Today's poetry spiking in your arm

Do you hear any voices?

“All the time doc”

Tell me about these voices.

“Some are quiet, some are deep, some are loud, you know”

Can you give an example?

“Yours isn’t being employed correctly”

Have you ever touched anyone?

“All the time”


“Too many to mention”

What is it like when you touch someone?

“Would you really like to know?”


“Give me your arm.”









Like I will say that like how I like speak doesn’t like affect whether I’m like articulate

Like cause like my ethereal like qualities will strike you like a particulate

Under the impression I am like that you like think I’m like wrong

I’ll prove like I’m like write, I am like rhyming I can sing you a song.

Hard to like read? Like jeez, I say curse words it fucking like makes me sound so fucking old

I’m like so fucking beautiful and and like never misunderstood, or so I’m told.

I like liked you before but like the way I like act

This law I like lay down I need like not enact.

I’m not like creative like I give credit where it is due.

So when like someone thinks of me they like think positive, phew!

Like speaking like I do isn’t like annoying like is it?

I swear like that I am like smart, like I swear I’m exquisite.

Like you perceive I’m like great at like voicing my estimation

Isn’t at all like like I’m like removed from like civilization.

Like my true nature like I like have like no like trouble to unfurl

Like I’m way more like articulate like than like a valley sorority girl!