These Boots Are Made For the Dukes of Hazzard

I recently stumbled across Jessica Simpson's mutilated version of Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood's "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" which she recorded as a "duet" with Willie Nelson for the soundtrack to the recent blockbuster knockoff of the Dukes of Hazzard, starring Johnny Knoxville and that dude from Dude! Where's My Car (No, not Ashton, it was that other dude, you know, the dude with the hot mom). From Songfacts:

Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson did a duet on this song for the soundtrack of the 2005 movie The Dukes Of Hazzard. Their version was produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis with some additional lyrics written by Simpson. Nelson played Uncle Jessie in the movie and Simpson played Daisy Duke. In the video, a brawl breaks out at The Boar's Nest but it turns into a hoedown when a bunch of girls come in wearing daisy duke shorts.

A ho-down, indeed. Inspired by the vomit I puked on my keyboard after hearing Simpson ask "Can I get a sooie? Can I get a yeehaw?" during the song's close, I set out to compile a mashup of various covers of the song, including Simpson's take, but sadly lacking the Megadeth version. So here is the completed collage, which contains versions from the following:

Nancy Sinatra
Jessica Simpson
Billy Ray Cyrus
The Artwoods
Patsy Cline
Shania Twain "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under"
Jim Carrey "Dumb and Dumber"

Hopefully, it's at least better than Simpson's garbage, which she should be ashamed of. But then again, she doesn't really get embarrassed by much.

Black Taj at WXYC

Black Taj stopped by the station Friday to chat with Robin S. about Judas Priest, sports, and late-night food in Chapel Hill. Oh, Black Taj guitarist Dave Brylawski's mom called in, too. The visit was in support of their free show later that night at WXYC's Backyard BBQ Live at the Local 506 with Embarrassing Fruits, The Nein, and The Moaners. If you'd like to hear the interview, click here (18MB MP3).

Hopefully you made it out to the show for some excellent music by four local bands and excellent barbecue provided by the BBQ Joint. If you missed it, we can't help you out with the food (until the next installment in the Live Backyard BBQ series), but be sure to tune in to the Backyard BBQ this Sunday, October 29th at 8pm WXYC-time for a recap of the concert complete with live recordings made at the show!

A Common Complaint

"There's too much Noise on WXYC!"

We've heard you, and we're listening. We know that what you really want is "more noise, please!" Oh, you're all so coy. Thus, the Feedback Farmers brought the noise last night for over an hour. If you missed it, or if you want to hear that British guy griping again, or if you want to relive the entire thing, click here (30MB MP3).

Stay tuned to WXYC for your noise fix, and be sure to check out Feedback Farm #5 on November 1st at 9pm WXYC-time.

Feedback Farm Parts 3 & 4

Two Weeks ago our Feedback Farm soothsayers brought you the future (18MB MP3).

Be sure to tune in tonight (Wednesday the 18th) at 9:30pm WXYC-time for the 4th installment of Feedback Farm. Word on the street is that it's going to be a noisy one. It's bound to rouse the ire of that peeved British listener who couldn't stand episode 3 (you can hear his rant in the above MP3).




The University of California at Santa Barbara has lots of MP3s and WAVs of old wax cylinders, (Edison, Columbia, etc., including what appear to be home recordings!) and they're giving them away for free!

Zither recordings, crying babies, offensive ethnic humor.... they had it all before 1930, and minus the scratches, it doesn't sound bad at all.

Tinfoil.com also has lots of wax-cylinder-related resources and sounds, if'n you're interested. Enjoy yourselves.


What do you think about the future? What does the future hold in store? What IS the future? You can find out the answers to all(none) of these questions tomorrow night on WXYC at 9:30 pm, as we air the third installment of our new show entitled "Feedback Farm." For a whole 30 minutes, we'll be airing an array of mashups, sound collages, distorted interviews, manipulated phone conversations, general weirdness and even a sped-up King Crimson sample that will make you smile with glee - all dedicated to the topic of the future!

Here's a little taste of what you might expect . . .

So tune in and contemplate days to come with us at WXYC, and feel free to call in at 962-8989 to offer your comments and join in the fun. If anything, we promise that you will be thoroughly entertained, and probably confused. We're very stoked about this show, so remember - 9:30 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 4. Tune in and detune. The future is coming! The FUTURE!

Names Proposed For "The USA is a Monster" Before The Current Name Was Chosen

A Hippogriff is a Mythological Creature

Godzilla is a Nuclear Dinosaur

The USA is a North American State

The USA is a Country, Within Which, Monsters, Such as Sasquatch Live

Sasquatch is a USA Yeti

The USA is a Nation of Approximately Three Hundred Million People (and Yetis) That Borders Canada, Mexico, and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

The USA is Currently Undertaking Foreign and Domestic Policies with Which We Don't Agree, and That We Personally Believe Are Ill-Considered.

Godzilla is Horrific

The USA is Like Godzilla in the Sense That the Policies That It Is Embarked Upon are Pretty Horrific, Though We Are Not Necessarily Sure If This Is a Failure of the Current Administration or Represent A More Systemic Problem With American Democracy, or Like Overwhelming Corporate Greed, Reflect a Problem That Is Shared With Many Of the Industrialized Countries Driving the Globalized Economy Although This Reason Does Not Actually Explain the Godzilla Simile

The City of Tokyo is a Monster Center (Both in Terms of Overwhelming Corporate Culture,Which is Monstrous, And Also in the Sense that Actual Monsters, Like Godzilla and Mothra, Frequently Attack There)

The USA is Sasquatch Central and When You Pay Attention to the Whole Political Side of Things, Also Is a Sasquatch, Metaphorically.

The USA is a Sasquatch

What's That Noise?

So here's the first installment of featured record reviews that will posted here in some sort of "regular" interval. Today, we feature Matthew Bower's new Skullflower release, and below is the review I wrote for WXYC.

Artist: Skullflower
Album: Tribulation
Label: Crucial Blast

You should really take this sitting down. The umpteenth release from UK underground noise god Matthew Bower’s Skullflower finds him taking the lone road to dissolve your version of reality. A stew of distortion densely packed into a psychic attack built to destroy your senses, the sound roars and roars through cascading guitars and sharp swells of bubbling, black euphoria. The tones harmonize, detune; float in and out, up and down, and now I can’t seem to lift my head off the floor. Trapped in scary suspended animation complete with shining knives and a blood red sunset, time careens by until it gets lost in space and drifts lazily down into the mire once again. The sheer depth of the tracks is mind-bending – Bower will take you on the psychedelic nightmare of your life, twisting and turning underneath the waves of unsettling undertones until you beg for relief. Whereas 2005’s Orange Canyon Mind contained more guitar riffs and swirling textures, Tribulations is much more difficult to digest, due to the marathon of shrieking intensity that just doesn’t quit. The noise here is bred organically from a volume-cranked guitar and static projections, and it will consume you. This is the thinking man’s metal, another fine offering from Crucial Blast, and a job worth applause for Bower. But don’t think too hard - you’ll get fucking cut.

Cole Goins

Infiltrating the Times

Hello World.

Even though Kevin trumped the introductions, I’ll deliver a brief one to make it official. WE at WXYC-Chapel Hill love the internet. You can read about our first internet broadcast on the all-knowing Wiki. Now, we’re going to outright dominate the blogging world to give our listeners and the greater public a peak into the brains(hearts) of our beautifully knowledgeable DJ body. Free-format is what we're all about, and this weblog will attempt to violate your inhibitions and love you til you beg for more. Experience witty(sarcastic) monologues, brilliant(shitty) compositions, excursions(rants) in musical analysis(deconstruction). We’ll also have frequent audio downloads from interviews/performances that we host at our station, and hopefully some featured reviews of exceptional new music from our staff. Onwards and upwards is where we're aimed, and you're welcome to come with us. Please comment often and openly to the things you see posted here and tell us what you're thinking as well. We literally value feedback in all of its incarnations, and we want to be your friend.

Although we operate as a unit, it is important to note that our DJ extraordinaires are also individuals with distinct and different personalities. So with that in mind:


That said, we all share a common philosophy at our station that leans heavily on individuality along with the desire to provide an outlet for ideas of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. So please check back often to feel the change and embrace its uncertainties.

As always, thanks for listening.

Cole Goins
Assistant Music Director