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Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Micropolyphony is a compositional technique involving the use of sustained dissonant chords which shift slowly over time, first introduced in 1961 by Gyorgy Ligeti. He composed music that happens whenever the monolith shows up in Space Odyssey. To hear/learn more, tune in to this week's Thursday Night Feature, hosted by Jon P. 9pm.

Be sure to check out Friday's Inside Track, where new albums get played in their entirety, to hear experimental banjo performer Uncle Woody Sullender's latest, Live at Barkenhoff. 9pm.
Friday, March 27, 2009
80 Dance Tickets ON SALE NOW!
80s dance is back!!

WXYC DJs spin your favorite 80s jams!
Costume Contest @ Midnight

tickets $5 UNC students/ $8 general public

**WXYC djs will be selling tickets in the bottom of the STUDENT UNION all week from 10am-2pm**

jonathan w
andrew w/bruce d
andrew b
kellen c
andy k
jack b/bryson r
kevin c

wxyc 89.3fm

p.s. please feel free to invite your friends.
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
On this week's Global Music Show, Amy Cooke joins host Stanton K for a look at the music of Miriam Makeba, the renowned South African singer and civil rights activist known as 'Mama Afrika'. Tune in at 4pm.

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Hey, isn't that 80s Dance thing at Cat's Cradle coming up soon? Like, 9pm this Saturday? The only reasonable way to prepare for something like this is to listen to the 80s Dance Thursday Night Feature, starting at 9pm. A rotating cast of WXYC DJs will be dishing out the hits till midnite.

Round off your Radio Week with a healthy dose of The Inside Track, where new albums get played in their entirety. This Friday at 9pm hear the calamitously named Stereo Death Breakdown, a 1969 album by Ian Anderson's Country Blues Band, rediscovered and now newly remastered and re-released by Fledg'ling records.
Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009
First up on the Inside Track, where new albums get played in their entirety, is dubstep producer Zomby's album Where Were You in '92? It seems as though it's finally time to look back on the days of acid trance with a nostalgic ear. Why not tune in Monday at 9pm? The Inside Track returns on Friday at the same time with MVⅇ and the Golden Road, who are keeping the fire of psychedelic folk burning with their latest album, Drone Trailer, courtesy of DiChristina Records.

The Global Music Show, a monthly collaboration between UNC Area Studies and WXYC, welcomes Brazilian composer of contemporary classical music, Sergio Roberto de Oliveira to WXYC a for a survey of his recent album, Sem Espera, and a discussion of the influence of Brazilian popular music on his work. Listen 4pm this Wednesday, hosted by Andy K.

Like it or not, some of the most important long distance communications you will make will be with a phone, and The Feedback Farm accepts this fact. More and more phones are produced and used each day, and though most are used responsibly, some aren't. You should probably use your phone to call The Feedback Farm, this Wednesday at 9pm.

This week's Thursday Night Feature is all about Carolina Soul. You won't want to miss the sixth annual installment of hot soul from the Carolinas, hosted by Jason Perlmutter at 9pm.
Sunday, February 22, 2009
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