6/25/2009 Thursday Night Feature: Anime Themes!

Full speed through the stingy night!
I'm not interested in treasure anyway
A romance in the pocket, and
You wanna be my friend?
We are, we are on the cruise! We are!

-First opening song to One Piece

It's pop music, eastern philosophy, sci-fi, and lyrics that probably didn't make sense even before they were translated. It's anime theme music--nothing else comes close and WXYC is the station to give it its just moment in the sun! This Thursday at 9pm prepare for 3 hours of the highest energy jams to get fan subbed and leaked all on the internet.

Death Note Opening 2:

One Piece Opening 1:

Fullmetal Alchemist Openings 1-4:

Heart of Sword Ending:

Naruto Ending:

Lupin 3rd (78):

Lupin 3rd (02):
Will post more up to & during the show! See you at 9pm tomorrow (6/25)!
-Luke M