Song of the South

It was Civil War on the Feedback Farm last night as the Farmers took on the South. Vast, unique, diverse, full of history and potential, the topic was probably more than anyone could handle in 60 minutes. And even playing 4 hours worth of material in the course of 1 hour they didn't get to everything. I mean, they never even mentioned NASCAR, debutantes, or Cheerwine! (Not to mention Kentucky Nip*!)

Well, they tried. And it was great to once again hear the voice of WXYC-alum Nelson G, even if that voice was just barely audible.

It was surprising that the phone rang so many times during this particular programme. The Farmers themselves tried to come up with an explanation as to why, especially during what was supposed to be a big, close basketball game (final score, #1 UNC 98, #12(?) Michigan St 63), so many people called tonight compared with recent weeks.

Maybe people were listening to the radio instead of studying for finals?

Maybe the callers were boning up for their exam on Southern history and culture?

You can download the programme here (28MB MP3).

*According to the bottle, Kentucky Nip is "Smooth as a Southern gent, and sassy as a Southern belle." Gotta love it.