Where Is Hip Hop? Episode 54 w/ Randy Roper x Nanci O...

Where Is Hip Hop? is a weekly segment Randy Roper and I started over 1.5 years ago. Below is a breakdown:

WHERE IS HIP HOP? will give you information on the current state of Hip Hop in the world today as seen by Randy Roper aka Randy Exclusive, Music Editor of Ozone Magazine and Nanci O. We talk about who is hot and who is not, interviews, how we feel about certain albums and the direction of Hip Hop culture in the world today.

Think of us as the Roeper and Ebert of Hip Hop.

Get ready to be EDUCATED, INFORMED and ENTERTAINED. *********************************
  Yes, Randy and I talked about Rick Ross last week, but Bawse's official first week numbers had just been released. On this week's edition of Where Is Hip Hop?, Randy and I looked at the why and how of what occurred with Rozay's first week. Sidebar: Randy predicted 200,000, I was thinking more like 150,000.

If you're late, Teflon Don moved 176,000 units in it's first week out. If you're even more late, although Rozay moved that many in 7 days, Eminem still had the #1 album in the game, 5 weeks post release, with Recovery.

So while Rick Ross has *some* folks running around hollering they're BMF, Big Meech, Larry Hoover, Eminem has the crossover appeal on lock (Rhianna, anyone?). And as noted,
man titties doesn't sell records. In other words, Bawse doesn't have a female fan base or a crossover market. So if Rozay wanted to cross over, we discuss the artists that may help (even though it may hurt his street cred). Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and the like. Last, we speculate on how Teflon Don can break the one million records sold mark.

Where Is Hip Hop? Episode 54: