from their latest album Infinity Machines. Tune in for massive, jagged, distorted industrial drones and beats that spiral out of control into the noisy, beat-filled depths of Hell.

Friday, July 3, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Happy (almost) 4th of July! Hope everybody has a fun and safe time celebrating with cookouts and fireworks.
Here are just a few of the upcoming shows on WXYC to accompany your holiday weekend:
Tune in tonight at 9pm to catch the Inside Track, which will be Container’s new album LP3. ~Buzzwords~ include: noisy, erratic techno, club bangerz.
After that, don’t miss DJ Beto on the decks for the New Science Experience, 10pm-midnight. May he sneeze on the beat so the beat gets sicker.
Orange County Special airs this Sunday 11-1pm, with Jane DW curating a great selection of traditional and neotraditional music.
Tune in to Broken Music later on Sunday, 2-3pm, to hear a set of new recordings from the French electronic composer/vocalist/experimenter Berangere Maximin. Dangerous Orbits, her 4th overall solo release, features elements of electroacoustic music, modern composition and glitch electronics that all come together to create a rich sonic tapestry with nods towards Francois Bayle, Eliane Radigue, John Zorn and even the late Luc Ferrari.
This week on Sports Rap, Sunday 9-10pm, we'll be discussing the U.S. run in the FIFA Women's World Cup and the crazy signings going on as NBA free agency is just getting started.
And Monday’s Outside Track, 9-10pm, will feature Mort Garson’s Plantasia. This album is warm earth music for plants...and the people who love them.

Sunday, June 28, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone,
Here are some of the cool things that will be featured on WXYC this week:
Broken Music, today from 2 to 3pm, will feature Eli Keszler, a multi-instrumental musician from New York. He plays things like sheet metal, engines, microprocessor-controller motors, and piano strings, often experimenting with percussion. His past in punk rock is only vaguely audible in his solo work. Much of his work is installation art, but his recorded works are equally ambitious. Collaborations with Ashley Paul, Tony Conrad, and Ambarchi are all notable.
Tune in from 5 to 6pm today to listen as the WXYC Reports team absconds with the sounds of other peoples voices and presents them as the substance of their own creation, exploring the theme of "appropriation" in one hour of story driven analysis and questioning, probing the topics of sex, gender, race, relationships, literature, and fan fiction.
From the host of Backyard BBQ, tonight 8-9pm:
Backyard BBQ
Your handsome host has returned
Local music y'all
-Haiku 383
On this week’s Sports Rap, tonight from 9 to 10pm, we'll be talking about the top picks of the NBA Draft, Charlotte's pick in the NBA Draft, the women's World Cup, and the U.S. matchup against China in the cup.
And on Monday 9-10pm, the Inside Track will be the album With Miur from Japanese experimental artist Keigo Igarashi's solo project Fifto. With Miur is a collection of mostly glitchy, sputtering minimalist soundscapes that verge on catchy.

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