In The Grooves Of This Blog Post Is The Sound Of John Cage

The Feedback Farmers must have thought they were being all intellectual by choosing to put on a John Cage Extravaganza. But it was barely 16 minutes into the hour and PJ was called a moron. This was long before he devilishly advocated for Max's position on the composer, so it's still hard to believe that the caller could have figured out so quickly that PJ is in fact an idiot. Perhaps the caller was a repeat listener. On second thought, that's even harder to believe. I suppose that's another mystery not to be solved.

Anyway, John Cage was an interesting character. His career was long and varied, and the Farmers tried to summarize the man in 60 minutes. Perhaps a bit too ambitious. But it was interesting to hear them perform a few of Cage's more conceptual pieces. Despite the show's shortcomings, which you can determine for yourself, the phone rang off the hook. Apparently, 16+ years after his death, John Cage still piques people's interests and tempers.

Download the programme here (30MB MP3).