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Tuesday, April 20, 2010
This Week on WXYC
Hear Bob Boilen this Wednesday! Boilen, creator and host of NPR's All Songs Considered, will speak live with WXYC DJ Mark K. about the state of music today. Tune in at 9 pm! You may even get to call in and ask a question. Pick a good one! Or else! :)

Howie H. hosts this week's Thursday Night Feature, shining the spotlight on 70s Underground. Of course, you may ask, "70s underground what?" I don't know. It's been left vague to peak your curiosity! 9pm.

You can listen to Future Islands' new release In Evening Air this Friday on the Inside Track. Dancey, pulsing synths permeate the band's post-punk cum new wave sound. Finally, a new soundtrack for dancing in your underwear at 9 pm.
Monday, April 12, 2010
This Week on WXYC
Hear Burning Star Core's new double LP album Papercuts Theater in its entirety Monday on the Inside Track. Noiser C. Spencer Yeh collaged recordings from 7 years of lives shows into the album. Lots of layering. 9pm.

This Wednesday on the Student Body President Show, tune in to listen to the UNC Student Body President Jasmin Jones and members of her executive board and cabinet discuss student government issues and events around UNC. 6pm.

This week's Thursday Night Feature has been sucked into a time warp, landing smack dab in the kitschy, synthy 80s. Hear a preview of this semester's 80s Dance with 3 hours of retro revelry. 9 pm.

Listen to Growing's new Vice Records release PUMPS on Friday's Inside Track. The band's textures are at last molding into a polyrhythmic, semi-danceable sound! 9pm.

Then, attend WXYC's 80s Dance this Saturday. Starting at 9pm, WXYC DJs play totally awesome hits worthy of your frizzy hair, scrunchies and ambiguously sexual "FRANKIE SAYS RELAX" t-shirt. Wear your flyest gear, and you may just win a prize! Invite your friends! At Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill. 9pm-2am. Check out the Facebook event.

Listen to a live interview with local talk radio DJ and science communicator Ernie Hood on this week's Talkademia. Hood is the host and producer of WCOM's weekly Radio In Vivo program, which features scientists from NC's Triangle. Jacki H. will interview Hood about his experience and the importance of science communication today. Sunday at 5pm.

Keep it locked, bro!
Tuesday, April 6, 2010
This Week on WXYC
Nancy O. hosts three hours of themed music on this week's Thursday Night Feature. 9pm.

On Friday, hear Nice Face's album Immer Etwas, coming to you from Sacred Bones Records. It's fuzzy and drum-machine driven music. DJ Jonathan W. says, "Some high-energy leather punk to dance to on a Friday night." So start your evening early at 6 pm with the Inside Track, and please do dance.

Talkademia comes to you this week with some trepidation about changing its name to Smart Ass Radio. Journalism professor and community journalism enthusiast Jock Lauterer will talk about journalism as a form of service. Lauterer will tell you that, after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill a hundred years ago, the young reporter made bold and started his own newspaper in Rutherford County, NC. Now he's involved in projects to teach photography to inner-city children and bring positive press to the previously publication-less Northeast Central Durham neighborhood. Catch the interview with Jacki H. at 5pm on Sunday.
Thursday, April 1, 2010
This Week(end) on WXYC
You know what kind of music the Easter Bunny likes? That's right! Dub step-infused house music! Or is it house-infused dub step?? Listen to Energy Distortion by F on the Inside Track to find out. This Friday at 9pm.

On Sunday's Talkademia, hear an interview that Reed T. and Paige S. did with UNC professor of History and Folklore and blues scholar Bill Ferris. Learn about blues as a product and cultural record of the American South. Hear charming historical anecdotes and a great sampling of blues music. 5 pm.
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
This Week on WXYC
Wednesday (TONIGHT!), hear the triumphant return of the Feedback Farm, with experimentation riffing on a not-so-triumphant subject... loneliness. Give the farm some listening love! 9 pm.

On the Thursday Night Feature, Steph R. guides you through an aural tour of Soul Ladies. These womens' voices will glide like baby oil through your ear canal and croon "Honey, come back!" down your Eustachian tube, only to pound heartbroken beats on your ear drums. Don't miss it. 9 pm.

Then Friday, on the Inside Track, hear the Soundway Records compilation Nigeria Afrobeat Special: The New Explosive Sound in 1970s Nigeria in its entirety. It's the fourth release in Soundway's Nigeria Special series. Dominated by saxophones and big brass with a political message, Afrobeat has a huge sound. Oh, but you've heard these songs before? LIES!!! NO, YOU HAVEN'T!! They have never been released outside of Nigeria until now!! 9 pm.

Later that night, come to the WXYC-sponsored Global Music Jam. Hear WXYC DJs spin some worldly tunes to raise money for Nourish International. Starts at 9 pm at The Nightlight in Chapel Hill.

Talkademia, featuring a recorded interview with Bill Ferris, is cancelled on Sunday.

But wait! Wait! It's not over: everyday at every hour, CONTINUOUSLY LISTEN TO AWESOME RADIO.
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Global Music Jam
This Friday we're hosting a Global Music Jam at Nightlight! From 9pm-2am WXYC DJs will play dance music from around the world. There is a $5 cover and all proceeds go to Nourish International. We hope to see you there!
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