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Friday, January 8, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone,
Take a look at a few of the shows we have coming up on WXYC this week:
Tonight on the Inside Track, experience the creative beats and clever, playful raps found in the latest release from NYC-based rapper Le1f, Riot Boi.
On tonight's New Science Experience, Beto Terwilliger will be serving an eclectic mix of gay house, freestyle grooves, and sexy R&B jams. Tune in from 10pm to midnight!
Jane DW hosts her monthly Orange County Special this weekend.Tune in for an excellent selection of folk music on Sunday from 11am to 1pm.
Stay tuned for Broken Music this Sunday at 2pm. This week, we'll be playing selections from Harry Bertoia's Sonambient LPs. Bertoia, an Italian-American sound artist and furniture manufacturer, installed hundreds of "sounding pieces" - gongs, wires, and 'singing bars' - in an old barn beginning in the 1960s. The Sonambient LPs document his performances there.
This week on the Backyard BBQ, DJ Mucho Mango will be playing some cool local tunes. Check it out on Sunday from 8-9pm!
+++Sports Rap, Sunday 9-10pm: are millennials ruining sports? That and not much more this week on Sports Rap!+++
And on Monday's Outside Track, at 9pm, tune in for the beautiful combination of warm, crackling drones & tape loops with sparse, decaying piano melodies on Patriarchs, the latest project of Ruhe.

Friday, December 11, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Happy freakishly warm Friday! Hope it stays this nice throughout the weekend. Speaking of nice, here’s list of some things you have to look forward to this week on WXYC:
On tonight’s Inside Track, 9-10pm, we'll hear Sold Out, the latest release from NC native turned Berlin resident DJ Paypal. Cinematic, video game-y, whirring hi hats, 808s, snare breaks, jazz, vocal samples, 160 bpm, heavenly synthscapes, and more, this album is all over the place & has a cohesive DJ Paypal weird-n-wacky feel.
Tonight's New Science Experience will feature round two of our NSE & Friends night where we invite a group of novice DJs to play their favorite jams. Expect an eclectic mix of hip hop, R&B, house, and pop bangers. Tune in from 10pm to midnight.
We’ll be pulling from our folk collection again this Sunday for another edition of Orange County Special, 11am-1pm. Tune in and enjoy as guest DJ Delaney O. plays some of her favorite folk artists.
Sunday from 1 to 2pm, Andy S. will feature music from Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers on Hell or High Water.
And Monday from 9 to 10pm, tune in to the Outside Track to hear Helsinki scuzz-rock trio Olimpia Splendid's self-titled. Finnish experimental vets Jonna Karanka and Katri Sipiläinen create general discord with angular, fuzzed out grooves, complemented by the fried growl of singer/guitarist Heta Bilaletdin.  

Friday, December 4, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hey everyone,
It’s Friday again! Whether you’ve got big plans for the weekend or you’re just planning on taking it easy, WXYC has lots in store to keep you entertained:
Tune in to the Inside Track tonight at 9pm to hear Drain by Doom Asylum. Local hero turned LA transplant Andrew Peterson has come out with more twisted, popped up, alien techno for your ears to salivate over. From minimal techno, to feedback laden noise, to proto-house grooves and four-on-the floor currents, this album's got something for everyone.
Tonight's New Science Experience will feature local legend and WXYC alumn One Duran. Tune in from 10pm to midnight for an airtight mix of house and techno.
Jane DW will be hosting her usual first-of-the-month Orange County Special this Sunday from 11am to 1pm. Be sure to tune in for a great two-hour mix of traditional and neo-traditional music from all over!
This week on Hell or High Water, Sunday 1 to 2pm, we'll be going back in time to focus on a genre now pretty much out of the mainstream—yodeling! We'll be featuring the Trikont-released American Yodeling: 1911-1946, which includes songs about the American countryside and laboring as well as blues about life and blues about yodeling itself. Tune in for a rootin' tootin' good time, y'all!
Fusion Youth Radio will be returning to the airwaves this Sunday at 5pm! For those who don't know, Fusion Youth Radio, a collaborative program between Sacrificial Poets, the Jackson Center, and WXYC, engages local Chapel Hill and Carrboro high school students with radio through investigative journalism and topic-based shows. We have a mighty class of eight new high school students from across Orange County for this year of FYR! The title for the show will be "Sink or Swim in the Digital Sea of Modern Media" and it will feature discussion of media representation of social movements with a specific focus on social media. Tune in to empower the voices of our local youth!
The last On-Air Confessions of the semester airs this Sunday from 9 to 10 pm! We'll be talking holiday confessions, embarrassing parent stories, and roommate confessions. Call in or tweet to us @OACWDJL.
And catch the Outside Track this coming Monday at 9pm to hear Asheville trio Ahleuchatistas’ new album Arrebato. Guitarist Shane Perlowin, who scorched on 2012’s Heads Full of Poison, sits this one out, letting also-guitarist Shane Parish have a go at what the duo describe as “mammoth melodic tectonic movements that raze and reshape conventional sonic terrains.” Intricate yet reckless, improvisational yet carefully stylized - this is rock for music nerds. Fans of Sun City Girls and GOAT will probably like this. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hey everyone,
Hope the holiday has been treating you well! I have just a brief update on WXYC’s programming for this upcoming week. Check it out:
The Inside Track, tonight at 9pm, will feature the 4th solo LP of Damon G. Riddick. As Dam-Funk, Riddick seeks a new beginning, an evolutionary leap in consciousness and in the message of funk itself. Expect sun-kissed, Tony Cook-style funk/disco fusion that’s achieved low Earth orbit and is beginning to mutate, featuring a stacked lineup of collaborators.
On tonight's New Science Experience, resident DJ HI_MOM will be killing it from 10pm to midnight. Expect some off-kilter dance floor weirdness, k-pop, and bangin' hip hop.
On Broken Music, this Sunday from 2 to 3pm, host George G will feature an exploration of the No Wave music scene. In defiance of the glam age and also of punk, No Wave artists tried to create music that was separate from traditional song structure, guitar/bass/drums instrumentation, and the escapism of rock and pop. The resulting recordings are often highly chaotic, cathartic, and beautiful.
This month WXYC Reports wraps up their series on Taboos by taking on the internet. Join us as we probe uncomfortable questions of existence and spirituality unique to our morphing relationship with developing technologies. Tune in Sunday from 5 to 6pm!
And Monday at 9pm, on the Outside Track, we'll be hearing a recently reissued album from Mariah, a project of Yasuaki Shimizu. Funky synth lines; drum programming; saxophone; harp; lyrics in Japanese and Armenian - this album inhabits a patchwork psychedelic candyland.

Friday, November 20, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hope everyone’s been having a great Friday and is getting pumped for tonight’s 2000s Dance, hosted by WXYC at the Underground in Chapel Hill! In addition to that, here are some other exciting things WXYC will be sending your way this weekend and beyond:
Tune in to the Inside Track tonight at 9pm to hear the haunting new album from Hyperdub boss and dubstep/grime frontrunner, Kode9. Nothing is a rewarding listen for fans of the Hyperdub label.
Tonight’s New Science Experience will feature two hours of deep and dark ambient techno weirdness from Beto Terwilliger. Tune in from 10pm to midnight for sounds to soothe your soul.
Tune in to this weekend’s Orange County Special, Sunday 11am to 1pm, for the usual eclectic mix of folk music!
This week on Hell or High Water, we'll be featuring performances from the Newport Folk Festival in 1964, the year before Bob Dylan went electric. The show will feature both popular folk artists of the time as well as lesser-known musicians. We'll discuss Pete Seeger's vision and goals in orchestrating the festival, as well. Tune in from 1 to 2pm on Sunday!
This week on Sports Rap, Diego and Femi will talk the firing of Kevin McHale. Also, are the Kings about to employ the first female coach in league history? Who’s gonna beat the Warriors? You can catch discussion of these questions and much, much more, this Sunday from 9 to 10pm.
And Monday at 9pm, the Outside Track will feature the album Frailty from Boston noise/dark ambient/power electronics artist Lex Russo aka Vehement Caress. Moving away from the more restrained nature of his previous works, this release features harsh but meditative modular synth pieces. Lex's approach to noise seems to be coming from a metal background, and you get a sense of that here. 

Friday, November 13, 2015
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone,
Happy Friday! I dunno about you, but I’m looking forward to a chill weekend. And good news: there’s lots of cool programming coming up on WXYC this week to help kick back and relax…..
Tonight at 9pm on the Inside Track, tune in to hear Testimony by Letta, the LA grime producer's debut album. True to the general tenets of grime, this album features loosely structured beats over lurching bass and ambiance. Clicks, disembodied vocal samples, and reversed drum sounds abound.
On tonight's New Science Experience, WXYC alum and Nightlight staple Karina S will be gracing our decks for two hours of house and disco classics. Tune in from 10pm to midnight to get your Friday night groove thing going!
This Sunday on Orange County Special, 11am to 1pm, we’ll be listening to music by Native American artists. We’ll start off with some field recordings and then move into some more contemporary Native American folk and folk rock to explore this oft overlooked genre of American folk.
Because of New Orleans musician Allen Toussaint's death this past Tuesday, November 10th, we'll be featuring his 1975 album Southern Nights on Hell or High Water, Sunday from 1 to 2pm, as well as discussing his contributions to R&B, funk, blues, jazz, and more. RIP 1938-2015.
Tune in to Broken Music this Sunday at 2pm to hear an hour-long homage to the experimental electronic recordings of the late Swedish composer Sven-Erik Back. Known primarily for his more mainstream compositions for orchestra and film, Back was one of the most prominent Scandinavian composers of his generation to dabble with avant-garde electronic compositions, recordings that ranged from minimalist sonic landscapes to more abrasive and noisier efforts. 
This week on Sports Rap, Sunday from 9 to 10pm, Diego and Femi will undergo an in-depth analysis in hopes of discovering whether Stephen Curry is human or not. The boys will also cover the implications of Marcus Paige’s injury and talk about the University of Missouri football team strike.
And tune in to the Outside Track on Monday at 9pm to hear We Are Not The First by Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl. A collaboration between left-field abstract techno producer Hieroglyphic Being (aka Jamal Moss), Greg Fox (of Liturgy, Zs, Guardian Alien), Daniel Carter (NY sax player), Shelly Hirsch, and many more experimental jazz musicians. Although Moss has been in the techno scene for decades, this is his first attempt at directing a larger ensemble. As a group full of vets in their respective genres, each artist brings different influences to the table for an album full of satisfying interplay and juxtaposition. 

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