Party All Night

Four on the Floor

What's more exciting than the release of a new Grand Theft Auto game? Well, only the posting of the last IV Feedback Farm episodes!

If you haven't heard the Farm in a while, here's your chance to catch up. While one of these episodes was airing, a friend walked into the room and commented, "Is this the Feedback Farm? I thought they had gone downhill, but this is good!"

From August 26th, we have an episode about Garbage (19MB MP3). Sorry, only 40 minutes of the episode were captured. The other 20 minutes ended up in the trash.

On September 9th, the Farmers got all warm and fuzzy with an episode about Friends (26MB MP3).

Two weeks later, on September 23rd, the airwaves once again crested, this time with a programme dedicated to the Ocean (26MB MP3).

Finally, on October 7th the Farmers were abuzz with Coffee Talk (24MB MP3).

Enjoy at maximum velocity, but be sure to turn on the radio in your stolen car on October 21st at 9pm WXYC time for the next installment of the Feedback Farm!

The Cure For What Ails You

My my my but health care has become quite the divisive issue in the United States, no? Perhaps it was to be expected, but when you really think about it, is there some good reason that we should be able to drive on the highways for free but not be guaranteed medical treatment if we need it? I wonder how many of the people who are against the idea of universal health care would agree that their own mothers should be denied treatment if they couldn't afford it?

Well, I could go on, but I'll let the Feedback Farmers do the talking instead. Click here (60MB MP3) to hear last week's programme on health care.

Be sure to tune in Wednesday, August 26th at 9pm WXYC time to hear the next Feedback Farm episode, which is on a related topic: Garbage.

Blast from the Past

What's old became new again on the most recent episode of the Feedback Farm. How much more retro could the Farmers be than to do a show about dinosaurs? Exploring every facet of our prehistoric brethren with one foot in the past and one foot on the loop station, the programme presented the subject matter in that way only the Feedback Farmers can.

If you'd like to hear the show, have your scrawny dinosaur arm drag the mouse and click here (55MB MP3).


Oh holy isht! It wasn't long ago that I typed the "greatest post in the history of blogging" and expressed my desire that I never fall three Feedback Farm episodes behind on the WXYC blog again. Well, due to some factors within my control and a few beyond it, this time around I've outdone myself and fallen no less than six episodes behind.

Unfortunately, one of the factors beyond my control was the utter implosion of my hard drive. This hardware failure prevents me from presenting to you the April 22nd and May 6th episodes of the Farm, in which Shakespeare and Pirates were respectively (if not respectfully) featured. Those episodes are gone forever. Unless that listener from Paraguay happens to have them on his hard drive. Mr Paraguayan, if you're out there, email us at wxycfeedbackfarm at gmail dot com.

Anyway, I DO have four episodes for you this morning.

1. From May 20th (57MB MP3). In which the Feedback Farmers define "condiment" and rank the world's top 10. Now I see why the Farmers asked me to post that hot dog & mustard tshirt photo.

Do you know the 6 characteristics of a condiment? Do you know the difference between a main dish, a condiment, a flavorful lubricant, and a topping? What's the number 1 condiment of all time? Do you care? Then give it a listen.

2. From June 3rd (57 MB MP3). When condiments are around, meat can't be far away. Take a bite. Hot dogs not discussed this evening because they were discussed at another time. Tasty.

3. From June 17th (63MB MP3). In which the automobile is taken apart piece by piece and completely rebuilt. Poorly attended by the Farmers themselves, and those who bothered to show up don't even regularly drive. Perhaps that tells you what to expect from this car wreck of a show.

4. Lastly, from July 1st (54MB MP3). Following the sudden, tragic death of pop superstar and cultural icon Michael Jackson, the Feedback Farmers paid him their last disrespects. The show progressed much like Jackson's career: strong in the first half and then it fizzled out.