Relive the BBQ

If you missed the Backyard BBQ live at the Local 506 on October 20th, you missed a great show with great food. Embarrassing Fruits, The Nein, The Moaners, and Black Taj provided the music; and the BBQ Joint catered.

At this point, we can't help you out with dinner, but we can help you partly relive the evening. MP3s from the show are available for download on the Backyard BBQ home page. Click over and check it

To hear Robin S's interview with Black Taj mere hours before their Backyard BBQ performance, click here (18MB MP3).

Be sure to come out to the next Live Backyard BBQ coming soon!

Roommate on WXYC!

Hey everybody,
Today at around 4pm on WXYC I'll be interviewing Kent Lambert, aka Roomate , who reached number one on our charts last summer with his debut full-length release Songs the Animals Taught Us . In addition to being an internationally-acclaimed musician (he's gotten pretty cozy with the volk over at Studio Brussel ), Kent is a prolific video artist . I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about and I hope you'll tune in. After the interview, Kent will be performing for free at the Carolina Union Cabaret . If a live interview and free performance haven't sparked your pancy, check out this picture I found of Kent from his run for the U.S. house of Representatives in 2006.

WXYC's new Southern music show premieres Friday

Hey gang - Well, we've been at work on the concept for the whole darn semester, but finally, we're proud to tell you that a new show is about to make its debut on WXYC. This Friday at 4, you'll hear the first "Carolina Breakdown," a coproduction of WXYC, the UNC Curriculum in Folklore and the ArtsCenter in Carrboro.

It's a pretty straightforward concept -- an hour of locally peformed, Southern-oriented music each week, along with brief interviews with band members and songwriters. We've been taping acts at Graham Memorial's Thursday on the Terrace series, and will do so again this Thursday. We've also been taping acts at the ArtsCenter, and will -- guess what -- do so again on Friday and Saturday.

We'll provide frequent, though not annoyingly frequent, updates here as the show evolves.

The show will primarily feature artists and bands that define themselves as "Southern." We'll be exploring what it means to be a Southern musician -- whether it's hip hop, country, bluegrass, roots rock, or anything that falls in between.

On the premiere show, you'll hear The Carolina Chocolate Drops, a great African American string band from Durham, and the Allen Boys, a "sacred steel" quartet out of Mount Airy.

Next week's show will feature Nashville singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell and Mississippi free-style hip hop artist Top Notch the Villain.

The show will also be available as a podcast. Details here soon.

We're looking for suggestions to book bands for the spring shows. Got one? Email us at carolinabreakdown@unc.edu.

Thanks to all the great WXYC staff who've supported the concept. We hope you'll enjoy the first show this Friday at 4.


Get Your Head Wrecked

Holy shit. I've been waiting for this news for some time, and now, it's official! The Psychic Paramount are scheduled at the Nightlight for Thursday, November 30th, and they are coming to obliterate your sense of self with psych jams heavy enough to erase space and time. Seriously, this is the real deal, one of my faves, and I am excited.

You can visit their website for a little taste: www.thepsychicparamount.com

Definitely watch the live in Rome video for a visual tour of how completely fuckd this show is gonna be. There are also audio clips there for your enjoyment. They released a live album recorded in France and Italy back in 2002 that was an amazing testament to their live abilities, which they last displayed locally at the dearly departed Go! Studios with Acid Mothers Temple in 04 maybe? Their studio full-length came out in 2005, and I get chills every time I hear it. Ballstothemuthafuckingwall. They've apparantly got some double album thing coming out this month that documents solo recordings of the group members prior to the conception of Psychic Paramount, with the accompanying disc revealing new(?) material.

Brief history: Two of the band's members, Ben Armstrong and Drew St. Ivany, were in the short-lived mindfuck Laddio Bolocko, along with Blake Flemming (Dazzling Killmen) and Marcus DeGrazia. Laddio Bolocko were the sheer essence of demented rock distorted to the point of insanity, crunching metal with guitar strings and building a bridge to hell. A short-circuited radio melts on your tongue and all over your hands, electrifying your desires and processing them out the other end, reeking of wrecked consciousness and the smell of a black limo filled with rotting carcasses. They existed from 96-00, after which they splintered into two factions: Ivany and Armstrong took the talent to Psychic Paramount, while Flemming and DeGrazia decided to suck at life in Electric Turn to Me. Conclusion: Go see this show. Nightlight. November 30th. It will be loud and it will be heavy. Please share in the joy with me.

On that note, there are TONS of amazing shows lined up at the Nightlight in the coming month, so if you live in the Chapel Hill area, do youself a favor and check out the Nightlight website for a full line-up. Three cheers also to Mr. Charlie St Clair, a fellow XYC jock, who is kicking ass and bookin the names over there. Go Nightlight, Go!

computer-generated music

Check out these links if you are interested in computer-generated music!

Wolfram Tones: Variations on cellular automata, simple programs that produce very unpredictable results. A cellular automaton is made of a line of "cells" which each have a single value and two neighbors. The program computes the next cell based on the parent and its two neighbors. Output features stable local patterns and fractals such as the Sierpenski triangle. Wide variety of genres. MIDI format.

Fractal Tune Smithy: Annoying visual interface, fascinating results. Choose from an enormous selection of scales, rhythms, structures, etc. from all around the world. Results are often unclassifiable.

Whitney Music Box: Mesmerizing audio/visual display of harmonics and polyrhythms. Line of colored dots unfolds into a whirlpool of spiral shapes while musical scales perform in synchrony.

Crap + Junk = Feedback Farm

The Feedback Farm returned to explore Crunk Music (Crazy + Drunk, or so they tell me) tonight. Hear the results for yourself by clicking here (19MB MP3).

Tune in on November 15 at 9pm WXYC-time for the next installment of Feedback Farm!

Scary Record

One of my favorite records growing up was a Power Records/Peter Pan Records LP called, according to the front cover, A Story of Dracula, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein. (On the LP itself the title is listed as A Story of Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman, while inside the back cover of the LP book it's called A Story of Dracula Werewolf Frankenstein.) Regardless of the proper title, it's a pretty good listen. Basically the story attempts to bring together all the heavy hitters of horror history by interweaving tales about Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and a werewolf.

Like most kids' records, there aren't any credits for the actors or musicians. Which is sad because I'd like to know who does the voice of Torc.

I thought it might be an enjoyable Halloween listen for you, so download it and give it a spin (15MB Zip file). We actually have this at WXYC, but I digitized this from the copy I listened to as a wee lad.

The illustrations from the book are included as well. Turn the page when you hear the beep!

Scary Music

There's an Ennio Morricone soundtrack for every occasion, and Halloween is no exception. A few years ago I put my stereo in my front window and played the Gothic Dramas soundtrack for the trick-or-treaters and received compliments from all manner of super-heroes, monsters, football players, angels, devils, and their parents. The recordings are from a 1970s Italian television series, but it was only released in the 1990s by DRG Movies. Check it out. And from there you might look into his soundtracks to three Dario Argento horror flicks lovingly collected on An Ennio Morricone/Dario Argento Trilogy again by the fine folks at DRG. And DRG also released a 2-CD compilation called The Thriller Collection if you want yet more spine-tingling Morricone. And of course he scored Exorcist II: The Heretic. And don't forget Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura/The Cold Eyes of Fear (the lone Morricone score performed by his free jazz ensemble Il Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza). I could go on, but you get the idea.

What will be the soundtrack to your Halloween?

Black Taj Interview REMIX

That's right, bitches. I know you don't wanna sit through an entire radio interview just to get to the good parts. So I've condensed the best of what happened when Robin interviewed Black Taj last week (and the best of what didn't happen) for your listening enjoyment.

Robin, I'm sorry. I love you but I've chosen cut-ups.

One Trick Pony: Names Proposed For "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness" Before The Current Name Was Chosen

(People apparently liked this. So now this. I'm sorry)

I Love You But I'm Not in Love With You

I Love The Concept of You But I Don't Love The Actual You

I Love You But I'm Afraid That Our Very Different Backgrounds and Upbringings Will Turn Out To Be Incompatible in the Long Run

I Love You But I Am a Man With Needs That I Don't Think You Really Understand

I Love You But I've Chosen Popular British Rock Band "The Darkness"

I Love You But I Think I Might Be Attracted to Other Men

I Love You But I Think I Have A Chance With Someone Who Is More Attractive

I Love You But I Think That Maybe It Might Be A Good Idea If We Start Seeing Other People For A While

I Love You But I've Chosen World of Warcraft