Vote Early & Vote Often

The Feedback Farmers said that October 2008 would be a high water mark for their feeble show, and I think they were right. Coming off last week's programme on the Economic Crisis the Farmers put together 60 more mostly listenable minutes in their pre-election extravaganza. If they keep this up I may have to roll up my pants to keep my shins dry in the cresting deluge.

Have you decided who you're going to vote for? Still trying to make up your mind? Hoping that the Feedback Farm will resolve any remaining questions you have about the candidates?

Well, the biggest criticism I have of this episode of the Farm is that, like Sarah Palin, it was weak on the issues. The collages were better than usual, but the listeners expected insight and endorsements to help them make up their minds as Election Day (Tuesday, November 4th!) draws nigh.

Still, to give credit where it's due, I was able to listen to almost the entire show, which has only happened a few times before. See how much you can get through. Download the programme here (28MB MP3). If nothing else, it'll motivate you to VOTE! As the Farmers said, vote for whomever you like, but VOTE!

PS Kevin Clark tie-dyed with a terrorist.