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Friday, November 30, 2012
This Week in WXYC: 90s Throwback Edition

Do you remember the Spice Girls? Other stuff from the 1990s? Was hair metal the 1990s? No? Join us TONIGHT at the Local 506 for the WXYC 90s dance to remember everything. Special guest president Bill Clinton will judge a costume contest (I'm just kidding, it's Bob Dole). 10 pm. 


And on your ride over, I know what you're going to be listening to. And if you keep reading, you will, too. At 9pm tonight on the Inside Track we got the latest from CS Yeh, 'Transitions' out on De Stijl. A pop record from Burning Star Core violin-drone master Yeh, 'Transitions' takes the form of chunky versions of indie anthems, darkwave brooders, and mutant disco. Arrive in style!


Tune in Sunday morning at 10am for Orange County Special because it's the first Sunday of the month. What does that mean? Like every first Sunday it means that former coordinator and longtime contributor Jane will be spinning magic out of your soon-to-be favorite traditional and neo-traditional folk music from the around the globe. 


Keep the dial right there at 1pm for Hell or High Water. Gina B will be focusing on selections from a couple collections of traditional Irish folk music recorded in the 1950s and 60s by first-generation immigrants to the US, including The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, who according to Wikipedia (!) are "widely credited with popularizing Irish traditional music in the United States."  They were a primary influence on a young Bob Dylan and many other emerging artists.  Tommy himself is known as the Godfather of Irish Music. Revolutionize yourself! 


Then break off an hour of Broken Music at 2. This Sunday, Broken Music features works by Lithuanian composer and sound artist Arturas Bumsteinas. Bumsteinas studied composition at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater and also participates in a number of improvising ensembles, with the laptop as his instrument. Much of his work, whether computer based or instrumental, centers on conjuring a sense of place and transporting the essence of inspired locations. 


Keep it unfair, local and inorganic on the Backyard Barbecue at 8pm. Guest host Ryan Martin, local label head and performer, will be sharing a weirder, wilder side of the Triangle Music Scene. Melt faces!


Speaking of local music: SPORTS. On SportsRap at 9pm, the panel will delve into a smattering of topics, including UNC basketball,  a quick overlook of the BCS national title game, the NBA, some UNC soccer and a wrap up of fall sports and accolades. All in all, a smörgåsbord of topics for this week's show. Be sure to post comments & questions (and like) the facebook page:
Getitgotitgood? Monday at 9pm on the Outside Track, check out Lonnie Holley with 'Just Before Music' on Dust-to-Digital. Known primarily as a sculptor and visual artist, Lonnie Holley makes his musical debut with "Just Before Music", layering stream-of-consciousness lyrics over soft, atmospheric compositions - this one is definitely a contender for album of the year, so don't miss it!

Friday, November 16, 2012
This Week in WXYC

As we all wait until 11 to watch our Fightin' Rams play basketball in Hawaii against the Long Beach State Sharkmonsters, we all gasp in unison, realizing nobody told us what the week's specialty programming had in store for us on wxyc 89.3 fm 'the noise.' Fear not! This story is fictitious! This programming update is real!

Tonight (Friday) for the Inside Track at 9pm we got some of that new new by Eternal Tapestry with 'A World Out Of Time' (released by Thrill Jockey). This is the 2nd LP of 2012 from Portland, Oregon hippy space travelers Eternal Tapestry. More concise songs this time, but they still feature wailing guitar and organ-based grooves that build into exultant psychedelic jams.

Then, Sunday at 10am for The Orange County Special, our host Evan D will guide us as we leave Orange County and explore a smorgasbord of rare and private press Christian folk/country/light psych LPs from all over America and at least 2 other continents, all recorded between 1965 and 1980. 


Stay locked in for Hell or High Water at 1pm immediately after OCS with our host Evan D as the outsider Christian music train keeps rolling with an hour filled with 60s recordings from outsider Christian folk singer/world class Christian music collector John Ylvisaker. We will sample his LPs Cool Livin' and A Love Song that are now sort of Holy Grails of Christian light psych. Apparently he's been called at times both the 'Christian Bob Dylan' and the 'Christian Scott Walker'.


Don't break your concentration, break music instead! This week on Broken Music from 2-3pm will feature excerpts from three newly released experimental electronic recordings from former Loop frontman Robert Hampson. Hampson's focus the past few years has been to create improvised analogue electronics pieces and systems which are used either as performance pieces or more likely as sonic backdrops to everything from art installations to planetarium shows. Austrian weird music titan Editions Mego has kindly released 3 LPs of Hampson's recent works and we will be listening to parts of all three. Hosted by Evan D.

Last week I told y'all that at 5pm on Sunday, Fusion Youth Radio would be on. I lied, but this week I tell the truth: this sentence is true I tell ya! Capital T true!
This episode of FYR is on the theme of "Religion." The FYR crew will cover some current events, including the Presidential election and deferred action for undocumented youth, and they'll discuss stories and questions about religion and faith. We'll be hosting a musician for the first time as our featured folk musician Jeremiah from Saxapahaw!

On Sportsrap Sunday at 9pm, we will talk about UNC's great win (or awful loss, depending), question why we never talk about non-revenue sports, and alk about baseball.

Monday at 9 pm on the Outside Track, we have Feltbattery with 'Behold A Golden Throng' (released on Migration Media). Nightlight noise regular and Hillsborough dude Feltbattery (Ben Trueblood) gives us...manipulated found drones: a locust swarm; Spring Peepers from Belline creed; and 'other frogs, crickets or swarms sourced from ponds and ditches of greater Orange Co.transmutes the chaos of his sources into truly ecstatic meditations.

Friday, November 9, 2012
This Week on WXYC

Tonight at 9pm on the Inside Track, check out Nathan Bowles with A Bottle, A Buckeye (on Soft Abuse). Debut solo banjo album from Southwest VA resident Bowles, best known around here as a member of the Black Twig Pickers, Pelt, and Pigeons. Playing mostly clawhammer-style, he mixes old-time tunes and more "American Primitive"-leaning pieces.
At 10am on Sunday for the OCS, James F will be playing an eclectic mix of traditional and neo-traditional music. It could go anywhere, but you can count on hearing this:

Then tune in at 1pm for Hell or High Water, where all music comes directly from the Southern Folklife collection in Wilson Library. If that's not avant enough 4 u, tune in at 2pm for Broken Music, one of the most eclectic, experimental shows you'll find.
Sunday at 5 on Fusion Youth Radio, we will focus on the theme of "Religion." The FYR crew will cover some current events, including the Presidential election and deferred action for undocumented youth, and they'll discuss stories and questions about religion and faith. We'll be hosting a musician for the first time as our featured artist, Jeremiah, a folk singer from Saxapahaw!
Sunday at 8 on the Backyard BBQ, get ready for some football. Wait, no. Metal. Get ready for some metal! On November 18th there will be a sweet triple bill at CHUG as part of the live BBQ sponsored by WXYC, featuring Caltrop, Black Skies and Fin Fang Foom. Tune in nowsabout to hear all three of these wonderful area bands.
At 9 pm, this week's sportsrap delves into one of the more important topics of the year: Basketball. The panel will run the four corners and preview this year's Tar Heel basketball team, where they stack up amongst the ACC and national picture, analysis of this weekend's games and much more. The crew also breaks down this weekend's football game against Georgia Tech as well. All that and more on the sportsrap.
Keep on keeping on from 10 to midnight as the NSE featuring TJ and Bo Fader goes into spacey, bass-y territories. Two hours of live-mixed electronic? Bwup bwup!
At Monday at 9pm on the Outside Track, we got Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex with Y'Anbessaw Tezeta (on Terp). Great set of live recordings in Addis that feature Ethiopian saxophone living legend Mekuria and Dutch multi-cultural anarchist rockers The Ex, resulting in a striking amalgam of avant-rock, free jazz and traditional Ethiopian music

Friday, October 26, 2012
This Week on WXYC (2001: A Space Odyssey Edition)

What if we partied like it was the turn of the millennium? Would you want it that way? Tell me why!!
I bring up my penchant for the Backstreet Boys (They're back, alright?) not because no-shame November is just around the corner, but instead because WXYC is hosting the 00's dance TONIGHT at 9:30 pm at Chapel Hill Underground (CHUG) on E Rosemary St. You should really dance to our tunes.
Speaking of tunes, dancing, CHUG and you, on Sunday we are hosting our monthly Backyard BBQ LIVE at CHUG. Food at 5 and music at 6. This month's bands are Toddlers and Waumiss. Local Pride, yo!
And now that we have the WXYC music-related news out of the way, onto the music-related WXYC news:
Tonight at 9pm on the Inside Track, check out the new Vampisoul compilation entitled Cumbia Beat Volume 2. More Peruvian cumbias from the 60s-80s, which blend traditional melodies with rock instrumentation and psychedelic surf influences. For fans of the excellent Roots of Chicha comps.
This Sunday's Broken Music features French avant garde collective Un Drame Musical Instantané. Formed in 1976 by Jean-Jacques Birgé, Bernard Vitet, and Francis Gorgé, the group trod the line between composition and improvisation, performing new scores to silent films and building works for larger orchestras. Their performances often relied on the juxtaposition of acoustic and electronic elements, as well as homemade instruments built by Vitet, an experience the group described as "blind cinema". Show starts at 2pm.
A special night for SportsRap, as this Sunday marks the return of the NBA Preview show. Picking up were they left off in June, the panel will preview the contenders, give predictions and discuss anything NBA-related that they stray upon (and most likely, the 76ers). But before the panel gets to the NBA, they'll also discuss the outcome to the UNC-NCSU football game this Saturday, complete with analysis and quotes. All that and more this Sunday on the SportsRap. Tune in at 9pm. 
Stay tuned at 10 for the NSE when Philip R and Steph R are hosting NSE this Sunday, playing bass n uk garage like they like to do.
Then Monday at 9pm on the Outside Track, prepare to get spooked for Evan's Halloween show, kickin' off with the self-titled Safiyya rekease on Kelippah. 
Safiyya is a recent collaboration by NYC noise maker Pat Murano (NNCK, Decimus, K-Salvatore) and Oklahoma experimental electronics guru Brad Rose (North Sea, Altar Eagle) and it is totally zany but really neat synth-noise experiments a la Demdike Stare, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Keith Fullerton Whitman).
Don't forget to vote,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
2000s Decade Dance!

WXYC 2000s Dance - THIS FRIDAY!!! 
@ Chapel Hill Underground located on Rosemary Street 
18+, $5 

Friday, October 19, 2012
This Week on WXYC

It's fall break. UNLESS YOU'RE A DJ.


Tonight on the Inside Track check out the new Josephine Foster album called Blood Rushing on Fire. It shows a little bit of the Spanish influence of her work with husband Victor Herrero (who plays guitar here), but is more like the psychedelic folk-rock of All The Leaves Are Gone. 


It's the Orange Canine Special this Sunday at 10am as Andy presents a selection of traditional music, folk songs and stories, blues growlers, and more, all related to man's best friend.  
As if that wasn't enough, at 1p on Hell or High Water, Richard will examine the life and works of Nancy Holloway, a Cleveland-born soul singer who, after finding moderate success in the late 40s and early 50s in New York, the legend has it that she committed a crime involving her then boyfriend and fled to Paris, where she performed and recorded prolifically through the 50s, 60s and early 70s (becoming quite successful, among other things, by covering popular American/British songs in French). We will listen from 1-2pm to both her American and French recorded output. 
Don't break your routine, break music instead. At 2p on Broken Music tune in for the entirety of a newly reissued cassette released originally in 1983 that finds Throbbing Gristle front man Genesis P-Orridge collaborating with then TG roadie Daniel Landin i.e. Stan Bingo. What's History, two long percussion-heavy pure weirdness/noise collage jams, was only available via a small stock of privately released tapes until last month when Brooklyn imprint Dais Records remastered and reissued these truly weird home recordings which actually were the first releases of P-Orridge's under his name. 
Then at 10pm on the NSE, Atar S will bring us a two-hour dreamy house mix with some Ibiza lounge. She tells me this as if I know what that means, but I know I'll be listening!
On Monday at 9p, tune in for the Outside Track we have Peter Brotzmann & Jason Adasiewicz with the new release Going All Fancy on Eremite. Going All Fancy is an excellent set of duets from Ayler-esque German reed-man Brotzmann and Chicago based vibraphonist Adasiewicz. Adasiewicz alternates between Gamelan-style clanging and gentle, dreamy vibes atmospheres as a backdrop for Brotzmann's emotive improvisations.
Finally, Wednesday at 9 it's the Global Music Show. Pierce Freelon and DJ Apple Juice Kid will be on air talking about their Carolina to the Congo project: so tune in and check it out!

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