They Sold The Farm

The Feedback Farmers sell out! OK, probably not news to anyone who's been paying attention, but they made it official on the last programme.

Poor Steph traveled all the way to Austin, Texas, to attend the South by Southwest music festival (aka "South By"), and while there she conducted interviews and prepared a special report for WXYC. But when she tried to broadcast her recordings, the boys thwarted her at every opportunity.

Apparently, while Steph was out of town, her testosterone-fueled fellow Farmers were lining up advertisers to pad their pockets, and the show was continually interrupted by commercials. Commercials are annoying in their own right, but beyond that you had to feel bad for Steph whose hard work didn't receive the respect it deserved.

Why she puts up with them is another mystery not to be solved.

If, for some strange reason, you actually want to listen to this advertisement-laden episode (perhaps you're in the market for...everything?), you can download it here (27MB MP3).