Rusko ft. Amber Coffman - "Hold On"

Maybe it’s just me, but Rusko seems like kind of an asshole. Actually, it’s definitely just me since Rusko is a musician who I have never met before and I shouldn’t be casting disparagements upon his character. Or, it’s because he makes not-very-serious music within the context of a genre (dubstep) that, as a general rule, takes itself VERY seriously. Or or, maybe it’s because he executive produced that God-awful M.I.A. album that is basically an insult to complex thought that I kind of feel obligated to defend, if only because Pitchfork hated it (I have very complex feelings!).

I guess my point is that despite all that (and the despite the fact that “It Takes A Muscle” is actually really, really good), I can’t stop listening to Rusko’s song “Hold On.” The song is almost a subversion of dubstep, employing the wonky sub-bass that typifies the genre and throwing it at your face at an alarming rate, layering some gurgly synths up on top of that, and taking Amber Coffman of the Dirty Projectors and employing her as an auxiliary house diva for the win. Feel free just to let the audio play and turn your Internet Attentions elsewhere, because that's what I did.


For the double win, peep the 12th Planet remix, which stretches the song out, giving it a Southern Rap stomp that would make Pimp C proud.


Speaking of which, Free Pimp C TI Gucci Weezy!