The blog is back!


If you've been keeping up with this thing (which has been extremely easy to do), you will have noticed that the blog's been out of commission since September, 8 months ago. Well, I've arrived on a magic carpet to change just that.

My name is Nel, and I am now the blog editor here. I was just hired as a DJ here in January, but here I am doing stuff. Movin' on up.

You can look to the blog to find out about things going on around WXYC and the greater Chapel Hill/Carrboro area. We'll have album and concert reviews, musings on music and broadcasting, maybe some inside information about the station, and probably a bunch of random/non-affiliated things. Honestly, I have no idea where this blog's going to go, so let's take the *active* and *eventful* adventure together, eh?


Questions, comments, concerns, brain protrusions of general excitement, total apathy? Post about it below.



ALSO, happy Mother's Day.

(Yes, watch it. It's worth your time)


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Comments go here, see?

Also, does no one see the embedded video? I gotta fix that...