WXYC DJ Kevin Clark takes a dissociative stroll through the local stomping grounds.

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Bathroom @ The Smell in Downtown LA

Time for the music...

If you haven't heard yet - WXYC HAS A NEW FM BROADCAST!  We're VERY excited about the new signal, pumping fresh and clean at 1100 watts! We made the switch a little before 10am this past Friday, November 6th, 2009. Howie H. (our Chief Engineer) has been working on this project since the mid 90s and I know he was overjoyed to finally hit the ON button (look at that wry smile!). Lauren B. (former station manager) was on-air for the switch and got things started off with Queen's "Radio Ga Ga". As for myself, I put the old signal to bed and luckily had a small digital camera with me to record the intense action. Not without its minor hitches, this is a true radio drama. Enjoy!


Girl Talk Live on WXYC!

If you weren't near your radio (or computer) last Wednesday night you missed the live broadcast of Girl Talk on WXYC. Thankfully, this unique event was recorded and has been archived here for your listening enjoyment.

Yes, for some reason none of the boys could make it to the Feedback Farm, and Steph and Julianna were left to woman the ship. Hear them giggle and talk about all things girly (like clothes and make-up and boys).

And now it's even easier:


or Download (24MB MP3).

Party All Night

Ever wonder how our magnificent late night DJs always sound so refreshingly awake at 4am? Recently, our very own Noel C investigated the phenomenon for a piece originally aired on local AM station WCHL 1360. Here's the scoop!