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Sunday, July 7, 2013
This Week In WXYC

WXYC had a pretty wyld 4th of July.  How was yours?  Ease off of this holiday week with a few days of cool programming at WXYC.  Check out what’s coming up:

Friday night at 9 PM on the Inside track we're excited to present Immaterial Visions, the recently-released 2nd LP from The KVB. The KVB are UK sorcerers Klaus Von Barrel and Kat Day, who combine shoegaze guitar, minimal synth, pulsing drum machines, and gauzy vocals in a sticky stew of dancefloor darkness.
James F returns on Hell or High Water at 2 pm as he presents more archival radio broadcasts from WPAQ-Mt Airy's "Merry-Go-Round", a live radio show that featured (and continues to feature) some of the best old time and bluegrass musicians from Surry County and surrounding areas.
This Sunday's Broken Music at 2 PM will be the first part of a two week examination of the works of Dutch sound artist Felix Hess. Born in The Hague in 1941, Hess studied and worked as a nuclear physicist for almost 20 years until a lifelong interest in the interplay between natural communication systems and analytic codes blossomed into an almost 30-year career of both musical pieces and sound installations. In his work Hess creates semi-autonomous sound recording devices to capture 'natural' communication sources as disparate as air pressure fluctuations from a geyser, rushing water and frog calls and then processes them electronically (similar to the works of, among others, Rolf Julius and Akio Suzuki). This week's show will focus on Hess's earliest recordings as he was turning his full attention towards his musical endeavors. 
This week on Sunday at 8 PM Harrison will be hosting the Carrboro- based musician Ezekiel Graves on The Backyard BBQ.  Zeke has been closely involved with local music in a variety of contexts for many years. In the early 2000s he was one of the core members of the Carrboro based experimental post- punk band, Cold Sides. After that he spearheaded a "dubwise electro" project called Datahata. Today he focuses on an american primitive, folk, and old time project, and this is the kind of music he will perform on the show. He has also become an accomplished banjo- maker which should make for some interesting interview material.
Catch up with Sports Rap right after at 9 PM for a recap of the biggest news in sports last week.  Tune in to welcome the new Sports Rap coordinator, Reilly F
9 PM Monday night on the Outside Track we are throwing a welcome back party for Colleen (Cécile Schott.) The Weighing of the Heart is Colleen's 4th album, her first after a 6 year hiatus. She has returned with her guitar, clarinet, piano, toy gamelan, frame drum, voice (for the first time!), and an array of other instruments to deliver compositions at once restrained and lush.  Tune in!

Monday, July 1, 2013
This Week in WXYC

Celebrate this 4th of July week with a fun week of radio at WXYC!  Check it out:
Friday nights are always better with the Inside Track at 9 PM.  This week, check out “Enormous Door,” the first new full-length in 3 years by Dutch punk band/best band on earth, The Ex, here with an all-brass cross-continental quartet including noisy-jazz all-stars Mats Gustafsson and Ken Vandermark. 
Hell Or High Water returns this week on Sunday at 1 PM with DJ Blanche.  Blanche is digging deep into Wilson Library’s Southern Folklife Collection to present field recordings of various blues musicians collected in Florida in 1935.  Tune in!
This week on Broken Music join Grant B at 2 PM on Sunday as we explore a couple fantastic pieces by German composer Jakob Ullmann.  These quiet and extremely beautiful live performances were recently released on a collection entitled “Fremde Zeit Addendum.”  Each piece is an exercise of sorts in hearing music.  The pieces move extremely slowly but at a tenuously perceivable pace as tones expose themselves from a distinct sound space, forcing the listener into a very peculiar listening situation of heightened attentiveness if they wish to hear the piece at all.  Hearing one of these pieces is like learning how to listen to music again.  Tune in!
Support local music!  This week on Sunday at 8 PM on the Backyard BBQ, Harrison offers you an hour of radio featuring the music of artists from Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas. 
How high can you throw a ball?  Is LeBron a nice guy?  What’s an NBA draft?  These questions and more answered this week on Sports Rap.  Sunday night a 9 PM.
The Outside Track is Monday at 9 PM.  Turn on your radio to hear “Secret Rhythms 5” from Friedman & Liebezeit.  Friedman (of Nine Horses, Flanger, and Nonplace Urban Field) and legendary percussionist Jaki Liebezeit (can, drums off chaos) are on an array of archaic metal and non-standard-drum-kits and the technique is super precise with Friedman laying some synth on top. like an aw3somer age of empires soundrack in a good way.
This Wednesday tune in to Should Does Does Radio for a dip into that refreshing cesspool we like to call the arts. This week's subjects will include art, the cinema, cinema as art and vice versa!

Friday, May 17, 2013
This Week in WXYC

Hey friends of WXYC, EXCITING week in radio coming up.  Look:
Tune in tonight at 9 pm to hear the Inside track.  This week features the 5th solo album from Cul-de-Sac-guitarist-turned-John-Fahey-disciple Gleen Jones, a tribute to the state of New Jersey. Contemplative acoustic guitar and banjo compositions demonstrate Jones's knack for inventive melodies, the Baird Sisters provide accompaniment on a couple of tracks. 
This Sunday at 2 pm on Broken Music, JJ L will be playing the new ErstEAU release by Anne Guthrie and Richard Kamerman, entitled 'Sinter.' Sinter is billed as, 'an assembly of field recordings, domestic recordings, composition, improvisation, and processing.' Rather than result in some new sound that blends all of these approaches and techniques together, each of these sounds remains distinctly recognizable, which is in itself an unrecognizable feeling! The only bummer is, unlike Guthrie's releases, there is no French Horn here. 
On this week's Sportsrap, the panel discusses the decision of Andrew Wiggins college selection and take a quick look at the Heels of next year. Also on tap, breakdown of the NBA playoffs and the conference finals, as well as a series recap, CWS preview of the Diamond Heels as they finish up their great season. All that & more, on a special Sportsrap.
On Monday the Outside Track returns Survival s/t (Thrill Jockey)Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of Liturgy (guitarist) teams up with former members of Birthday Boy and Collin Marston of Dysrhythmia provides the recording. The result, predictably, is a very math-y, disorienting metal album with hypnotic chanting vocals. Buuuttt it's not as in-your-face or completely-out-there as some of these names might lead you to believe. Instead, it is a really engaging listen even for non-metal-heads!
Should Does Does Radio kicks off its summer series this Wednesday from 9 to 10 PM.  Should Does is an online literary and arts magazines that publishes the creative works on its staff and other community members.  They are continuing their fun on the radio from the month of April with a 1 hour show every other week that will include more variety than you are ready for.  Tune in for lovely readings, interviews, jokes, audio pieces, and whatever these creative folks have cooked up for the week. 
On Thursday tune in from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM to hear a special live set and interview with Chuck Johnson, guitar player from Oakland, California who fits in nicely with the American Primitivism school of playing.  It’ll be an extremely pleasant listening experience!
This week on the Thursday Night Feature: Sounds of Japanese Religions. We will listen to Zen Buddhist chants, "Court" music in a True Pure Land ceremony, and travel with pilgrims in Shikoku. These samplings come from sound recordings done by Wilson Sayre during her year spent living there in monastic environments. We will also hear interviews with a musicologist whose research focuses on Buddhist chants and a documentary film maker who spent time with Shugendo mountain ascetics. There will be a bit of background information on what you are listening to as well as some different perspectives on how to listen to it.

Friday, May 10, 2013
This Week in WXYC

Hello friends of WXYC, meet your new weekly updater, Grant B.  The name may have changed but the love for sports is still the same, let’s see what’s coming up this week…
From 9-10 Friday night you can hear the Inside Track.  Tune in for Savages’ new release Silence Yourself out on Matardor.  This is the debut album from a UK post-punk, all-female quartet that is known for putting on a pretty intense live show and sites Black Sabbath as an influence because they are so heavy and confrontational, and believes that their music follows suit in a way that is not inherently gendered. Their bass recalls Joy Division and their guitars are somewhere between Gang of Four and Les Savy Fav with a budget. 
Don’t forget to tune into NSE from 10-12 PM Friday Night when DJ Robert Thomas Patton Williams celebrates his trochaic quadrameter name with a night of acid house.   
Tune in on Sunday for 4 hours of James F!  Starting with three hours of music from our OCS section, James F will then move into Hell or High Water and air archival radio broadcasts from WPAQ-Mt Airy's "Merry-Go-Round", a live radio show that featured (and continues to feature) some of the best old time and bluegrass musicians from Surry County and surrounding areas.
Next up on Sunday comes Broken Music.  DJ Grant Bisher will present a brand new release from James Rushford and Joe Talia entitled “Manhunter” out on Kye.  A quick blurb about the album from the web to get you excited: “an ebbing two-part suite for waning greyscale electronics, dehumanized drum machine, amorphous vocal fragments, and sundry devices, woven together in a fabric of despair.” To round off the hour we will hear the first part of another new release from Kye label owner Graham Lambkin and eai superhero Keith Rowe entitled “Making A.”  This record is out on Erstwhile and does briefly feature the Indigo Girls.  Tune in!
Then on Monday, tune in to the “Outside Track” for a new knock-your-socks-off release from New York composer/improviser Jeremiah Cymerman entitled “Sky Burial.”  This is the first release of Cymerman’s “Amplified Quartet,” a improvisation ultra-group composed of hard-to-define jazzman Matt Bauder, trumpet-deconstructer Nate Wooley, jazz-genius Peter Evans, and Cymerman himself.  With the creative possibilities of the combination of traditional jazz instruments and electronics in mind, listeners can look forward to some earthshattering bass tones, undefinable squeaks and squeals, and extremely in-depth explorations of the boundaries of the performer’s instruments.  Bring your nicest headphones!!!
Certainly don’t forget about next week's Thursday Night Feature, which will be devoted to artists who are playing SavageWeekend fest this coming weekend at Nightlight in Chapel Hill. Savage Weekend is a two-day festival featuring over 70 underground U.S. acts in back-to-back, non-overlapping sets that operate in the hard to define spaces of noise, techno, performance, pop, and various hard-to-define strains of sound. We will be hearing tracks from Unicorn Hard-On, Haves & Thirds, Russian Tsarlag, Form A Log, Sam V, Toe Ring, VVAQRT, S.P.Q.R., i_like_dog_face, Humanbeast, Housefire, Farewell My Concubine, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Andrea Pensado, and more. "

Friday, April 19, 2013
This Week in WXYC


Did you like the 4/20 TNF last night? Turns out that amethyst is neither stone nor metal...IT'S A MINERAL. Now, onto this week in programming:
Tonight at 9pm on the Inside Track tune in to hear a new Sublime Frequencies compilation called "Ethnic Minority Music of Southern China". The collection features folk musicians from Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces recorded by Laurent Jeanneau between 2006-2012.
Then stay tuned at 10pm on the NSE as Donovan pumps out two hours of dirty bass and heavy beats. 

This week on Hell or High Water, Sunday at 1pm, Kiever H will be focusing on the music of the Blue Sky Boys. Consisting of Hickory, NC raised brothers Bill and Earl Bolick, the Blue Sky Boys ooze authenticity and were doing the whole brother duet thing before others, like the Louvin Bros. Deriving their name from Western North Carolina's nickname, the "Land of the Blue Sky," one can hear the mountainous influences in their musicianship. Retiring from the game in the 1950s when refusing to adopt the modern sounds of Country, with its electric and honkeytonk-esc sounds, these fellas are to be respected as setting the groundwork for a new era of Country.   

Sunday at 2pm, Broken Music this week features electronic music composer Maggi Payne. Active since the 1970's, Payne's childhood interest in the flute has cast a strong influence on the layered, harmonic-laden nature of her electronic works for analog and digital synthesizer, Apple II computer, and early sampling devices. Her long-standing collaborative relationship with video artist Ed Tannenbaum has given way to a prolific catalog of works. Payne is a graduate of Mills College's electronic music and recording media program and currently acts as co-director of the school's Center for Contemporary Music. 
Then at 5pm on WXYC Reports, tune in for an hour dedicated to this week's segment: Social Media and Dating: Dispatches from the wild world of the internet as we explore some of the most salient forms on online dating and romance, including Second LIfe, Grindrrr, OKCupid, and Craigslist Missed connections. Don't Miss out!
I miss college basketball, but this week on SportsRap, even with the semester coming to a close, SportsRap pushes on. Following some good news this week, the group analyzes the return of PJ/JMM and what it means for the Tar Heels upcoming season. The panel also previews the upcoming NFL draft, review the first month of MLB highlights, recap the #1 Diamond Heels match-up with dook, while breaking down the NBA playoffs. All that and more on the Sportsrap.

Then, Sunday at 10 on Should Does Does Radio, It may be the 21st of April, but there’s still plenty of time to turn on your radio, tune to 89.3 FM, and drop out! Expand your literary consciousness from 10-12 PM with the help of Chapel Hill-area literary magazine Should Does. Great works of art will be discussed, and maybe a few great works of art will even be created on the spot. Listen to it, man. All the cool kids are doing it.

Finally, Monday at 9pm, the Outside Track is "Duets with Tyshawn Sorey & special Guest Hugh Ragin", out on Wild Hive, and it is the latest from Chicago avant-garde jazz legend Roscoe Mitchell, who co-founded the AACM and Art Ensemble of Chicago.  Sorey's percussion and Ragin's trumpet playing complement the 72-year-old Mitchell's challenging saxophone explorations.

Friday, April 12, 2013
This Week in WXYC: Kickball Edition

Did you know that, for seventeen years before UNC even had a radio station, WXYC was an organization devoted entirely to kickball? Well, it's not true, but once a year, your hometown heroes travel down tobacco trail and battle the WXDU DJs in the annual no-shame show-down known as the WXYC/WXDU kickball match. We will be taking most of this week to prepare for the match, but maybe just maybe we will have a few specialty shows in between kicking drills. If we were to have these shows, they would be:
Tonight, on the Inside Track, tune in to hear "Haw", the newest album from Durham folk-rock-country-boogie outfit Hiss Golden Messenger, out on the local Paradise of Bachelors label. Songwriter MC Taylor is joined by an all-star group that includes William Tyler, Phil Cook (Megafaun) and Nathan Bowles (Black Twig Kickballers/Pelt), as well as longtime HGM collaborators Terry Lonergan, Scott Hirsch and more. An instant classic, just in time for spring.

Then, stay on first base for the NSE at 10pm. DJ Yugen will be hosting Kid Kameleon + Tinker and bringing us 2 hours of dubstep, trap, burner and aggressive bass.
HOME RUN. This week on Heel Or High Water Sunday at 1pm, Gina B will be playing the 1999 release Iguana Iguana by Reptile Palace Orchestra.  Don't let your past experience with acoustic international folkdance bands bias you against these dudes!  Featuring Sigtryggur Baldursson of The Sugarcubes (co-founded by Bjork), a Brian Eno cover, a doumbek, cello, accordion and more, this album is a pleasant reminder that world fusion music doesn't have to be excruciating.  Although, a caveat, an appreciation for camp is required for some of these songs and no one would ever call this album understated. 
FOUL BALL! On Broken Music Sunday at 2pm,, we will enjoy the works of composer Philip Perkins. Among the few American practicioners of musique concrete, Perkins works largely with location recordings, urban and rural alike, introducing an imaginative array of processing. In addition to his work in experimental music, Perkins is a prominent sound engineer, often providing his sound effect design for film projects.
With college basketball season coming to a close this week, Sportsrap returns Sunday at 8pm kickball with a slew of topics including college basketball (recapping this week's title game, kickball, as well as players leaving early, and what it means to the Heels/ncaa), NBA playoff kickball push, Kickball, the Masters, and a little kickball bit of baseball (MLB opening weeks & the Diamond Heels' kickball team). Be sure to tune in. KICKBALL!
On the Outside Track, tune in Monday at 9 to hear Israel Martinez with 'The Minutes' out on Aagoo. The 5th full-length from Mexican sound-and-installation artist Israel Martinez features processed field recordings from across his native country - birdsong playing alongside what sounds like an engine failing to start, cafe chatter awash in glacial tones in digital hiss.
Then, finally, Thursday night at 9pm on the Thursday Night Feature, looks like 4/20 came a little bit early this year. Myself, Madeline M and maybe a few other members of the WXYC Kickball Team will be bringing you three hours of stoner rock, stoner metal, and a special segment called 'stone or metal?' hosted by resident geologist Kevin Q. And in honor of the recent announcement that SLEEP will be playing Hopscotch this year, I think I just might play all of Dopesmoker. So follow the riff to the promised land, order a couple pan-pizzas and tune in to zone out.

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