Listening Online


To listen to WXYC on your computer, you'll need software that will play one of our audio streams. We now have 2 streams to choose from, a 128k MP3 stream and a 96k OGG stream.

Almost any player will play our MP3 stream provided you are using a broadband internet connection. RealPlayer will play it as will Windows Media Player, Winamp, and Quintessential Player, among others. (Click on the player names to be directed to the websites where the software can be downloaded.)

Not as many players are compatible with the OGG stream yet, but Ogg Vorbis is good for several reasons (for example, it is open source and non-proprietary, it offers better sound quality at a lower bit rate than other compression codecs), and we're happy to offer a 64k OGG stream to you. Winamp and Quintessential Player will play our OGG stream. Other players exist that will play OGG streams, too: Click here.

Curious about Ogg Vorbis? Click here!

One problem you may have in trying to play an audio stream (WXYC's or anyone's) is that clicking on a link to a stream may not start the stream in your player. This is simply the nature of the software today. But this doesn't mean you can't stream WXYC on your computer. If clicking one of our audio stream links doesn't work for you, try the following instead. RIGHT CLICK on link to the stream of your choice and select "Copy Shortcut" from the menu that opens. In your audio player, find the menu option that allows you to manually enter the location of a webstream ("Open URL" or "Open...", etc., possibly from the "File" menu or other main menu option depending on the player you're using). Once you've found the place where you can manually type the location of the stream, RIGHT CLICK in that space and choose "Paste" from the menu that opens, or left click in the space and hit Ctrl-V to paste.  If you're using a Mac, ctrl-click instead of right clicking.

If you get a "file not found" error from any of the stream links, that stream may be down temporarily. It does happen. Feel free to contact us if any of the streams seem to be down, but we're probably already working on it.

WXYC plays music from many eras of the history of recording technology. Much of our library is on vinyl, so you will hear worn, scratched, well-loved and dusty records being played. This is not a problem with your computer.