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Friday, March 29, 2013
This Week in WXYC

Tonight (Friday) at 9pm on a very special Inside Track, UNC MFA student Michael Iauch's hour-long piece 'Hymn To The Night' will be played in its entirety here on WXYC. Iauch made a recording of the night soundscape and then played this recording back to the following night. He then made a recording of this second night and layered it on top of the first night. He ~then~ played this layered recording back to the third night, and continues to layer new nights on top of one another, playing each recording back to the following night, until the sound dissolves into complete noise. Informed by the song "Racing in the Street" from the album Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978) by Bruce Springsteen as well as The Social Production of Space by Henri Lefebvre, this project conceptualizes the night as a space upon which hopes, dreams and desires are endlessly projected in the search to be fulfilled. Tune in at 9.

Then keep it spooky at 10pm on the NSE. We got UK Slickness from Spoiled Boys (AKA Philip R) and house & disco from Cosmic Liberation Front comrade Mike D.

Sunday at 1pm on Heel or High Water, I will be playing early recordings of Cal Stewart, known better as Uncle Josh Weathersby. Around the turn of the 20th century, Thomas Edison's studios asked him to cut a series of recordings as Uncle Josh, who came from the fictional New England town of Punkin Center. Part comic, part vaudeville, Stewart continued recording until his death in 1919.

Sunday at 8 on the Backyard BBQ, check out Carrboro mainstay Secret Boyfriend. Performing live, we will check in with solo performer Ryan Martin for a healthy dose of noise music as well as some subtly beautiful songs.

Then at 9 on the SportsRap we will talk about Florida Gulf Coast's thrilling/predictable win/loss against Florida, how Coach Crean somehow seemed surprised by Syracuse's 2-3 zone, how we don't have to talk about 'the streak' anymore, and potentially the hit new film 'Spring Breakers.'

Friday, March 22, 2013
This Week in WXYC

Wouldn't it be cool if you got to hear the entire album 'Eye Mohini: Singles volume 3' by Sun City Girls out on their own label Abduction? Just because they're not a band anymore doesn't mean we aren't getting a new release from them every year! Here, we have more rare tracks, singles, and one live freakout from this psychedelic, world-folk chimera of a rock band. This material is culled from the gap between the recording of Sun City Girls' 2nd LP, Grotto of Miracles, in '86, and the launch of their Abduction label in '93. Last time bassist Alan Bishop was in town as Alvarius B, he complained about UNC's uniforms, saying that if they're really that good of a basketball team, they should show up on the court dressed in all black. Maybe tonight is the night?

Stay tuned at 10 for the NSE as Donovan D is gonna do a variety of house and general EDM for the first hour and the second hour and his friend Kyle is gonna do more hip hop and trap music from 11 until midnight.

Then at 1pm on Sunday for Heel or High Water Kiever H is going to be focusing on Stax Records. Founded in 1957 as Satellite Records, the Memphis, Tennessee based Stax Records was an integral in the creation and progression of Southern Soul while staying true to gospel, jazz, and blues sounds. Rugs will be cut.

Stay broken at 2pm on Broken Music as David H explores the electroacoustic and computer works of Polish composer Krzysztof Knittel. Knittel's training in composition and computer programming gave way to a unique approach to music, often incorporating mathematical logic and the juxtaposition of acoustic and electronic forms. Since 1973, Knittel has remained a prominent member of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, where he also became involved with the composers group KEW, along with Elzbieta Sikora and Wojciech Michniewski.

At 9pm on SportsRap, March Madness. That is all.

Then at 9pm on the Outside Track tune in for 'Wound Response' by Rhodri Davies out on Altvinyl. Davies is a London-based improvisational Harpist who has played with everyone from Derek Bailey to John Butcher. The music here ranges from gorgeous acoustic strumming reminiscent slightly of Irish folk all the way to noisier pieces with as many notes as OV-period Orthrelm and the general ambiance of Skullflower.

Friday, March 15, 2013
This Week in WXYC

Tonight (Friday) at 9pm on the Inside Track, check out the Black Twig Pickers with 'Rough Carpenters' on Thrill Jockey. The 6th album from the Black Twig Pickers, an old-time string band based mostly in Southwest Virginia who have collaborated with Jack Rose and Charlie Parr. It's a mixture of driving dance numbers and slow, stately tunes that reallyemphasize the dronelike quality of old-time music, and they’ve expanded their usual trio – Isaak Howell and Pelt members Nathan Bowles and Mike Gangloff – to include fiddler Sally Anne Morgan.

Stay tuned at 10pm for the NSE, which will feature 2 hours of live-mixed beat-oriented music. It'll be a good soundtrack for basketball.

Sunday at 2pm, Broken Music this week will focus on the long and innovative career of Australian composer, improviser and instrument builder Ernie Althoff. Since the mid-70s Althoff has been created hundreds of unique instruments and composed scores for other improvisers on his instruments in addition to creating large installations all over Australia and Europe based on his inventions. We will spend the hour immersing ourselves in excerpts from a battery of live and studio recordings featuring Althoff exploring the nature of acoustic sound through the lens of his homemade instruments.

Sunday at 8pm on SportsRap, the panel is going to talk about the unfolding drama that is March Madness, ACC version. Tune in for the last ever fast-paced ACC tournament before the snowstorm that is Syracuse basketball joins the conference. We'll talk about our Heels and, just throwing this out there, the word 'inconsistent' will be used a lot. And then, we'll preview the field of all 68 teams that are lucky or (in Creighton's case) plucky enough to be competing for a chance to hang out at DisneyLand with Justin Bieber for a whole week! Oh and if there's time, SportsRap will focus on other sports, such as professional basketball, too. SLAMDUNK.

Then at 10pm, we will continue Sarafina May's exploration of the influence of Portuguese music on Cape Verdean, Brazilian, and Angolan music.

Then Monday at 9pm on the Outside Track, we got the Yoni Kretzmer 2bass Quartet's new album 'Weight' out now on Out Now. Tune in for the young but very talented Israeli saxophonist Kretzmer and his enjoyable set of new quartet pieces featuring an unorthodox grouping of two upright bassists (Sean Conly and Reuben Radding) and a drummer (Mike Pride), all of whom are American and none of whom have worked with Kretzmer before. Kretzmer’s horn work is pretty fiery, intense and enjoyable and the idea of the accompaniment of two bassists leads to some pretty cool results.

Friday, March 8, 2013
This Week in WXYC

While WXYC will not be broadcasting the Duke game, we encourage you to mute Dick Vitale and listen to WXYC on your home radio instead. It will be amusing.

Tonight at 9pm on the Inside Track, tune in for Lucrecia Dalt's album 'Commutus' out on Human Ear Music. Lucrecia Dalt, Barcelona-by-way-of-Columbia geotechnical engineer and bedroom pop Wunderkind, gives her Human Ear Music debut with Commotus. Dalt coos over sounds sourced primarily from her bass guitar, creating sexy, subdued, genre-elusive pop pieces. Like hearing the echoes of a late night bolero floating up through someoneʼs creaky, pipe-clanking apartment.

Then keep it locked in at 10p for NSE. For the first hour, check out DJ None One, who has been rocking dance parties in Chapel Hill and Durham for years with deep ghetto-bass selections and hip-hop favorites. Then bass and deep-end steppers from Yugen will take you to midnight.

This Sunday at 1 on Hell or High Water, Gina B. will be playing Peter Was a Fisherman: The 1939 Trinidad Field Recordings of Melville and Frances Herskovits.  These are primitive field recordings from the village of Toco.  There are elements of African folk, African American gospel, and early calypso. Check it out if you're interested in Caribbean music but want a rawer sound!

Then stay tuned at 2 on Broken Music which features the 1973 breakthrough work of Parisian composer Eliane Radigue, Ψ 847. Previously unreleased due to format constraints and performed only a handful of times since its premiere, the 84 minute work for ARP 2500 and magnetic tapes is a picture perfect representation of Radigue's aesthetic as a composer. Gentle, sustained layers develop slowly and with grace, creating an immersive environment within the listening space. As in the several ARP pieces that followed, Radigue's patience and restraint shine in the work.

At 5 o'clock your bi-weekly dose of WXYC Reports is back at it. This week on WXYC Reports, 'Working the Land:' stories about the philosophy of going back to the land and people who did just that. We hear from a few people who have farmed, with mixed results, and a student who is learning how to be a farmer. For anyone who has considered pursuing their green-thumb, tune in at 5.

This week on WXYC Reports, 'Working the Land:' stories about the philosophy of going back to the land and people who did just that. We hear from a few people who have farmed, with mixed results, and student who is learning how to be a farmer, maybe. For anyone who has considered pursuing their green-thumb, tune in at 5:00 on Sunday.
Sunday at 9 on this week's Sportsrap, we got some UNC-dook. The panel recaps the Tar Heels' regular season finale, w/ post game audio & analysis. This week's panel will also preview next weekend's ACC tournament, as well as recap the national landscape in college basketball. All this and more on Sportsrap.

Remember, at 10 o'clock every Sunday this month, Sarafina May is looking at the influence of Portuguese music on Cape Verdean, Brazilian, and Angolan music.

Then, Monday at 9pm on the Outside Track, check out the new album by The Whammies called 'Play the Music of Steve Lacy' out on Driff. The Whammies are an all-star quintet led by Jorrit Dijkstra, featuring Han Bennink (drums), Nate McBride (bass), Pandelis Karayorgis (piano), Mary Oliver (violin) and Raleigh resident Jeb Bishop (trombone). Here, they tacklessome of the delightfully quirky, colorful and most well-known Steve Lacy tunes in one of several tributes since his death in 2004.

Friday, March 1, 2013
This Week in WXYC

Tonight (Friday) at 9 on the Inside Track, check out Endless Boogie with their new burner 'Long Island' out on No Quarter. The latest from NYC rockers Endless Boogies continues to follow the trail blazed by 70s legends like Canned Heat. They take classic blues-rock riffs and extend them into seemingly infinite stretches of Kraut-like chugging.

Expect heavy contact on the NSE this Friday at 10PM. Mike S runs the communications while DJs Dirty Gypsy and Hennesey hold it down with special guests Kid Cola and Twilight (Sub-Culture, Fayetteville). Definitely want to lock your speakers down for this one unless you want to rattle your neighbors' windows...

Sunday at 1pm on Hell or High Water, James F will be be airing an archival radio broadcast of the "Merry-Go-Round" radio show on WPAQ-Mount Airy. This series is one of many great gems that you can only find at Wilson Library's Southern Folklife Collection.

At 2pm on Broken Music, we listen to the works of Danish tape music composer Jørgen Plaetner. Although Plaetner composed for chamber ensembles, choirs, and theater, it is his energetic and often bizarre electronics works that garnered him the most attention. From 1960 to the end of the 1970s, Plaetner composed upwards of 50 works for tape. Tune in at 2pm to hear a small selection of those.

On this week's Sportsrap, Sunday at 9pm, the gang delves into another round of hoops talk, as the panel discusses this week's slate of games for the Heels, as well as previewing the Tar Heel's fine week of regular season ACC play--including the March 9th match-up with Dook. Also included will be a weekly wrap-up of ACC and analysis of the 'new' Big East. All that and more on this week's Sportsrap. "

NEW SPECIALTY SHOW ALERT. Sundays 10-midnight for the month of March, tune in as Sarafina May explores the exportation of musical styles to the colonies.  Specifically, she is looking at the influence of Portuguese music on Cape Verdean, Brazilian, and Angolan music.

Finally, Monday on the Outside Track, tune in for The Group's 'Live' release out on NoBusiness. The Lithuanian jazz label NoBusiness has unearthed these 1986 live recordings of a short-lived sextet known simply as "The Group", which featured an all-star lineup that included Marion Brown, Ahmed Abdullah, Billy Bang, Andrew Cyrille, Fred Hopkins and Sirone. They never recorded a proper studio album, so this concert is one of the only documents we have of this amazing group of improvisers.

Friday, February 22, 2013
This Week in WXYC

Tonight (Friday) at 9 on the Inside Track check out Royal Band de Thies with 'Kadior Demb' on Teranga Beat. This is a progressive Mbalax (Senegalese traditional music) outfit formed in the mid-70s, and Kadior Demb is the first non-bootleg recording of the group, from 1979, featuring intricate percussion and muscular, driving horn work meet great dual male vocals and smoking guitar action. (ERD).

Then, on the NSE at 10, local techno veteran Billie Blaze ( joins us in the studio for an hour of dancefloor techno including selections from his forthcoming EP. One Duran follows up with his usual depth of selection of house and bass.

Sunday at 1 pm on Hell or High Water Blanche B. will be focusing on Gullah culture. The Gullah or Geechee people are African-American communities that have preserved much of their African linguistic and cultural heritage and are from the "Lowcountry" of the south (mostly coastal regions in South Carolina and Georgia). I will be playing sacred and secular music, animal stories, tradition stories, shout music, and clips that talk about the Gullah dialect (Enlgish-based creole language).

This week on Broken Music on Sunday at 2pm, we will explore two pieces by American composer from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Robert Ashley.  Although he is known primarily as a composer of "avant-garde opera," this first piece, "Automatic Writing," can only tentatively pushed into this category.  Composed by carefully capturing Ashley's "involuntary speech" which arises from a mild form of Tourette's Syndrome, this piece explores the nature of composition, intent, and speech.  The second piece, an excerpt from Ashley's opera for television "Perfect Lives" displays the notable characteristics of Ashley's operas:  Narrative fluidity, a colorful conglomeration of philosophical dialogue, and highly expressive instrumentation.  Tune in!!!

Then, on WXYC REPORTS at 5pm, the show's theme this week is mental health, and we'll be exploring this theme from a variety of perspectives - from scientific research going on at UNC, to the stories of students and community members.

Business as usual on this week's Sportsrap at 8pm on Sunday, as the panel delves into another weekly  game & lineup recap for Tar Heel basketball. The group will also break down ACC play for the week, while prepping the NBA's 2nd half and recap the diamond heel's recent contests. All that and more on Sportsrap.
Beat State

Plunderphonics continues Sunday at 10 with lots of sounds you may or may not have heard before at speeds faster than the speed of light, yet slower than the speed of smell.

Finally, on the Outside Track Monday at 9, check out the new release 'Sonic Prayer Jam' by Earthless out on Gravity. Earthless were a San Diego-based heavy psych trio from the early-mid 00s who released a few different versions of a track called 'Sonic Prayer Jam' around 2005. This is a remastered live version of the original from 2007 as well as an alternate take AND a never-before released live cut that is pure fire. Members of this band were in Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, Nebula and Clikitat Ikatowi. Pounding drums, thundering bass and overdriven guitars illustrate that while Earthless really brought it live.

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