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Friday, November 7, 2014
this week on WXYC

hey there everybody,
big day to celebrate today: let's give a big HELL YES & HAPPY BIRTHDAY to WXYC's LIVE STREAM! today marks the 20th anniversary for WXYC's live stream, widely known and recognized as the first online radio broadcast. XYC's online stream represents one of our greatest categories of listenership and should be celebrated today (if not every day). what better way to do that than to listen to WXYC's specialty programming? no better way. let's have a look:
This week we bring you a killer Inside Track, Friday night at 9 PM. Tune in for the new one from Steven Gunn, a longtime WXYC favorite. His new release, Way Out Weather,comes from local label Paradise of Bachelor’s and it is no doubt a hit. Steve’s signature pastoral crooning and grooving reaches new heights with backing band contributions from other WXYC’s sweethearts Nathan Bowles and Marry Lattimore (an WXYC DJ herself!). This folky rock tunes will dig into your ear and never leave. Tune in and enjoy!
Tonight's NEW SCIENCE EXPERIENCE will feature local dj/producer and NSE regular ARCHAELI. Tune in from ten to midnight to catch his 'Get Your Back Up Off The Wall" mix - two solid hours of techno boogie jam on it goodness and original productions!
As the politics of North Carolina continue to sprint away from democratic ideals and towards oppressing its people, this week Hell or High Water will feature Freedom songs from the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Tune in from 1-2pm to tether past to present!
Tune in to Broken Music this Sunday from 2-3pm for an hour-long overview of the prolific and talented Massachusetts-based noise manipulator John Hudak. After graduating from the Naropa Institute of the Arts in 1979, Hudak has been steadily recording and performing, including collaborative works with, among others, Merzbow, Jeph Jerman, Stephan Mathieu, Jason Lescalleet, Daniel Menche and If, Bwana. While obviously not possible to address everything he's recorded over the past three decades, we will listen to a sample of recordings spanning his career to date.
We've got another groovy episode of Sports Rap coming at you this week. The consequences of the Wainstein Report aren't done, but we're going to talk more on-the-court stuff this week. First up, we'll discuss Football's game against Pitt and what we think the rest of the season will look like. Then we'll delve into wild and premature speculation about the quality of the basketball team based on two meaningless exhibitions (like Justin Jackson = next Kevin Durant). Finally, we'll talk the beginning of the NBA season. Are the Cavs bad? Are the Kings good? Will refs please ease up with the whistles on blind James Harden drives? All that and more Sunday night at 9 pm!
Monday night brings the Outside Track at 9 PM. This week we’ve got a special one from the Finnish archives. Tune in and catch the Jone Takamäki Trio with some true spiritual jazz scorchers on the LP masterpiece Universal Mind. Previous Arthur Russell reissuers Arc Light dug this one out of the Finnish avant-garde vaults to bring back a nearly forgotten piece of moody enlightenment. The trio indulges in bells and chimes to generate an almost new-age atmosphere which is gentled pierced by melodic explorations based on traditional Indian love songs. Well thought out, executed and enjoyed. Tune in!  

Friday, October 24, 2014
this week on WXYC

well well well,
days keep getting shorter which only means one thing: trick or treat! it's the week leading up to halloween. if you find yourself feeling very scared please turn to the nurturing sounds of your favorite college radio station's specialty programming:
It's Friday night which means it's Inside Track on WXYC starting at 9 PM. This week we are really going to lead into the New Science Experience with a release I'm calling the moody techno full-length of the year. I'm talking about Tin Man's new release Ode. Tin Man is Johannes Auvinen of California, although I think he currently resides in Vienna. Tin Man makes his mark with signature lonely-synths, restrained dub rhythms, a working man’s kick drum and some understated vocal tracks. Stand-out feature of this full-length is the demure flatness of the tracks; these aren’t really engineered as club bangers, but as almost depressive, morose mood music. I mean, there’s a track called “Depleted Serotonin.” The music seems to come from empty space. Check it out and get in the mood!
On tonight's New Science Experience Dublin DJ Alex Milne-Turner will be spinning some hot tunes. Check it out from ten to midnight!!
This week on Hell or High Water, we'll pay special tribute to an instrument near and dear to everyone's heart, the hammered dulcimer! It's tough to say why the hammered dulcimer is so resonant in Appalachian music, for it is unknown why the instrument appeared in Appalachia, but it is a sound that helps define the region. Tune in for some true shredding on the dulcimer from 1pm-2pm.
On Broken Music this Sunday, we feature second generation composer Tashi Wada. Tashi Wada brief recorded catalog examines the intricate tonal clusters produced when pairing multiple bowed string instruments. His work is influenced largely by the experiments in the just intonation tuning system of La Monte Young, James Tenney, and his father, Fluxus artist Yoshi Wada. His most recent work, Duets, pairs cellists Judith Hamann and Charles Curtis in four exercises in playing in unison, resulting in a sparkling array of harmonics and difference tones as the two players dare to achieve the impossible. Our show begins at 2pm.
This week on Sports Rap: So, the Wainstein report came out. It was very thorough and revealing. It has implications for a lot of different sports at UNC. Ol' Roy's behavior is just the slightest bit suspicious. Butch Davis appears to have been totally aware of everything. Anson Dorrance might have used the idea of easy paper classes to recruit players for our Women's Soccer team. Mike Fox also probably knew about them. We'll talk about all of it, including whether the report danced around the NCAA-sized elephant in the room.

But, in cheerier news, basketball season is upon us! We'll break down UNC basketball's preseason game from Friday. We'll also probably spend a little time on UNC football's game against Virginia. Tune in at 9 p.m. Sunday night!
Monday night brings us the Outside Track at 9 PM. We've got some newly unearthed and extremely hot Turkish psych hits from Cem Karaca. Here we go, the bad boy of Turkish psych. Cem Karaca is a flamboyant radical leftist punk embroiled in Turkish political turmoil and its expression in the Istanbul scene. Here’s a collection of singles from the 60s and 70s - originally released in 1975 - entitled Nem Caldi? Karaca’s voice is grandiose as any Turkish psych track may demand, but he manages to blend his snarling, politically charged, radical-bad boy vibe into his vocal style, which is probably the standout feature of these tracks. Well, maybe it's the KILLER keyboards and synths that dominate these songs that truly stand out. It’s pure prog keyboard indulgence and I want more.

Friday, October 17, 2014
this week on WXYC

what's-a goin' on everyone?
fall break? more like fall...fake (!?). wxyc is alive and well this week and i'm gonna tell you about our upcoming specialty programming as proof:
Hey freaks, Fall Break can’t stop the Inside Track, every Friday at 9 PM. Join us this week for Iko’s hidden hit record “’83.” This is the first reissue of a minimal synth gem from Montreal, Canada. Iko was a trio of 3 members who all apparently came from an academic background and met at the University of Montreal music department (they may have been studying electroacoustic composition?). The record lives up to the mystique that surrounds it. These are pretty masterful synth pop tracks and definitely stand out to me in a somewhat oversaturated and sometimes uniform genre. Big highlights are the killer synth hooks that give each track significant character and the vocals, which switch between unfamiliar samples and DIY, almost glam vocals. Medical Records seems to be very excited about this release because it’ll appeal to deep synth heads and also folks who have heard one or two Kraftwerk songs, and they’re right! Check it out!
WXYC's beat-oriented / dance / ~BODY MUSIC~ / "heavy contact" show is coming at you again this Friday night. Tune in to New Science Experience from 10pm til midnight to hear one of our favorite DJs spin some tunes. It'll be good, great, and maybe even "hot."
This week on Hell or High Water, let's slither on down to Southern Louisiana and hear some DEEP Cajun cuts from the Swallow Record Co. out of Ville Platte, La. We'll hear some rollicking recording from the Balfa Brothers as well as some accordian shredding from Nathan Abshire. Tune in from 1-2pm. It's bound to get hot!
Ever find yourself engulfed by peace and quiet on Sunday afternoons? If so, treat yourself to this week's edition of Broken Music, WXYC's corner of programming focused on longer form or more "challenging" "musical" "works" that otherwise might not be done justice squeezed in to a regular show. Snuggle up Sunday at 2pm.
This week on Sports Rap, a discussion on the merits of baths in red wine! Also, a discussion about the World Series, and a further debate about whether UNC will lose out its football season and how much we care about that. We might also talk some NBA preseason. We'll see! Tune in at 9 p.m. Sunday night.
Hey folks! Monday brings us the Outside Track at 9 PM! This week we will catch a new release from Su Wai entitled “Gita Pon Yeik.” Take it from the folks at Little Axe Records: “Su Wai is a modern virtuoso of the ancient Saung Gauk, a Burmese harp instrument of both royal and religious significance (fashioned to resemble a leaf of the bo tree which the Buddha attained enlightenment beneath) with roots as far back as the 6th century. In this collection of 8 traditional poem-songs, Wai unfurls clusters of melodic lines alongside a cyclical bell chime-pulse to accompany texts drawn from the Mahagita, a collection of 500 court songs not unlike the British Isle's Child Ballads.” How could you not tune in? 

Thursday, September 25, 2014
this week on WXYC

what's goin' on friends of WXYC,

it's starting to look a little bit like fall around chapel hill - the temperature of the air outside feels less bad, we've got the "football" games returning to sports, and the calendrical measurement of time continues. as we patiently wait for the leaves to slowly fall to their deaths and deal with our anxiety about appropriate outfits for the summer to autumn transition, let's sit back and relax and turn the dial back to 89.3 fm this week. lookin' pretty good:
Hey why don't we get local this Friday on the Inside Track at 9 PM. We are going to enjoy the new record from local boys Last Year's Men. Their sophomore effect, coming 4 years after their debut Sunny Down Snuff LP, has been hugely anticipated. Their brand of infectious, 60s-influenced pop rock will dig into your ear and probably never leave. Jangly guitar rhythms, a body-controlling rhythm section, and singer Ben Carr's howling voice bemoaning forlorn love. Good rock album for your Friday Night.
The New Science Experience is proud to present two hours of early Jamaican dub by local DJ Selector B Steady. Vinyl only! Check it out from 10 to midnight tonight to get yourself learnt about all things Jamaican Dub.
This week on Hell Or High Water, we will explore the music of Arkansas folk singing extraordinaire Almeda Riddle as she sings songs rooted in the traditions of the ballad. Born in Cleburne, Arkansas, Riddle performs numerous ballads less-often affiliated with her Ozark home. She claimed to be able to perform well over 500 songs from memory. Check out this documentary on her (,131) and tune in on Sunday from 1pm-2pm.
Sunday afternoon on Broken Music, we explore the electronic works of renowned record producer Craig Leon. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Leon envisioned a wholly foreign music created by interplanetary beings and crafted a pair of records--Nommos andVisiting--in what he deemed to be its image. Leon employed a battery of modern synthesizers and tape delay to assemble a music far more daring than the rock records on which he staked his reputation. The RVNG Intl label recently compiled a collection of these recordings, including a Leon's meticulous recreation of the Nommos material. Tune in at 2pm.
On Sports Rap this week, your host is still not watching the NFL, but we'll (or I'll) talk about all the scandals facing the league and Roger Goodell's response from Friday afternoon. UNC-ECU's game will also be discussed, and hopefully a little MLB if I get my shit together and read up on the MLB regular season's home stretch and/or get a guest who knows anything about baseball. Or I'll just play dope music for most of the show and rage about Goodell in talk sets. Snoop Rion next week! (He's in Thailand this weekeend and can't do the show.) Tune in at 9 on Sunday!
Don't forget about the Outside Track brought to you by Home Depot. Monday at 9 PM we will explore a brand new one from techno/electronics weirdo Lee Gamble. His new release KOCH is pretty difficult to pin down. Is this an ambient drone album? Are these the hottest techno tracks I've heard this summer? Is this one of those post-modern, heady Critical Theory Blog-fodder records? I don't know but I can try to explain. Filled with spaced out vocal samples, twitching, uncomfortable bass beats, and massive synth washes, KOCH is a weirdo record for weirdo 2014. I kind of love it. Tune it at 9 PM to figure it out!

Friday, July 18, 2014
this week on WXYC

what's up,
hope y'all are doing Good. this week, things are happening all over the world. you got your News, you got your Sports, your Interpersonal Stuff, then most importantly your Radio Delights on WXYC 89.3 fm. by all means:
FRIDAY NIGHT. Here comes the Inside Track at 9 PM. Catch some new club-ready hip-hop from Brazilian artist Karol Conka. Her new CD release Batuk Freak pushes Brazilian hip hop to the next level with grinding beats and rapid-fire flow. This album is four years in the making and it shows. Excellent production featuring sharp percussion, dripping electro beats and grimy bass that feels straight out of Bristol. Party hard.
Every once in a while New Science Experiencers have a chill weekend. This week on the New Science Experience we'll be checking out some sweet dance tracks that have been hiding in the XYC library for years. Tune in at 10 PM tonight.
This week on Hell or High Water we will delve into the music of Al Ferrier. Referred to as the "King of Louisiana Rockabilly," Ferrier wears that crown well. Being from Louisiana, one can hear the the swampy blues and Cajun influences at the core of Ferrier's music, thus re-imagining the Rockabilly traditions to better fit his region. Tune in Sunday at 1 pm!
Tune in to Broken Music this Sunday at 2pm to beat the heat by listening to four new recordings revolving around the sonic dynamics of moving water. During the show listeners will be treated to a set of prepared field recordings by Chris Silver T utilizing the Ionian Sea, a new Artificial Memory Trace LP featuring sounds recording off the Australian coast, a composition by London bassist Dominic Lash melding his own recordings of the River Thames with live string preparations and finally a new work by Jeph Jerman that finds him setting up contact mics under water and then submerging the source material tapes to add another layer of wet oddness to the whole affair.
This week on Sports Rap, we'll discuss whether the Cavs should trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love if they can, Lance Stephenson's new contract with the Hornets, and rank Drake's most awkward moments at the ESPYs! Join us at 9 pm Sunday night and we'll give you candy.
Get spooky with us this Monday at 9 PM with the Outside Track. Check out a new one from Gordon Ashworth entitled S.T.L.A. Originally releases as a super limited cassette release, this album found itself repressed on vinyl recently this year. Ashworth has a background in noise and black metal groups, but nowadays he is focusing on tape and field recording work. S.T.L.A. shows Gordon at his best, synthesizing gorgeous public sound with beautiful looped instrumentals. Extremely beautiful!

Friday, May 23, 2014
This week in WXYC

Hi everyone! I'm Anne, and I'll be here for the next 50 or so Fridays telling you what's going on with programming at WXYC. Glad to be here. Also glad to announce that we just hired 14 new piping hot DJs to keep the station alive in the wee hours of the night this sweltering summer. Can't wait. Otherwise, here's what's cookin' this week at WXYC:

Your suffering ends tonight at 9 PM with The Inside Track here on WXYC. This week, tune in to catch the brand new release from Chicago-resident Ryley Walker All Kinds of You out on Tompkins Square. After swallowing endless comparisons to Bert Jansch, the 24 year-old Walker hits us with a remarkably solid full-length release. With lush arrangements, sharp production and just smart song-writing, this new LP is the pleasurable folk-rock album we’ve been asking for at the start of summer. Check it out!

Tonight at 10pm Tune in to WXYC's beat-oriented specialty show the NEW SCIENCE EXPERIENCE to hear highlights from last week's killer SAVAGE WEEKEND music fest. You'll hear clips from Profligate, VVAQRT, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Unicorn Hard-On, and moooooreee!!!!!!!!!!

This Sunday afternoon at 1pm on Hell or High Water the music of Uncle Dave Macon will be explored. Born in 1870 in Smartt Station, TN, the "Dixie Dewdrop" was an old-time banjo player, singer, songwriter, and comic. Being the first star of the Grand Ole Opry, Macon helped to blur and blend the lines of vaudeville performance and American folk music.

Tune in to Broken Music this Sunday at 2pm as we explore the interesting catalog of Italian-born but Berlin-residing electronic experimenter Claudio Rocchetti. Known best as one third of the improvisational rock trio 3/4HadBeenEliminated, Rocchetti has been recording solo material since 2003, including a recent set of manipulated field recordings from China and a collage made up of layers of dozens of noise cassettes. Lock in at 2pm to hear a smattering of these and much more!

You ever heard of a game? What about court? Did you watch Spiderman 2 in a theater with stadium seating? If you answered yes to any of these questions, tune in for Sports Rap on Sunday at 9pm and let it speak to your inner athlete. Make sure to stretch beforehand.

Doom, darkness and death this Monday on The Outside Track. Tune in at 9 PM for the new one from White Suns entitled Totem. This noise-rock band from New York City traffic in pure destruction. This record is a pure doomsday audio assault, seemingly without structure, but certainly intended to disturb the peace. Heavy feedback and a destroyed drum-kit. You might not be able to deny the pleasure in this pain however, as it’s abundantly clear that these rockers have made much more than loud sounds. Tune in and find out!  

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