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Saturday, October 29, 2011
WXYC has a tumblr!

"WXYC has been inhabiting the annex of the Carolina Union for quite some time now, and until this summer we had quite the collection of memorabilia hanging from our walls. Unfortunately the time came for them to be taken down after a few decades in order to get our facilities up to code. However, we want to make sure that these posters and knick-knacks are not lost or forgotten. Many of these posters are pieces of a local history in Chapel Hill and its surrounding areas; and all are in some way a part of the history at WXYC."

Check it out:

We'll be posting images, etc. to the site weekly.

Saturday, October 29, 2011
This Weekend on WXYC

This week Broken Music features the works of Hungarian composer László Sáry. A pianist by trade, Sáry composed solo music for cimbalom and percussion, chamber and orchestral music, and electroacoustic music. As a co-founder of the Budapest New Music Studio. he helped introduce contemporary Western experiments to Hungarian music. This marks the first installment in an ongoing series on Hungarian experimental music. Tune in 2pm Sunday.

This week on NSE, DJs Atar and Joe will be playing tracks from: Martyn, Magda, and Michael Mayer's Fabric mixes, Lawrence, Lords of Acid, and the compilation 'If this is house I want my money back Zwei.' Tune in 10pm Sunday.

Saturday, October 22, 2011
Michael Pisaro and Greg Stuart to perform live on Broken Music

Broken Music is honored to have as our guests this week California-based composer and guitarist Michael Pisaro and frequent collaborator, percussionist Greg Stuart. The two will perform and discuss selections from Pisaro's Harmony Series.

Tune in Sunday, October 23rd, at 2pm.

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Fusion Youth Radio - TODAY 5pm

We here at WXYC are excited to announce that today at 5pm will be the first episode our newest specialty show, Fusion Youth Radio! Fusion Youth Radio is the result of a partnership between the Marian Cheek Jackson Center (, the Sacrificial Poets (, and WXYC.

FYR, is a youth-produced program which will incorporate young people conducting interviews, discussing points of interest in their communities, broadcasting audio documentaries, inviting guest poets onto the show, and more. FYR is rooted in the idea that our youth must take active roles in shaping the futures of our communities.

Fusion Youth Radio will air biweekly at 5pm on WXYC. Tune In!

Saturday, October 15, 2011
This Weekend on WXYC

This week's Hell or High Water will be featuring early recordings from the legendary avant-garde jazz pianist Cecil Taylor. Backed by the masterful rhythm section of bassist Buell Neidlinger and drummer Dennis Charles and featuring solos from other free jazz giants like Steve Lacy and Archie Shepp, these mid to late 50s recordings highlight Taylor's earliest recorded output as a leader. Tune in 1pm Sunday.

Broken Music this week will explore the voice experiments of the late British poet and vocal improviser Bob Cobbing. During the hour we will explore his work from the late 60s with the group Koncrete Canticle to other limited edition tape releases from the 70s and 80s. Tune in 2pm Sunday.

Thursday, October 13, 2011
Tonight's Thursday Night Feature

"UNKNOWN LEGENDS" :  focusing on recent U.S. underground cassette releases and low-run vinyl (plus a cd-r here and there), highlighting the mottled sounds along a shared circuit that coalesce into our modern subterranean folk music. 

Tune in at 9pm!

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