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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
I hardly need to tell you all, but Sports are and have been for several years a major source of entertainment and excitement for people the world over. Join the Feedback Farm on Wednesday at 9pm for the Big Game, competition, pep talk, blurring of spectator/spectatee boundaries, several sports, and more.

At various times in recent history, some guys/gals wanted to broadcast music over the radio, but The Man just wouldn't let them, not without a license and all this paperwork. But you know what? They did it anyway. Howie Hoyt brings the music of Underground FM (Part II!) to the Thursday Night Feature. 9pm's the time.

Music's great and all, but it doesn't hold a candle to being Informed - WXYC News can help you get there, every Sunday at 5pm. This week: Matt B reports on the evolutionary science behind fingerprints, Jackie H will discuss the Ackland exhibit At the Heart of Progress: Coal, Iron, and Steam since 1750 in connection with the impact of big industry, and Chris will tell you what exactly is going on in Washington, where the Stimulus package is headed, and what it tells us about Obama's ability to realize his agenda goals.
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