Lauryn Hill - Repercussions

Is this an ACTUAL new Lauryn Hill song? Is this even good? Does it matter? Now that she’s basically the William Forrester of hip-hop, anything that comes from the Lauryn Hill camp has to be treated as Internet Gold.

It seems like Ms. Hill is gearing up for a comeback, what with the whole her headlining Rock The Bells thing, plus she’s actually talking to reporters again, and now this. Though, again, nobody really knows whether this actually new, or just some long-lost song from the vaults that’s only now getting leaked. Listen to it while you can, because you can bank on her people demanding pretty much every leaked iteration of this song to be removed from the internets. As for whether her people will then demand that the internet be set on fire for even implicitly allowing this to occur, it’s anybody’s guess.

And just for the record, this song is kind of the shit.