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Friday, February 12, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone,
Look below for a few updates on WXYC’s programming this upcoming week:
Tune in to the Inside Track tonight at 9pm for twelve Preemptive Musical Offerings To Satisfy Our Future Masters from multi-instrumentalist Adi Gelbart. Somehow reminiscent of film noir scores, maximalist classical smooth library music, music concrete, and Sun Ra simultaneously, Gelbart's music has something to offer for everyone.
Tonight's New Science Experience, 10pm to midnight, will feature ZenSoFly of Raleigh, NC - she couldn't join us IRL but did the next best thing by sending over a pre-recorded mix. ZenSoFly helps run Youthful Records in Raleigh and is a performing artist/producer/DJ. When she's not DJing she works as a recording engineer out of her own studio in Raleigh. Expect deep house/hip hop/R&B vibes. Gonna be fantastic.
The Backyard BBQ is back out here this week! One hour of local tunes this Sunday from 8 to 9pm. TUNE IN FOR FUN.
Monday’s Outside Track, at 9pm, will feature a collection of textured, industrial electronic sound experiments from Antwerp-based sound artist Yves De Mey.
And tune in this coming Tuesday from noon to 2pm to hear a very special on-air interview with members of Timmy’s Organism and Regression 696 (Nate Young and Jim Baljo of Wolf Eyes) in support of Third Man Records’ Audio Social Dissent tour!

Friday, January 29, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hey there,
Take a gander at a few of the shows we have planned for this upcoming week on WXYC:
Tonight’s Inside Track, at 9pm, will be a collection of essential songs from Hongthong Dao-udon, one of the great Thai singers of the "third generation" of Molam singers. Experience her rich vibrato, her masterful control, and the undeniable emotional power of her voice, carrying us from joy and whimsy to melancholy and desolation. An amazing artist and release!
On tonight's New Science Experience, WXYC alum Misty Touch will be gracing the decks for two hours of house, techno, and disco oddities. You can catch Misty Touch playing at the always-amazing Disco Sweat Roller Skating party at Wheels Fun Park in Durham this Saturday evening. Tune in from 10pm to midnight!
Tune in this Sunday for a Hell or High Water of true exploration! Tune in as DJ Marc T embarks on a personal exploration of Southern Blues music of Memphis and North Carolina; this Hell or High Water show looks into why violin, piano, harmonica, etc. works so well for the blues. Additionally, comments will be made about how these musicians name themselves. What an hour this will be! We hope you won't miss it.
Tune in to Broken Music from 2 to 3pm this Sunday to hear a selection of electronically treated location recordings from the prolific Hawaii-based sound artist Jon Tulchin. Tulchin has spent the better part of the past two decades compiling field recordings from all over the world and the and/OAR labeled has recently put together a curated collection of Tulchin's favorite sounds in a limited edition 2-CD set. Armed with only a portable DAT recorder and an army of microphones, these recordings show how Tulchin has been able to turn the sounds around him into improvised music.
This week, WXYC Reports kicks off its season with a live interview and discussion with members of Durham's Black Ops theater group. The group's mission: "Black Ops is a multidisciplinary theatre company that is committed to the exploration of provocative, cutting edge art. Black Ops will utilize the talents and expertise of local Black Artists while providing additional training that is often lacking in a vibrant but select arts market like Durham. Through collective troupe training and workshops we are devoted to breaking down the frequent barriers that Black artists face. Using unconventional spaces, we will present work that is outside of the norm for artists of color, encouraging them to reach their full creative potential. Additional goals include reimagining classics through the life experiences of young black artists." More info about Black Ops here:  Tune in, this Sunday 5-6pm!  
Check out the Backyard BBQ this Sunday from 8 to 9pm. Tune in for great local songs, side-splitting laughs, and everlasting memories.
And catch the Outside Track on Monday at 9pm to hear the latest release from free-jazz collective, Test. Taken from the group’s 1999 longform live improvisations, Always Coming from the Love Side is full of emotional melodies that rise and fall with the grace and might of a ship on the sea.

Friday, January 22, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hello everyone,
It’s a spooky, icy world out there in Chapel Hill. Stay safe, stay warm, and tune in to WXYC:
Tune in to the Inside Track, tonight at 9pm, to hear True Tempo by Bank. Laid-back, funky pop from 90s Tokyo underground pop vets Dai Nakamura, Nobuyuki Ohashi, Tadashi Kitami, Fumio Hirami, and Bo Suzuki. Inspired by the Tokyo Neo-acoustic scene as well as early “club music” styles like Acid Jazz, Rare Groove, etc., this album provides funky bass, guitars, synthesized drums, and smooth + passionate vocals.
On tonight's New Science Experience, DJs Alex B and Beto Terwilliger are serving electronic vibes and snow day moods from 10pm to midnight. Check it out!
This Sunday, Broken Music will feature sound artist Hugh Davies. His sound sculptures, art composed from hand-made instruments, and work in the Music Improvisation Company will be covered. Tune in from 2-3pm!
***This week on Sports Rap***: will the Warriors win 73 games? Lebron, why u alwaaays lyiiiiin? Plus an NFL playoff recap! You can catch the show this Sunday at 9pm.
And tune in to the Outside Track to hear Ayelet Rose Gottlieb's latest album, Shiv'a. Jerusalem-born Ayelet Rose Gottlieb wrote this piece for the ETHEL string quartet and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi. Composed following the death of three of her dear friends in 2007, Shiv’a explores her process of grief and mourning. She displays her proclivity for incorporating traditional jazz, Middle-Eastern, and Jewish musical influences, drawing from Jewish and Buddhist traditions to create a beautifully textured, seemingly improvised work that could help anchor her in the process of dealing with this chain of losses.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Wednesday Interviews for New DJ Applicants Rescheduled

Due to power outages at the Union, we have had to reschedule all of Wednesday's scheduled interviews to Thursday. If you had signed up for a Wednesday interview, please check your email for further details.
Any questions, comments, etc? Please send us an email at
Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Unexpected Outage

Dear listeners,
WXYC's broadcast is currently off-air due to an unexpected power outage at UNC-Chapel Hill. We hope to resume broadcasting as soon as possible once the situation is resolved. Apologies for any listening inconvenience.
EDIT: We're back on the air! Thank you for your patience.

Friday, January 15, 2016
This Week on WXYC

Hi everyone,
I hope this grey day hasn’t gotten you too down. Even if it has, I’ve got good news for you: WXYC has lots of bright and exciting programming coming up this week!
Tune in to the Inside Track, tonight at 9pm, for Light Wave: Today & Tomorrow, a compilation of sun-kissed, funkalicious Japanese pop music ca. 2014, featuring artists born in the 90s. This release seems like a second wave of the City Pop that was coming out of Japan in the 70s and 80s. This music is a lot of fun!
On tonight's New Science Experience we've got an hour of slowed down house and digitally chopped 'n screwed tracks from DJ Candy Boys, then a disco and house freak-out from Beto Terwilliger lined up. Tune in from 10pm to midnight!
This week on the Backyard BBQ, your host DJ Mucho Mango is back and will be serving up some fresh local tunes from 8pm-9pm. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!
Do you like Sports? Do you like Rap? Too bad! Because Sports Rap is almost entirely about Sports! This week on Sports Rap, Sunday from 9 to 10pm: has football reached its End Times? Can Lebron shoot? If a tree falls in a forest, and no one's there to hear it, did Steph Curry still make a three? This plus much, much more on Sports Rap!
On Monday’s Outside Track, at 9pm, we’ll be featuring a new release from Final Cop, a side project of experimental/industrial electronics guys German Army. They create a corrosive, abrasive onslaught that's much more blackened punk and noise rock than GeAr, but the basics are still there: powerful basslines and lurching, lumbering rhythms, with crunchy guitars and bellowed, reverb-laden megaphone vocals.
And you won’t want to miss next week’s Thursday Night Feature, Thursday from 9pm to midnight, when DJs Katie H and Peter S host a reveal of the top twenty releases of 2015 as voted by WXYC DJs!

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