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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WXYC is hiring new DJs for Spring 2014! No prior experience is necessary. All UNC students are welcome to apply.

WXYC is comprised of around 100 active student DJs a semester and boast over 70,000 pieces of music within the station library.The station broadcasts live from the UNC Frank Porter Graham Student Union 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. WXYC is credited with the first internet radio broadcast in the world. 

We are looking for students with an interest in a variety of musical genres who are willing to explore new music and expand their tastes.

We will be holding an interest meeting on Tuesday the 14th in room 3408 in the Union at 6:00 pm. At the interest meeting we will discuss basic info about the station, our mission and what we expect from new DJs. You will also get an application and sign up for a short, 10 minute interview time.

We'll also be holding two open houses before the interest meeting at 5:00 p.m. on Monday the 13th and 5:00 p.m. Tuesday the 14th. Head to the back of the third floor of the Union to get a tour of the station and have any of your questions answered.

If you can't make the meeting but are still interested in applying, or if you have any other questions, please contact us at:

Friday, January 3, 2014
This Week In WXYC

Happy New Year! 2014! Wow! Truly incredible! The radio:

Tune in at 9 PM tonight to hear the Inside Track with a new release from White Manna called Dune Worship out on Holy Mountain.  Dune Worship is the second album by this California psych-rock group. It's made up of six extended, fuzzed-out guitar jams, and as its title suggests it can feel like a trip through the desert- inducing either reverence or overheated discomfort in turn. With song titles like "Transformation" and "Ascension" and lyrics like "the truth is in your mind," White Manna are aiming to emulate a transcendent mental experience.  Check it out!
Tune in tonight at 10pm to the New Science Experience to hear in-house DJ HI MOM and friend DJ Gray Area return to NSE and become 2014's first new scientists.  They will attempt to do a conducive mix together -- the show is a small step in their plan of seizing the Chapel Hill club scene.
This week on The Orange County Special (Sunday 10am to 1pm) we'll be giving away a pair of tix for each of two upcoming ArtsCenter shows:  Sparky & Rhonda Rucker on Sunday the 12th, and Chris Brashear, with Cliff Hale, Alice Gerrard, and Jim Watson on Friday the 24th.  For full details on these, and other ArtsCenter events and happenings, go to or call 919-929-ARTS.
This week on Hell Or High Water, Gina B will be playing music from The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.  Most of the hour will be filled with songs from their 1959 Tradition Records release Come Fill Your Glass With Us: Irish Songs of Drinking and Blackguarding.  "As indicated by the title, Come Fill Your Glass with Us is a virtual soundtrack of Irish pub life, perfectly evoking the hard-drinking, late-night atmosphere; songs include such traditional classics as 'Whisky You're the Devil,' 'Finnegan's Wake,' 'The Parting Glass' and 'A Jug of Punch'" (AllMusic).  Whether you're interested in traditional Irish music, or interested in an excuse to start drinking in the early afternoon, tune in on Sunday at 1pm!

The first Sports Rap of the year will mostly be about (Sports) New Year's Resolutions, reflecting on the UNC football season, the start of ACC conference play for the men's basketball team, and the UNC men's basketball team playing against the Wake Forest men's basketball team. Listen live from 9-10PM.  Use the internet to participate (@dunksbutts). Never fake the funk!
Monday features The Outside Track.  This week turn on the radio for a new release from Ant Parade/No Milk on the local Carrboro record label Hot Releases.Tampa’s Brigid Ochshorn recorded first as Ant Parade and then/now as No Milk, both analog solo projects featuring an honest voice, synth manipulations, occasional guitar loops and some perfectly placed drum machines. But that sentence makes these two projects sound more similar than is fair. Instead, label-boss Ryan Martin has perfectly sequenced these ten never-before-pressed-to-vinyl gems in a way that charts Orchshorn’s shift (don’t call it an evolution!) from murky and overtly experimental beginnings on the A-side to more direct, brutally crisp outsider pop on the B-side. Even the way she uses/records her voice marks an incredible shift in style. This is the real deal, easily one of the most touching collections of songs we have heard this year.
Big news!!! The results are in! WXYC's Best of 2013 airs this Thursday, nine to midnight. Join Ryan Simmons and cohorts as they count down to midnight and the revelation of 2013's best, as voted upon by our very own deejays and calculated on assorted fancy machinery hidden inside our invisible zeppelin and released only upon the airship's landing. 2013 <3


Monday, December 16, 2013
This Week In WXYC

Happy holidays, loyal listeners.  Most of us here at WXYC are stretching our limbs in preparation for the coming time off and familial encounters.  We’re no doubt excited, so let’s see what the radio will sound like during this time…
We are constantly surrounded by objects and phenomena from the realm of death. Nonetheless, tune in at 9 pm on Friday to catch a soothing, wintry Inside Track: Last Light by New York-based musician and painter Tor Lundvall. Originally released in 2004, this out-of-print record was recently reissued by Dais records as part of a box set of Lundvall's work. In his music as in his painting, there's a sense of melancholic expanses. Piano chords and Lundvall’s own siren vocals drift across postindustrial sprawl, describing it in a way that seems to find, in the decay and petrification, a kind of wabi-sabi beauty.
This week on the New Science Experience Jeremy will be spinning records with friend and local act DJ Grey Area.  Tune in at 10 for two hours of hot cross genre dance madness.
This week on Hell Or High Water, Gina B will be playing selections from Down in the Basement, Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove of Vintage 78s, 1926-1937. Released in 2003 by Old Hat Records, this compilation features some of veteran record collector and DJ Joe Bussard's favorite jazz, blues, country and folk selections from the mid-twenties to mid-thirties.  If you've been planning on getting into pre-swing music but never seem to have the time, this is the hour of radio for you!!  Tune in from 1pm-2pm on Sunday.
This Sunday's Broken Music will feature in its entirety a recent recording entitled Amsterdam (Memory Space) from the new European electroacoustic improvisational ensemble MAZE, an outfit whose aim is to perform modern interpretations of older avant-garde pieces. Here they recreate a 1970 concept piece by revered composer Alvin Lucier which finds them going out into the outdoors environment around them (in this case the Dutch town of Hilversum), recording the songs of these outdoor spaces and then creating a facsimile of the noises they heard outside in a small indoor space, utilizing only their voices and instruments to recreate the sounds while relying only on their memories and recordings. Tune in at 2 PM.
This month Fusion Youth Radio will be doing a show on art! The high school students will be discussing: What is art and who decides? How does art function in our own lives?  All the feels. It will be great, you should listen. Sunday at 5 PM!
Local music! Thought the triangle was a paradise for only indie rock music?  Well you’re only 80% right!  Tune in at 8 PM to join Lincoln on the Backyard BBQ in exploring the variety of sounds that emanate from our lovely town. 
They will not be faking the funk on this week's Sports Rap! The whole crew (and some friends) will be there at 9 PM Sunday night to recap the game of the weekend: UNC men's basketball team vs. UK men's basketball team! And for the first time ever, all of the hosts will have attended the game! That, plus Chapel Hill's big contributions to the anti-NCAA movement, plus more. @dunksbutts! 

Leave your radio set on for the Outside Track this Monday at 9 pm, when you'll hear a special radio treat: 920518 by Psychic Rally. Originally broadcast on 05/18/1992 on Zurich, Switzerland's Radio LoRa, this hour-plus-long, magical punk/industrial, improvisational radio theater features "a full orchestra of everyday instruments and sound machines - kitchen utensils, audio cassette recordings, turntables, manipulated and altered records, ... bird song recordings, commentary on early space flights, radio excerpts, children’s voices, Swiss yodeling, German Schlager [a kind of slick folk rock], and beer tent music overlaid with live screaming, talking, or street noise...”

This week the Thursday Night Feature is a double feature!  NanciO Is Hip Hop presents the fourth annual Hip Hop & Soul Holiday Show from 8 to 10 PM, followed by host Gwen B’s selection of Christmas music favorites, including songs and readings, 10 PM ‘til midnight. 

Friday, December 6, 2013
This Week In WXYC

UNC students might expect me to say something about finals week!  Well!  Check out what we have going on this week!

Turn your radios on Friday night at 9 PM for the Inside Track to hear Isabelle Gunn with a new release, Discographia 82-87. Isabelle Gunn is another project of prolific local leather-clad analog synth aficionado Philip Maier (Sagan Youth, VVAQRT, Lack, A.C.E., Pap Smear Teens...), This release is the final statement of his time with this particular moniker, which, over a two year stretch of recording and odd live presentations, evolved from cassette sourced loop processing/decomposition (via space echo, other analog delay) to poetry read atop stark minimal synth(pop) compositions, with more ambient or industrial-leaning hardware explorations in between.
Tonight the New Science Experience is hosting local DJs Mike D, Yugen, and Leafy Greens for two hours of excellent live DJing. They'll be previewing what's going down during their ACTUAL DANCING party at Nightlight tomorrow night. Expect glorious house tunes that'll get your blood pumping and booties shaking. 

Tune is at 1 PM for Hell or High Water! This week DJ Lon will be exploring British and American bloody ballads. Traditional ballads tell a narrative and are short due to originally being written and sold only on one page. DJ Lon will be focusing on the lyrical and poetic aspects of these murderous ballads as well as the history of the emergence of bloody ballads. While many of them follow similar storyline patterns, some set themselves apart by ending with especially gruesome scenes. Take a study break and find out that there are worse ways to die than death by finals.
This Sunday, Broken Music marches on in its survey of text-sound composition from Sweden with an hour of works by Bengt Emil Johnson. Like many of his peers, Johnson initially was a poet, crafting semantic experiments, and turned to tape as a composition device. He soon became involved with the Fylkingen group, and along with Lars-Gunnar Bodin began producing works for Swedish radio. Johnson continued writing poetry and producing sound works well into his later years. Tune in at 2pm.
Howdy folks- buckle your seat-belts because this week WXYC Reports is breaking its own rules and taking you along for the ride. This month, we're air-ing our show on the second Sunday (instead of the fourth), and on top of that, we don't have a central theme. Consider it the potluck of radio hours. Topics range from a mysterious death, to dogs, to media representations. And you can hear it this Sunday from 5-6pm!
Local Music with a smile on the Backyard BBQ, this Sunday at 8 PM.  Join your host Lincoln for some the deepest and most memorable cuts from the local music pantheon that is Chapel Hill.  Beautiful!
This Sunday at 9 PM, tune in for the world’s only sports talk show hosted by an artist (citation needed), Sports Rap.  This week, UNC beat Michigan State in basketball.  Don’t know why that’s significant?  Me neither! Tune in and find out!

Monday’s got the Outside Track at 9 PM. This week: Suzuki Junzo - SINGS II …Sings II is the sixth solo full-length release by Japanese psychedelic, noise, and blues guitarist and vocalist, Suzuki Junzo.  Junzo is a member of several Japanese bands like 20 guilders and Miminokoto. He has been identified as part of the Acid Mothers Temple’s extended family, and their guitarist, Kawabata Makoto plays on tracks 3, 10, and 11. Junzo grew up listening to Bluesmen like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, and John Lee Hooker. He loosely describes his sound as a type of blues and folk music that tries to bend and break conventions.

Sunday, November 17, 2013
This Week In WXYC

Drop in tonight, Friday 9pm, for the Inside Track to hear Daniel Bachman's newest LP, Jesus I'm A Sinner: the follow up to last year's acclaimed 'Seven Pines'. It was recorded in Rappahannock County Virginia at Forrest Marquisee's studio inside his father's woodshop in May of 2013 after spending 8 months on the road.
Tonight's NEW SCIENCE EXPERIENCE will feature local house music makers ARCHAELI. They'll be spinning some tunes from 10-11pm then they're pulling out their gear and playing live until midnight. Check it out for some serious tuneage!!!!
This week on Hell Or Hell Water Gina B will be playing a compilation of classic blues from the late 20s to the early 40s.  "The 78s preserved here are excellent examples of the form. Masters such as Mead Lux Lewis and Pine Top Smith tickle the ivories with amazing dexterity."  Tune in at 1pm on Sunday for some honky tonk, boogie woogie, and hip shakin' struttin'!
This Sunday's Broken Music will focus on a great new collection of previously hard-to-find recordings of the seminal Greek composer Michael Adamis. Born in 1929, Adamis is one of the most important Greek composers/musique-concrete artists of the 20th Century whose early career focused on attempting to reconcile traditional Byzantine musical traditions with contemporary 'Western' composition techniques. Tune in from 2-3pm as we explore the criminally underexposed electroacoustic recordings of Adamis's early works. 
This Sunday from 5 to 6, tune in to Fusion Youth Radio! This month the high school students of FYR will be discussing North Carolina Politics. We will be sharing some short audio docs in addition to live discussion on Voter ID, Moral Mondays, Healthcare in NC, and other hot topics. There will also be a live interview with poet and FYR member, Brantise.
On this week's Sports Rap expect a lot of friends and a lot of college basketball talk.  Questions might include: who's the best freshman in the country, what teams have the best chance at a national championship, what can UNC expect, and as always, who am I? Listen live (Sunday 9-10PM) to participate! (@dunksbutts)
This week on Should Does Does Radio, we're hosting the editors of Siren, the newly reinstated student-produced feminist magazine. We'll be talking about the process of bringing it back, and have readings galore! 
On the Outside Track on Monday at 9pm you'll hear the sounds of William Onyeabor on Luaka Bop's recent compilation of his work, Who Is William Onyeabor? They've collected nine of Onyeabor's tracks recorded from 1977 to 1983. Onyeabor quit music permanently after becoming a born-again Christian, but before he did he released a lot of sunny, synth-heavy Afro-funk in a style similar to one of his contemporaries, Francis Bebey.

Friday, November 1, 2013
This Week In WXYC

FRIDAY NIGHT INSIDE TRACK 9 PM. THIS WEEK: Tartit with Imharhan, Live from the Sahara. Live recording from Saharan desert-guitar blues group Tartit along with a track by another group, Imharhan and two awesome electric collabs at the end. The stringed Tehardent, Imzad violin, and West African percussion instrument the Tinde are both played here alongside vocal rounds, for sure, but these pieces of music are a reaction to the droughts and rebellions of the past 50 years, not merely a product of centuries-old tradition. Fans of the guitars from Agadez series will dig the last two tracks, but everything on here is great!
Tune in tonight to the New Science Experience from 10 to Midnight to hear a broadcast of Ital’s live performance last week at the Nightlight!  It was a killer show and will be sure to tear your Friday night to pieces.  Catch opener $tinkworkx as well!  Lovely outsider techno for your evening.
Tune in to The Orange County Special from 10 am to 1 pm on Sunday for a chance to win!  It's the first Sunday of the month, and we've got three pairs of ArtsCenter tickets to give away this week, one for each of these shows:
The Quiet American with Adam Hurt & Beth Hartness (Friday, November 8)
The Tune Tramp Celebration with Erynn Marshall & Friends (Friday November 22)
John Gorka (Saturday, November 23)
For full info about these, and other ArtsCenter shows, go to
Tune in at 1 PM for Hell Or High Water.  This week DJ Kiever will be taking a dive into Wilson Library’s Southern Folklife Collection and dig up some really neat recordings.  Listen in for traditional talk, tunes and friends.
This week on Broken Music from 2-3 PM join me to hear some brand new releases from two women working in the tradition of “musique concrete.”  First, a 40-minute release from Olivia Block entitled Karren.  Karren is an explosion of acousmatic sound, metallic clangs, shredding feedback, creaking doors.  Following this will hear the first ever release from Katie Gately, a young woman from out west who makes a type of “musique concrete pop.”  Maybe a little too poppy for the traditional Broken Music sensibilities, but Gately’s sounds show how seemingly at odds music can function together perfectly.  Check it out!      
Tune into the Backyard BBQ at 8 PM to catch up with your lovely host Lincoln and explore all types of Chapel Hill and greater Triangle music.  Rock! (and more!)
Turn on the radio at 9 PM to hear Sports Rap, the sports show that isn’t afraid to ask “Who am I?”  Basketball, football, tennisball, they’ve got it!  Join Reilly, Sarah and co for some thoughtful and information talk on recent sports activity! 
Tune in on Monday night for Outside Track with the new release from The Necks.  This Australian trio indulges in long-form, repetitive, contemplative jazzy explorations and they are one of the best bands in the world (I mean it).  They’ve been at it for more than 2 decades and Open is just another masterpiece for their catalogue.  Shimmering piano phrases alongside droning, deeply textured percussion alongside devastating one-note statements from an upright bass. 
This week, on Should Does Does Radio, we're talking to storyteller Brian Sturm and then sitting back and enjoying a story. Also up is the next installment of a serial story and a sound collage that's from all over the country, and beyond.  Wednesday night 10-Midnight!

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