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This image is a link to my first article ever published at Tiny Mix Tapes dot com. It is an interview with the band No Doctors of the Bay Area in California. We talk about their new album, chaos, clarity, food, song, and many other universally appreciated topics of mental import. Just click on the picture.

The Feedback Farm Makes Contact

30 years to the day since the receipt of the Wow! Signal the Feedback Farmers took on the topic of Making Contact, with a heavy focus on UFOs.

Are we alone in the universe? Are the aliens already among us? Controversial but compelling, listen as the Farmers investigate. Many many thanks to the gracious and eloquent Terrell Copeland who joined the program by telephone to talk about his UFO sightings and theories.

If you missed the show, download it here (28MB MP3).

Oh, there's a ton of stuff out there on the Web, but Terrell suggested you can learn more from Dr Steven Greer.

The End

The seventh part of the Feedback Farm's Life Cycle Trilogy took place last Wednesday. The topic was a serious one--one nobody likes to think about--death. Why is death such a dicey subject? What happens after you die? Do you know any famous people who died on August 5th? Listen as the Farmers broach the taboo topic and answer all of these questions and more by downloading the programme here (31MB MP3).

Ah, Youth!

Although the Feedback Farmers themselves will probably never grow up, that is precisely the topic they tackled in Part II of their "life cycle" series.

To hear what they had to say on the topic, click here (32MB MP3).

To hear what they have to say on the topic of death (Part III of III in the series), tune in to WXYC (89.3FM in the Chapel Hill area, wxyc.org on the Internet) at 9pm EDT on Wednesday, August 1st.

Review: Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores

I'm always excited for some new Eyesores output. Providence mainstay Alec K. Redfearn and his ever-growing ensemble recently released The Blind Spot - their sixth full-length overall and second for Cuneiform records. We've been spinning it quite a bit at WXYC lately, and the album reached #5 on our charts last week. Check out Dusted today for a full-length review, which can be read here.

Blog Renewal Project

To spare the blog an untimely demise, at some point we must envision a turn of fate, a delirium of keyboard strokes to no end other than a self-serving smattering of tapping shittering letter storm. To that end, perhaps this blog shall mutate itself into something utterly transitory - perhaps a repository for pictures of nude men, or a collection of poetry. What say you, faithful readers? Should you exist, the time is nigh for participation, illumination. Sitting on your hands yields naught but empty electronic space, an absence of electricity, neither ones nor zeros. And so it goes that dis blog is a children's blog.

Free Online Dating

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Does my Three Musketeers style speech bother you? It sure as hell bothers me, but somehow, in the course of meta-blog discussin' a lot of cussin gets lost and instead we're left with bloo-ba and poo-poo. Fer shame.


Every other Wednesday from 9pm-10pm, the WXYC Music Dept takes the time to dump out the mail bin, sift through our personal purchases and play the highlights from the pile. Just as our station's free-format implies, there is no particular genre or style that is emphasized - just a new music grab bag of things that we're enjoying at the moment. Last week's show was a good one, view the Playlist here.

The Feedback Farm will be on the air this Wednesday though, continuing their three-part series on the life cycle with part two - YOUTH.

Last time's Farm topic dealt with "Birth." Check out an mp3 of my favorite segment here:
Feedback Farm: BIRTH - June 20, 2007
*Edited for maximum tolerance.

Or you can download the whole friggin show a couple posts down.

Wednesdays, 9pm-10pm. You probably have something better to do, but the radio loves you more.

Review: Thee Ohsees

San Francisco outfit Thee Ohsees have been getting lots of play on WXYC lately, charting within our top 5 two weeks in a row and generally kicking ass with their new album on Castle Face, Sucks Blood. The release is already on my best of '07 list, simply addictive with its oh-so-cool garage clatter and charming little pop tunes. I wrote a full-on review that was published in Dusted today, read it here.

Ubu: Web King of the Weird

If you're not familiar with the true Internet treasure that is UbuWeb, you should really go spend a couple hours browsing the vast collection of poetry, experimental video, text and music that are housed within. Since 1996, the site has been a constantly growing resource for all walks of avant-garde art, offering everything up for free download, completely devoid of advertising and operating without commercial motivations.

WFMU Blog alerted me to an awesome interview that Archinect conducted with UbuWeb founder Kenneth Goldsmith, which you can read here.

Much thanks to Ubu for providing such an amazing resource for the obscure and otherwise inaccessible art forms that are available in convenient abundance within the site's pages. This is what the Internet is all about.

Rebirth of the Feedback Farm

The Feedback Farm is back in full effect. Or something. The Farmers actually had an organizational meeting prior to their show this week, and that meeting gave birth to new ideas. They talked about all things babies last night. To hear their delivery, click here (30MB MP3).

PS The Feedback Farmers have asked me to pass along their new email address. If you'd like to contact them, write to wxycfeedbackfarm at gmail dot com.