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Friday, February 28, 2014
This Week In WXYC

Weird month, huh? When isn’t February weird though? Shortest month, never really learn how to spell it until like 7th or 8th grade, Valentine’s Day. Some very great parts about it too, no doubt, but always a weird one. We will usher in the March with the following cool pieces of radio programming:
Death death death. The Inside Track is back this Friday at 9 PM with a new one from Have A Nice Life, The Unnatural World. Long-awaited sophomore LP for a post-industrial-meets-indie-rock-candy CT-based duo HANL, featuring Dan and Tim of experimental/metal/extreme label Enemies List Home Recordings. It's like a three-dimensional rework of their 2008 debut, "Deathconsciousness," where we still have the overblown drum programming, sing-along-we-just-beat-Duke bro harmonies, and despair guitar feedback churning into Pixies-style riffs out of nowhere. But now everything is more vibrant, resulting in one of the most off-kilter, exciting rock albums of recent memory.
Tonight's New Science Experience features local talent Yugen ( and Lady Fingers ( They'll be spinnin some good vibes from 10pm-12am, check it out!!
Hell Or High Water returns on Sunday at 1 PM. Join DJ Addison H for a lovely selection of music culled from UNC’s Southern Folklife Collection housed in Wilson Library. This hour long show is always a unique treat, so tune in!
Get broken this week on Broken Music. This week, we explore the early works of Somei Satoh, two of which have just been reissued on Edition Omega Point's Obscure Tape Music of Japan series in a volume called 'Echoes.' Somei Satoh is a contemporary Japanese composer, whose work is purposefully uneasily classified. As a self-trained composer, Satoh incorporates influences from Shintoism, traditional Japanese musical forms, and Western thoughts on music. Tune in for a provoking hour of sounds!
It’s the first Sunday of the month which means it’s time for a new installment of Fruit Smoothie, the once monthly interview show with a local artist/practitioner/person. This month, DJ Sinead gives us an inside look at an Eastern tradition from a Western perspective. Tune in to find out more about Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese system that integrates physical posture, breathing techniques, and focused intention for overall wellness.
At 9PM Sunday it's Sports Rap time--tune in for Reilly, Ryan, and pals chatting about the best and the worst of the sporting world. Topics will include: the Charlotte professional basketball team, the NBA playoff picture, UNC's men's basketball team's game versus NC State's men's basketball team, UNC's women's basketball team's game versus Duke's women's basketball team, Jason Collins, Mary Willingham, and more! Listen and participate! @dunksbutts
Tune in Monday for the Outside Track, home of the world famous XYC Burger. Listen in this week for a new release from Carla Bozulich entitled Boy put out by Constellation records. For those familiar with “art-punk heroine” Carla Bozulich’s expansive and commanding body of unsettlingly gorgeous avant-punk under her Evangelista moniker Boy, the third album released under the artist’s own name, offers another example of Bozulich’s command of deconstruction and narrative expression. Bozulich wrote, produced, and mixed the album mostly on her own while working closely with John Eichenseer and recruited drummer Andrea Belfi. Called a “pop” album by Bozulich herself, the atmosphere of industrial, drone-based sounds present in her other work acts as the raw material from which Bozulich has forged 10 sinister dirges that eschew the pleasantries associated with this buzzword genre.
This week Should Does Does Radio is returning to our favorite serial story, discussing what writers' favorite songs say about them, and opening up the phone lines for the second installment of our call-in advice show "You Might As Well Live." Light the fire and tune-in this Wednesday at 9pm!

Friday, February 21, 2014
This Week In WXYC

Heck yeah! We beat Duke! I don't want to say it was 100% XYC's doing...but it's hard to imagine that the presence of our radio signal in the Dean Dome didn't absolutely hamper Duke's ability to play. We put together an absolutely stellar week or programming to celebrate this victory; check it out!

As you was the painted-on UNC blue tuxedo from your skin, tune in at 9 pm Friday (tonight) for The Inside Track, a new album of radio recordings from Sublime Frequencies, Radio Niger. Radio
Niger first broadcast in 1958 and was renamed Voix du Sahel in 1974. The Broadcasting Corporation of Niger State was established in 1979. For decades, it’s been disseminating the folk & pop music, choral ensembles, guitar blues trance, outlaw DJ outbursts, and storytelling of a nation that boasts somewhere between 8 and 20 indigenous languages. In this compilation, recorded on site by Hisham Mayat, you’ll hear RFI and BBC news snippets, DJs singing along, listener shout outs.
Tonight on WXYC's beat-oriented-music-show (that's the New
Science Experience in case ya didn't know) we're featuring two in-house DJs spinnin some tunes JUST4YOU! You'll hear a continuous mix of deep house and disco from DJ Alex B, and some left-field rock and MORE DISCO from DJ Andy S. If you need something to soundtrack getting ready for a night out then Check It Out!
This week on Hell Or High Water, Gina B will be playing selections from a compilation of popular swing music from the mid-thirties to the mid-forties. Artists will (of course) include Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Guy Lombardo, and more. Tune in on Sunday at 1pm!
This Sunday at 2pm, Broken Music is pleased to host an in-studio performance by Greg Stuart & Joe Panzner. The duo is responsible for last year's Dystonia Duos cd on ErstAEU, an assertive and restrained mash of percussion and electronics. Stuart is a South Carolina-based percussionist and frequent collaborator with Michael Pisaro. Panzner is a computer musician and audio engineer operating out of Columbus, OH.
This Sunday, from 5-6pm, tune in to WXYC Reports for a to-be-determined re-run of a past episode! And then, join us again on March 3/23 for our next new episode!
Local tunes at 8 PM Sunday with your host Lincoln S on The Backyard BBQ. Riffs and raffs, jims and jams, bits and beats, a holistic view of music from the Triangle.
Tune in from 9-10PM on Sunday to hear hosts Reilly, Ryan, and Josephine having a ball on Sports Rap--possibly with friends! The crew will likely discuss the following sportopics: the UNC men's basketball team defeating the Duke men's basketball team, Coach K, how-to-dry-a-basketball-court-with-a-towel, NBA trade deadline trades, and more! Slamma Jamma! Listen live and participate @dunksbutts
Lend us yo ears at 9 pm on Monday for The Outside Track, which will feature The Meets' debut LP, It Happens Outside. The Meets is a
band constructed by Johnstown, PA’s Brandon Locher, a 28-year-old artist who recorded with various musicians one at a time as they passed through town, cutting and layering the drums, trumpets, vibraphones, cellos, and field recordings into a slightly lounge yet rather zany jazz album that sounds like if Tortoise was less tight and more fun to hang out with.​
Houston, we have a feature: On this weeks’ Thursday Night Feature, DJ Lorraine B. hosts three hours of space film soundtracks. Leave the SETI radio alone for just a minute or two and tune into WXYC 89.3. Nine to midnight is THE space-time continuum!

Friday, January 31, 2014
This Week In WXYC

Hi everyone! Hope everyone survived our brrr-frigid week and the accompanying snow. Anyway here’s what radio on 89.3 looks like for the next week:
Join us tonight at 9 PM on the Inside Track to get a full listen to the new self-titled release from No Right Turn. This is the first remastered re-release of obscure and amazing prog-folk album by Derbyshire band, No Right Turn. Includes some outstanding synth work and groove-driven original songs mixed with their takes on traditional English folk arrangements. Why wouldn’t you???

On tonight's New Science Experience, DJ One Duran & Lady Fingers will play a mix of house and bass tracks from 10pm to midnight. House producer and DJ Lady Fingers recently relocated to NC from New Orleans, so this will be her first time on the show!

Hell or High Water takes place every Sunday at 1 PM. Tune in and listening to the sounds lovingly culled from Wilson Library’s Southern Folklife Collection by a WXYC DJ. Every week offers extremely unique and rewarding listening.
Tune in at 2pm this Sunday to Broken Music to hear an overview of the works of German composer and cellist Michael von Biel. Born in 1937, von Biel studied with a host of legendary avant-garde figures including Karlheinz Stockhausen, Cornelius Cardew, Joseph Beuys. Their teachings along with his relationships to many seminal Fluxus movement figures helped shape von Biel's long career of creating challenging pieces that straddle both modern and experimental ideals while still staying rooted in classical composition. We will be listening to excerpts from recordings over five decades that will demonstrate his versatility and skill.

In case you didn't know, the 4ruit smoothie is a fairly new monthly interviews show speaking with artists and practitioners doing cool things both within and beyond the faulty confines of the white wall "art world" . WXYC hosts a show the first Sunday of every month from 5-6pm and we are excited to announce that our February 2nd guest will be local performance artist and activist Brittany Chavez ( )! Brittany is a genderqueer transnational artist-scholar-activist based between North Carolina and México, and is currently a core troupe member of the internationally-renowned performance troupe La Pocha Nostra ! as well as a second year Ph.D. student at UNC. The show will also feature a guest interviewer, Latino artist Diego Camposeco, who also writes for UNC's Latino magazine Mezcla. Thanks to Diego, the talk will hopefully include some code-switching, or alternation between Spanish and English in the context of a single conversation which is pertinent to both Chavez's work and our community.
Don’t be stupid! Local music at 8 PM with Backyard BBQ protagonist Lincoln S. Rock, dance, noise, Lincoln’s lovely memories. Join us this week!
Tune in this Sunday at 9 PM for a very special edition of Sports Rap. Our sports buddies out there will note that this show takes place during the Super Bowl, perhaps one of the most significant sporting events in the American year. Due to its significance, our regular hosts Reilly, Josephine and Ryan will be at home consuming that event. In their stead, Grant B and guests will be hosting a one-off series about The Six Major Sports. Please tune in/call in.
Monday Monday Monday: The Outside Track. Don’t buzz off this Monday night as we play a new release from noise group Sissy Spacek. Unfortunately this band does not feature Sissy Spacek, but it does feature underground noise big-name John Wiese. Tune in for some veteran ripping and roaring; it’s been a pleasure!  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
This Week In WXYC

WXYC has recently become 17 DJs stronger. Wake up in the wee hours of the day to welcome these friendly new voices to the airwaves. Very beautiful people. Dang, even more news…our 2000s dance is TONIGHT (Friday the 24th) at Chapel Hill Underground. Stop by! These things are always a blast. Oh, and we do radio, specifically the following:
Who goes out on a Friday night anyways? No, that's not a rhetorical question. There's no reason to do anything other than tune in and drop out Friday night at 9pmfor the Inside Track to hear 'School Daze,' a new re-issue of early 80s gay American porn soundtracks by pioneering electronic musician and composer Patrick Cowley. Maybe that wasn't the best way to describe the album, even if that was the original use for most of the music. Cowley was literally decades ahead of his time, taking influence from contemporary classical composers such as Wendy Carlos as well as the Italo sounds of Giorgio Moroder and merging them into an often beatless wonder at times when such juxtapositions were anything but the norm.
On tonight's New Science Experience local DJ Mike D is bringing the all-vinyl-apocalypse to the stations decks from ten to midnight! Especially tune in if you're thinking of going to Roller Disco Sweat at Wheels Fun Park tomorrow for the appropriate dance immersion.
Hell or High Water this week will be DJ'd by Blanche. Tune in this Sunday from 1 to 2 pm to listen to a variety of children's music---tunes performed both for and by youths. Highlights include: Mississippi Children's Choir, Counting Games and Rhythms for the Little Ones, with Children from Lake Meadows Nursery School, Alerta Sings & Canciones para el Recreo/Children's Songs for the Playground, Children's game songs of French Canada.
Sunday afternoon, Broken Music explores the works of Belgian electroacoustic composer Léo Kupper. While studying musicology in the early 1960s, Kupper took post under Henri Poussuer at the Brussels Apelac electronic music studio, acting as engineer on many of Pousseur's works of the time. Soon thereafter, Kupper founded his own electronic studio in Brussels, the Studio de Recherches et de Structurations Electroniques Auditives. There, he created a number of unique electronic instruments and developed a unique blend of electronic textures combined with the human voice. In the early 1970s, he studied the Persian santur, becoming highly proficient on the instrument and creating a number of works integrating electronics and santur.
Don’t forget about our good buddy Lincoln and the Backyard BBQ. Tune in for a unique and in depth retrospective on everything “local.” Chapel Hill rockers from the college radio heyday to the new noisy beats emanating from the triangle. Every Sunday from 8-9 PM!
Sunday at 9PM the Sports Rap team will be talking about team sports, predicting the Super Bowl, discussing the News & Observer lawsuit, and so much more! Tune in for the only local sports-centric talk show that is sometimes an antisports-centric talk show. And always remember: you can participate (facebook or @dunksbutts). Slamma Jamma!
Tune in Monday night at 9pm for the Outside Track featuring the latest set of 'continuous music' compositions by Canadian based pianist Lubomyr Melnyk, out now on Unseen Worlds! Using the sustain pedal to create a rippling blanket of Sound, Melnyk's pieces require a great degree of technical skill without ever sounding 'academic,' instead creating a peaceful, intriguing sound that becomes frantic and gripping as the pieces progress. Relentlessly beautiful and haunting, this is one of Melnyk's most gripping opuses since 'Wave-Lox.'
Should Does Does Radio is coming back to keep you warm! We'll be reading poetry, reviewing movies, and premiering the call-in advice show you've all been waiting for. Light the fire and tune-in this Wednesday at 9pm! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WXYC is hiring new DJs for Spring 2014! No prior experience is necessary. All UNC students are welcome to apply.

WXYC is comprised of around 100 active student DJs a semester and boast over 70,000 pieces of music within the station library.The station broadcasts live from the UNC Frank Porter Graham Student Union 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. WXYC is credited with the first internet radio broadcast in the world. 

We are looking for students with an interest in a variety of musical genres who are willing to explore new music and expand their tastes.

We will be holding an interest meeting on Tuesday the 14th in room 3408 in the Union at 6:00 pm. At the interest meeting we will discuss basic info about the station, our mission and what we expect from new DJs. You will also get an application and sign up for a short, 10 minute interview time.

We'll also be holding two open houses before the interest meeting at 5:00 p.m. on Monday the 13th and 5:00 p.m. Tuesday the 14th. Head to the back of the third floor of the Union to get a tour of the station and have any of your questions answered.

If you can't make the meeting but are still interested in applying, or if you have any other questions, please contact us at:

Friday, January 3, 2014
This Week In WXYC

Happy New Year! 2014! Wow! Truly incredible! The radio:

Tune in at 9 PM tonight to hear the Inside Track with a new release from White Manna called Dune Worship out on Holy Mountain.  Dune Worship is the second album by this California psych-rock group. It's made up of six extended, fuzzed-out guitar jams, and as its title suggests it can feel like a trip through the desert- inducing either reverence or overheated discomfort in turn. With song titles like "Transformation" and "Ascension" and lyrics like "the truth is in your mind," White Manna are aiming to emulate a transcendent mental experience.  Check it out!
Tune in tonight at 10pm to the New Science Experience to hear in-house DJ HI MOM and friend DJ Gray Area return to NSE and become 2014's first new scientists.  They will attempt to do a conducive mix together -- the show is a small step in their plan of seizing the Chapel Hill club scene.
This week on The Orange County Special (Sunday 10am to 1pm) we'll be giving away a pair of tix for each of two upcoming ArtsCenter shows:  Sparky & Rhonda Rucker on Sunday the 12th, and Chris Brashear, with Cliff Hale, Alice Gerrard, and Jim Watson on Friday the 24th.  For full details on these, and other ArtsCenter events and happenings, go to or call 919-929-ARTS.
This week on Hell Or High Water, Gina B will be playing music from The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.  Most of the hour will be filled with songs from their 1959 Tradition Records release Come Fill Your Glass With Us: Irish Songs of Drinking and Blackguarding.  "As indicated by the title, Come Fill Your Glass with Us is a virtual soundtrack of Irish pub life, perfectly evoking the hard-drinking, late-night atmosphere; songs include such traditional classics as 'Whisky You're the Devil,' 'Finnegan's Wake,' 'The Parting Glass' and 'A Jug of Punch'" (AllMusic).  Whether you're interested in traditional Irish music, or interested in an excuse to start drinking in the early afternoon, tune in on Sunday at 1pm!

The first Sports Rap of the year will mostly be about (Sports) New Year's Resolutions, reflecting on the UNC football season, the start of ACC conference play for the men's basketball team, and the UNC men's basketball team playing against the Wake Forest men's basketball team. Listen live from 9-10PM.  Use the internet to participate (@dunksbutts). Never fake the funk!
Monday features The Outside Track.  This week turn on the radio for a new release from Ant Parade/No Milk on the local Carrboro record label Hot Releases.Tampa’s Brigid Ochshorn recorded first as Ant Parade and then/now as No Milk, both analog solo projects featuring an honest voice, synth manipulations, occasional guitar loops and some perfectly placed drum machines. But that sentence makes these two projects sound more similar than is fair. Instead, label-boss Ryan Martin has perfectly sequenced these ten never-before-pressed-to-vinyl gems in a way that charts Orchshorn’s shift (don’t call it an evolution!) from murky and overtly experimental beginnings on the A-side to more direct, brutally crisp outsider pop on the B-side. Even the way she uses/records her voice marks an incredible shift in style. This is the real deal, easily one of the most touching collections of songs we have heard this year.
Big news!!! The results are in! WXYC's Best of 2013 airs this Thursday, nine to midnight. Join Ryan Simmons and cohorts as they count down to midnight and the revelation of 2013's best, as voted upon by our very own deejays and calculated on assorted fancy machinery hidden inside our invisible zeppelin and released only upon the airship's landing. 2013 <3


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