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Wednesday, October 24, 2012
2000s Decade Dance!

WXYC 2000s Dance - THIS FRIDAY!!! 
@ Chapel Hill Underground located on Rosemary Street 
18+, $5 

Friday, October 19, 2012
This Week on WXYC

It's fall break. UNLESS YOU'RE A DJ.


Tonight on the Inside Track check out the new Josephine Foster album called Blood Rushing on Fire. It shows a little bit of the Spanish influence of her work with husband Victor Herrero (who plays guitar here), but is more like the psychedelic folk-rock of All The Leaves Are Gone. 


It's the Orange Canine Special this Sunday at 10am as Andy presents a selection of traditional music, folk songs and stories, blues growlers, and more, all related to man's best friend.  
As if that wasn't enough, at 1p on Hell or High Water, Richard will examine the life and works of Nancy Holloway, a Cleveland-born soul singer who, after finding moderate success in the late 40s and early 50s in New York, the legend has it that she committed a crime involving her then boyfriend and fled to Paris, where she performed and recorded prolifically through the 50s, 60s and early 70s (becoming quite successful, among other things, by covering popular American/British songs in French). We will listen from 1-2pm to both her American and French recorded output. 
Don't break your routine, break music instead. At 2p on Broken Music tune in for the entirety of a newly reissued cassette released originally in 1983 that finds Throbbing Gristle front man Genesis P-Orridge collaborating with then TG roadie Daniel Landin i.e. Stan Bingo. What's History, two long percussion-heavy pure weirdness/noise collage jams, was only available via a small stock of privately released tapes until last month when Brooklyn imprint Dais Records remastered and reissued these truly weird home recordings which actually were the first releases of P-Orridge's under his name. 
Then at 10pm on the NSE, Atar S will bring us a two-hour dreamy house mix with some Ibiza lounge. She tells me this as if I know what that means, but I know I'll be listening!
On Monday at 9p, tune in for the Outside Track we have Peter Brotzmann & Jason Adasiewicz with the new release Going All Fancy on Eremite. Going All Fancy is an excellent set of duets from Ayler-esque German reed-man Brotzmann and Chicago based vibraphonist Adasiewicz. Adasiewicz alternates between Gamelan-style clanging and gentle, dreamy vibes atmospheres as a backdrop for Brotzmann's emotive improvisations.
Finally, Wednesday at 9 it's the Global Music Show. Pierce Freelon and DJ Apple Juice Kid will be on air talking about their Carolina to the Congo project: so tune in and check it out!

Friday, October 12, 2012
This Week in WXYC

Did you know that for a few months this summer we would get a guy calling in every couple of hours convinced we were robots and performing improvisational Turing tests on us to see how we would respond?

Well if you didn't know that (and I am not kidding), then how would you know that Daniel Bachman will stop by for an in-studio performance and guest DJ set today at 4 right here on wxyc 89.3 fm and online at He has a new album out on Tompkins Square, and will be playing a show at All Day Records (in Carrboro) later tonight. Check him out here:

And while we're on the topic of the radio, I just played something off 'Pink Keys,' the new album by Alice Cohen on my show and it was so good that we decided to make it the Inside Track tonight at 9. Really out-there electro-pop from former Die Monster Die frontwoman, this is a blissed out set of electronics-heavy, newwave-leaning bedroom pop. Heel yeah it is.

Tune in Sunday at 1 for Hell or High Water and we'll be listening to an assortment of rare/peculiar/funny-named southern gospel groups.  Selected artists include Deacon Utley and the Smile-A While Quartet, the Nugrape Twins, the Golden Gate Quartet, and more!

Then, at 2 on Broken Music we are going for a historical record of most notes played in a single Broken Music. Not two notes, not eight, and even more than fourteen. Lubomyr Melnyk, a latter 20th century composer from Germany, is known for devising 'continuous music' on the piano. The overtones coming from the rapid arpeggios and scales make it very hard to catch when one sequence is ending and the other is beginning. Oh and there's normally a second piano there to pick up the slack. Apparently there are sometimes up to a dozen notes per second. We will be listening to Wave-Lox and some of his other major works, which means lots of notes, lots of two-piano music, and a very, very hypnotic state that will make you wish this show was more than ten minutes long. What? That was already an hour?! Exactly.

At 8 on The Backyard BBQ if you caught Yohimbe open up for Lightning Bolt in Raleigh a few weeks back, you'll already have all the visuals you'll need for their live performance. And if not, hopefully Julianna's interview will help you out. This is not your average local band. Hopefully our soundsystem will pick up their megaphones!!

At 9 on SportsRap, as we inch closer to basketball season, the panel goes over the first round of the MLB playoffs, along with another wrap up of the week in football. The panel will also discuss outfit choices/dance move selections of "Late Night w/ Roy."

Finally, check out the Outside Track Monday at 9 pm with Emanuele de Raymondi - Buyukberber Variations (Zerokilled Music). The composer/sound artist Raymondi adds electronic manipulations to recordings of Turkish clarinetist Oguz Buyukberber, resulting in a versatile mix of tracks: at times fit for the freaky avant-garde dance floor, at others mellow and dreamy.

Friday, October 5, 2012
This Week in WXYC

Welcome to rocktober, the month of every calendar year that WXYC plays nothing but AC/DC. Just kidding, that's every month.

Tonight (Friday) at 9pm on the Inside Track check out the Lijadu Sisters new release Afrobeat Soul Sisters on Soul Jazz records. The Lijadu Sisters are a Nigerian all-female afro-beat outfit who put out four fantastic LPs from 76-79 featuring the group's close harmonies and penchant for tight grooves and vamped out keyboards.

Sunday tune in at 2 to get broken on Broken Music with  a brand new unveiling of previously unreleased material from British experimental electronic duo Monos comprised of longtime Nurse With Wood and Current 93 collaborator Colin Potter and Ora member/tape manipulator extraordinaire Darren Tate. Age and Transformation consists of minimal electroacoustic tracks originally recorded in 2004-5 but tweaked with by the duo until their release earlier this summer on Infraction Records.

Can't stop? Won't stop? The Backyard BBQ Sunday at 8pm is waiting for you. It is also waiting for next week's Yohimbe set, so expect to hear a track from them, and also some Torch Runner too. They are from Greensboro and are all over the place (genre-wise) and I mean that in the best way:

You can't have local music without sports. On SportsRap at 9, the gang gets back to basics, by continuing to talk about football , including UNC's game with VaTech. The panel will also discuss the  opening weekend of MLB playoffs. Plus, rap!

Keep on right there at 10pm for the NSE, where Donovan D is going to bring us lots of songs in a short amount of time. From electro to trap, the EDM will keep on coming.

On Monday's Outside Track at 9pm, get hype for the new Astral Social club release 'Magic Smile' on Wonderyou. Busy but very enjoyable new electronic chatter from UK experimenter Neil Campbell, this is the perfect balance of experimental churning and mesmerizing processed beats.

Wednesday is the second Wednesday of the month, so tune in at 9 for the Student Body President show, where the chief of staff is going to lead the way. Where is he going to lead us? Stay tuned.

Friday, September 28, 2012
This Week on WXYC

As the biggest radio scandal of 2012 comes to a close, and the replacement DJs are no more, the real officiating crew of WXYC is back to bring all of y'all some tunes. And so. much. more. 


But before the radio, reality. This Sunday, be sure to come down to Chapel Hill Underground for the monthly Live Backyard BBQ featuring sets this month by Last Year's Men and WOWOLFOL. Three bucks at the door, free food at 5 and music starts at 6!


And now, tunes.


Tonight at 9, on the Inside Track, we have the new Northern Spy release 'The Backward Path' by Dan Melchior. Another fine album from Durham's Dan Melchior. Half the tracks feature his brilliant, dead-pan acoustic guitar balladry, with accompaniment from xyc-favorites like Haley Fohr (Circuit des Yeux), Sam Hilmer (Zs), and C Spencer Yeh. These songs alternate with instrumental sketches similar to his experiments on Excerpts and Half Speeds.


Sunday at 1, on Hell or High Water, In anticipation of their upcoming show at Nightlight (October 3rd), Hell or High Water will feature music from Wayne Henderson and Boo Hanks. Henderson is a guitarist, luthier, and National Heritage Fellow from Rugby, Virginia who specializes in fingerstyle guitar influenced by the playing of fellow Rugby native E.C. Ball.  Hanks is an 83-year-old guitarist based in Virgilina, Virginia whose style is descended from Piedmont Blues masters like Blind Boy Fuller.

Then, at 2pm on Broken Music, Sarafina May will feature the work of Ian Power.  Born in Rochester, N.Y. and currently residing in the Boston metro area, he is a composer of experimental music in the classical tradition.  His music frequently uses classical and 'found' (e.g. household) instruments to create clear, well-defined sounds.  "For every human being who looks up at the moon will know.." runs ~20 minutes long and uses text from speeches leading up to the moon landing of 1969, including a speech written for Nixon in the event the astronauts were marooned on the moon.  His shorter pieces to also be featured on the show are "I Seem to be a Verb", "Danse Bohème", and for percussion, "Water Dripping from a Leaking Pipe Behind Drywall."
At 8pm on The Backyard BBQ, check out some local jams. Maybe by bands like Last Year's Men and WOWOLFOL. Who you can see live this day at CHUG. 
At 9pm on SportsRap, I'll give you one guess what the gang will be jabbering about. Hint: it's not the band The Replacements. 
Then, remember that the NSE is every Sunday from 10pm-midnight. You can remember this at any time, but if you want two hours of beat-matched electronic jams, this is when your dreams become reality. 

Last but not least, on the Outside Track Monday at 9, we got Alan Sondheim/Helena Espvall/Azure Carter with 'Cauldron' (Tequila Sunrise). Stunning set of improvised tracks between Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Sondheim (who released a couple psych-jazz LPs on ESP Disk in the late 60s) his wife Azure Carter (a classically trained vocalist) and Espers member Helena Espvall.

Friday, September 21, 2012
This Week on WXYC

If the words "Heisman Candidate" don't mean anything to you, then you probably want to know what's going on this week on your favorite radio station whose digits sum to 20.


First, at 9 pm on tonight's Inside Track we got the new one from William Parker Orchestra, called 'Essence of Ellington' on AUM Fidelity. Bassist Parker leads an 11-piece big band that includes Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake, Darius Jones and others, paying tribute to The Duke, recorded live in Milan earlier this year.  Pretty great. This is a double-disc release that goes well over an hour, so don't worry, we'll cut it off at 10 (unless you ask us nicely). 


Then, tune in Sunday from 10am-1pm for OCS when DJ TyFy takes us through a tour of some his favorite folk and neo-traditional jams. He got a really nice haircut recently, so be sure to call him and let him know. And hopefully y'all know that every Sunday at 1pm on Hell or High Water one lucky DJs gets to explore the annals of the Southern Folklife Collection and play some really wonderful stuff you won't find anywhere else. 


At 2, on Broken Music, Joe W is going to bring us Anton Batagov's 2001 "Prostration to the 35 Buddhas": two pieces which combined run for  ~62 minutes. According to Batagov's notes: "The first movement (for piano and vibraphone) is a 40 minute long meditation on emptiness... The second movement is written for piano, vibraphone, Javanese gong and antique cymbal. This movement is based on the traditional text 'Protration to the 35 Buddhas'. The text is recited in English by Ven. Ani Karin.


At 8pm, on the Backyard BBQ, Julianna is bringing us an interview with Reid from The Flute Flies (it's a band with Ivan Howard (from the Rosebuds) and Zeno Gill (Pox World Empire) that is releasing their new record on CyTunes, the label that donates money to the Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke). Reid was sick last week, but this week he'll be healthy enough to interview! Hopefully you'll stick around for SportsRap at 9, where we'll talk about everything from the Fightin' Fedoras to the Prancin' Panthers. 


Finally, on the Outside Track on Monday at 9pm, we got 'Great Howl at Town Haul' by the Deep Listening Band. Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster and David Gamper are the Deep Listening Band here, a group who've been exploring resonance for over 20 years. Great Howl was culled from this trio's very final recording sessions;  Gamper passed away in September 2011 and this release is mesmerizing. 


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