I was hoping to get this posted last night, but who could have predicted that the Syracuse vs UConn game would go into SIX overtime periods? And, after that wrapped up, who could have predicted that the building across the street from me would catch on fire, both further distracting me from blogging and keeping me up into the wee hours?

Well, probably a person who's into astrology could have predicted it, that's who! Since I'm not such a person, I defer to the Feedback Farmers to expound on the topic.

Which they did in stellar fashion on Wednesday night. Steph explained what astrology is all about and successfully volleyed the naysaying of Andrew B, PJ, and Kevin. (Andy K and Bryson couldn't be bothered to show up.) Local opinions on the topic were mixed, though most people seemed to think astrology is more fun diversion than science. You can relive the otherworldly programme in all its heavenly glory and decide for yourself about astrology by clicking here (30MB MP3).