6/25/2009 Thursday Night Feature: Anime Themes!

Full speed through the stingy night!
I'm not interested in treasure anyway
A romance in the pocket, and
You wanna be my friend?
We are, we are on the cruise! We are!

-First opening song to One Piece

It's pop music, eastern philosophy, sci-fi, and lyrics that probably didn't make sense even before they were translated. It's anime theme music--nothing else comes close and WXYC is the station to give it its just moment in the sun! This Thursday at 9pm prepare for 3 hours of the highest energy jams to get fan subbed and leaked all on the internet.

Death Note Opening 2:

One Piece Opening 1:

Fullmetal Alchemist Openings 1-4:

Heart of Sword Ending:

Naruto Ending:

Lupin 3rd (78):

Lupin 3rd (02):
Will post more up to & during the show! See you at 9pm tomorrow (6/25)!
-Luke M


The Feedback Farmers asked me to post this photo to the blog. I'm not sure why.

They also wanted me to tell you to tune in to WXYC on Wednesday, May 20th at 9pm WXYC time. 89.3FM in the Chapel Hill area or wxyc.org!

Digging up Carts Pt. 2

And we're back... this time I've got 2 more gems from "Into the Ground". First off, the :45 second intro bite for the show circa 1992-93. Second, a cart tape that was simply labeled Monster Battle. I'm not sure what it was used for, but it features some great tape work.


Into the Ground Intro 92-93.mp3


Digging Up Carts Pt. 1

Now that finals are over and I have some time to kill, I'd like to share with you all some old school WXYC audio goodness fresh from the carts.

This first installment comes from an old show (not that old, I'm sure some of you still remember it) called "Into The Ground". I'll be posting a lot more recordings from this classic 'xyc "talk" show, but for now, enjoy these!


Into the Ground Sports

And if you thought that was a little too aggravating...

Feedback Ranch

Last Wednesday there was a showdown at the Double-U (XYC) Corral. The Feedback Ranchers (nee Farmers) took a journey on horseback through the dusty plains, arid deserts, and precipitous mountains of the American West. Exploring the music, films, characters, and tropes of a time gone by, the Ranchers produced a fitting homage to a period that continues to pique our imaginations. Saddle up and join the Ranchers on their tour of the wild west by clicking here (28MB MP3).

All the real cowpokes click here for a bonus track (5MB MP3).