Walking on a Dream

Quite pleased to see one the members of PNAU out and about spreading the talent. New project of his (with another) called Empire of the Sun is apparently lighting the eastern hemisphere (the English speaking part at least) ablaze. No U.S. release date has been announced, but keep your bananas pealed.

Here is the single Walking on a Dream making it's rounds. Enjoy.


In The Grooves Of This Blog Post Is The Sound Of John Cage

The Feedback Farmers must have thought they were being all intellectual by choosing to put on a John Cage Extravaganza. But it was barely 16 minutes into the hour and PJ was called a moron. This was long before he devilishly advocated for Max's position on the composer, so it's still hard to believe that the caller could have figured out so quickly that PJ is in fact an idiot. Perhaps the caller was a repeat listener. On second thought, that's even harder to believe. I suppose that's another mystery not to be solved.

Anyway, John Cage was an interesting character. His career was long and varied, and the Farmers tried to summarize the man in 60 minutes. Perhaps a bit too ambitious. But it was interesting to hear them perform a few of Cage's more conceptual pieces. Despite the show's shortcomings, which you can determine for yourself, the phone rang off the hook. Apparently, 16+ years after his death, John Cage still piques people's interests and tempers.

Download the programme here (30MB MP3).

To Protect And To Serve

The police are out there, doing their thing. What they do is sometimes controversial, sometimes appreciated. The Feedback Farmers examined the role of the police in their most recent programme, which wasn't all that recent. December 17th, 2008, in fact. Check it out anyway. You can download the show here (28MB MP3).

Be sure to tune in to WXYC at 89.3FM in the Chapel Hill area or at wxyc.org worldwide on the Internet this Wednesday, January 14th from 9pm until 10pm. The Farmers are back from their long vacations and ready to kick off the 2009 radio season! Be there!

Song of the South

It was Civil War on the Feedback Farm last night as the Farmers took on the South. Vast, unique, diverse, full of history and potential, the topic was probably more than anyone could handle in 60 minutes. And even playing 4 hours worth of material in the course of 1 hour they didn't get to everything. I mean, they never even mentioned NASCAR, debutantes, or Cheerwine! (Not to mention Kentucky Nip*!)

Well, they tried. And it was great to once again hear the voice of WXYC-alum Nelson G, even if that voice was just barely audible.

It was surprising that the phone rang so many times during this particular programme. The Farmers themselves tried to come up with an explanation as to why, especially during what was supposed to be a big, close basketball game (final score, #1 UNC 98, #12(?) Michigan St 63), so many people called tonight compared with recent weeks.

Maybe people were listening to the radio instead of studying for finals?

Maybe the callers were boning up for their exam on Southern history and culture?

You can download the programme here (28MB MP3).

*According to the bottle, Kentucky Nip is "Smooth as a Southern gent, and sassy as a Southern belle." Gotta love it.


Maybe there was once a time and a place you might be able to do a little diddy on your daddy's cell phone-or maybe even the phone on the wall. Those rotary phones were kinda musical too weren't they? In any event, I once remember having the distinct opportunity to play 'Mary had a little lamb' using the very few butttons that were once on phones. Maybe you can try it yourself. here it goes...(dead serious try it)..

6545666 555 6 88

Ok the only part that doesn't work too well is the last two 8s but see for yourself. Also that is only the first part of it. You get the point though

Tekmology as Ali G would say has made a gargantuan leap since. So I am one of those people that got caught with the iPhone virus. I am doing just fine however. With this thingymagicgy I can make my own songs without that 6545666 shit to remember. I can play an octave on a keyboard, a set of drums, or a host of other noises. I can even do a turntable scratch with this application that goes by the name of MixMeister Scratch. The only application I have really used has been the iDrum. iAbhor whenever iShows up before everything iSee, but this program is pretty cool. You can program in what becomes 16th notes at whatever interval you would like and can either make a syncopated beat that would make your grandma shake, or a basic 4/4 banger. Of, course there is no soul inside the 8 gigs of memory.

A lot of issues are raised by the rise of these applications. Will these be the new instruments? What if a performer gets a call while he's playing a drum solo on his blackberry? Might they even supplant some whizz dj/producer's laptop? Nobody knows for now. A few years down the road, I'd sure as hell like to find out.

Life on the Farm

Thanks, KC, for doing the blog posting for old DJ Wicky Wick. I was going to use the above graphic and can't resist adding

Tragic Kingdoms

Sam Cooke once famously professed that he didn't know much biology. Well, apparently neither do the Feedback Farmers. That didn't stop them from trying to explain it, though.

Last night's show was a wild ride through the realms of bacteria, other more bad-ass bacteria, protists, fungi, plants, and animals. Give 'er an ear here (27MB).

P.S. A belated welcome to Farmer Andrew Bryson, who journeyed deep into the Amazon with little more than a backpack in search of the fungi segment heard on last night's programme.

F-F-F-Fear the F-F-F-Farm

A few weeks ago, WXYC had a scare when its website disappeared from the face of the Internet. During that time the blog was also down and therefore as you are probably aware, I was unable to share the on-air scare that is the Feedback Fair, er, Farm.

But now you can relive the terror of the November 5, 2008 Feeback Farm as the Farmers explore your deepest fears. Click here to download the show (28MB MP3).

Not for the f-f-f-faint of heart.

Vote Early & Vote Often

The Feedback Farmers said that October 2008 would be a high water mark for their feeble show, and I think they were right. Coming off last week's programme on the Economic Crisis the Farmers put together 60 more mostly listenable minutes in their pre-election extravaganza. If they keep this up I may have to roll up my pants to keep my shins dry in the cresting deluge.

Have you decided who you're going to vote for? Still trying to make up your mind? Hoping that the Feedback Farm will resolve any remaining questions you have about the candidates?

Well, the biggest criticism I have of this episode of the Farm is that, like Sarah Palin, it was weak on the issues. The collages were better than usual, but the listeners expected insight and endorsements to help them make up their minds as Election Day (Tuesday, November 4th!) draws nigh.

Still, to give credit where it's due, I was able to listen to almost the entire show, which has only happened a few times before. See how much you can get through. Download the programme here (28MB MP3). If nothing else, it'll motivate you to VOTE! As the Farmers said, vote for whomever you like, but VOTE!

PS Kevin Clark tie-dyed with a terrorist.

Stock Markets Down, Feedback Farm Up

You can never be sure how the Feedback Farmers will perform, but after last night one might theorize the quality of their programme is inversely related to the Dow.

Taking on the many facets of the financial crisis, the Farmers actually put together a halfway decent show. They even seemed to find a new fan in their first caller of the evening. Or maybe it was just Peter Joseph slyly trying to get free advertising for his film Zeitgeist, the Movie.

If you're worried about your money, frustrated by the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street, concerned about not being able to get a much needed loan, or just want to learn more about economics, there are, of course, better sources for cogent commentary. But if you don't have time to do a lot of research and want to get the most bang for your buck (who doesn't in these times?), click here (28MB MP3) for 5 hours of information in 60 minutes. That's economy.