Maybe there was once a time and a place you might be able to do a little diddy on your daddy's cell phone-or maybe even the phone on the wall. Those rotary phones were kinda musical too weren't they? In any event, I once remember having the distinct opportunity to play 'Mary had a little lamb' using the very few butttons that were once on phones. Maybe you can try it yourself. here it goes...(dead serious try it)..

6545666 555 6 88

Ok the only part that doesn't work too well is the last two 8s but see for yourself. Also that is only the first part of it. You get the point though

Tekmology as Ali G would say has made a gargantuan leap since. So I am one of those people that got caught with the iPhone virus. I am doing just fine however. With this thingymagicgy I can make my own songs without that 6545666 shit to remember. I can play an octave on a keyboard, a set of drums, or a host of other noises. I can even do a turntable scratch with this application that goes by the name of MixMeister Scratch. The only application I have really used has been the iDrum. iAbhor whenever iShows up before everything iSee, but this program is pretty cool. You can program in what becomes 16th notes at whatever interval you would like and can either make a syncopated beat that would make your grandma shake, or a basic 4/4 banger. Of, course there is no soul inside the 8 gigs of memory.

A lot of issues are raised by the rise of these applications. Will these be the new instruments? What if a performer gets a call while he's playing a drum solo on his blackberry? Might they even supplant some whizz dj/producer's laptop? Nobody knows for now. A few years down the road, I'd sure as hell like to find out.